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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Joe Tacopina Success!!!! Success is Like Beauty, Eye of the Beholder

JOE TACOPINA SUCCESS!!! in the Joseph Tacopina Law school, if you cant acheive success you can bio it.  Joe tacopina disloyals are spreading word to me that Joe tacopina wiki has been paying youngins to google Joe Tacopina Success, Joe Tacopina bio, Joe tacopina wiki, joe tacopina wikipedia and Joe tacopina wife to hide the truth about his his flailing career which shows up on the internet.  could this possibly be true or is this just another meanspirited rumor that Joe tacopina wikipedia would say was started by one of his disloyal employees who is jealous of the joe tacopina success? plus we all know that joe tacopina married man is a truthseeker.  Neither he nor his NYDN media friends and his joe tacopina wesport connecticut reporters would want to hide the truth about Joes career or personal life which joe tacopina would say is perfect. why would Melissa Grace at the NYDN want to hide joe's embarassing loss in the trial of a one legged millionaire who slashed as woman in the face where Joe tried to blame the victim but LOST thast case.   http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2012/06/joe-tacopina-chad-seigel-attorneys.html
As Joe hell bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel apparently had a good laugh when they put the rape victim on trial but got served a good dose of karma pie, because they haven’t won a case since.  Has anyone read that Joe tacopina has not won a single case since the in your face hate crime trial over one year ago.  why would tacky-o want to hide that from the intelligent readers of the internet? At least he lost those cases to a jury before Joe Tacopina clients fired his ais. Seems Joe loses cases by getting fired by other VICTIMS who Joe represents , maybe just to get facetime and not because he cares they are victims??  Some victims get smart like Myla Sinanjaj who fired joe for blabbing to the media though joe will say he fired his own client hardy har. and foxy brown who also fired joe for that same reason.
According to Contact Music, Foxy fired her gabby lawyer for being a media whore Joe Tacky-0 and using her to get face time allegedly disclosing personal information to the press.

why would joe tacopina success want to hide the fact that
prince of Monaco suing Joe Tacopina wiki? Say it aint so camel toe joe.
 Click on that link!
Prince of Monaco kick Joe's arrogant smug buttocks in court.   Tacopina bragging about getting NYPD rape cop off -- rapes are up and under reported....corrupt cops felt emboldened perhaps....so beat this guy at his won game.  Joe would say prince of Monaco is jealous of him too.
 Is Joe Tacopina successful?  Lets's go to the video tape tee hee.
did joe tacopina get a reality show from this get your vomit bags ready demo reel? Why woyuld joe want to hide this demo reel where they play rocky music and joe admitsd to being a predator in court.
 Joe Tacopino_Demo Reel
You must watch this demo reel of Joe Tacopina predator lawyer shopping for a reality TV show. VOMIT!
why would joe want to hide joe tacopina Melanie McGuire she was not a Joe Tacopina Success?
Watch this YouTube video as the jury convicts camel-toe-joe tacopina wiki client, the suitcase packing wife of Murder!
Melanie McGuire found guilty of first degree murder
Excuse me but is this a win?

Eric Belanger = Joe Tacopina Success … NOPE!
Maybe I am wrong and Joe Tacky-0 sees this and all this is a smashing success?
Some call it malpractice. http://dumpnchase.com/?p=258

Rock the Red says Joe is a liar.  Joe Tacopina a liar? No say it ain’t so!  joe is a truthseeker.  he wants everyone to know the truth.
Wow lucky for Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus fly trap Seigel not one news paper reporter will ask them if they have any ideas why rapes are up in NYC and under reported?Joe Tacopina crows from his website about getting NYPD heroin rape cop Moreno off but guess what Moreno is going to jail. http://misogynistnyc.blogspot.com/2012/07/nyu-dr-essing-nypd-rape-cop-defender.html
Dr. Essig not qualified on rape but hey who cares -- he was their to say one thing -- the NYPD rape victim was not raped and maybe her cervix red from stds not NYPD rape cop moreno sexually exploiting a drunk vomiting victim of his sex predator lonlieness?
Tacopina Seigel hired Dr. Essig who handed over the original Baby Lisa to Joel Steinberg who beat her to death age 6.  Read the NY Post article on Essig if you want to puke and learn how low Tacopina Seigel went hiring a vile MD that should have been punished with his partner for handing over Baby Lisa without paper work.
Where is Baby Lisa lawyer joe tacopina? both of them?  Are both baby lisa's dead joe tacopina roma truth seeker?  I hope Baby Lisa is alive.  It is just silence for so long.   It could be she is kidnapped and is being raised by someone else or it could be a Casey Anthony type ending.
Very sad ---

Where is Baby Lisa?  Shouldn't the parents be talking to the police?

Listen to insight on the credit card Baby Lisa news --http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2012/07/joe-tacopina-baby-lisa-megyn-kelly-mark.html watch video.
Where is Baby Lisa.  Why was my YouTube removed http://youtu.be/gNMBrqTFRZU
nd where is the truck that hit roxi sorina? Joe loves to use Mom’s that are grieving and their daughters in Heaven as get out of Hell free cards but it doesn’t work that way.  Even more women will not come forward because of Joe Tacopina’s unforgivable behavior-- putting the NYPD heroin Rape victim on trial and giving her the Tacopina Seigel rape treatment. why hide that.  To protect the victims from this in your facde hate crime?
bernie Kerik a Joe Tacopina Success ....?
Did Joe rat him out and put his own client in jail? you decide
Folks anyone want double or nothing on whether Bernie kerik hates joe Tacopina? No why would Bernie hate joe Tacopina success?

Did joe Tacopina rat out Bernie Kerik to the feds  to save his own butt? Len levit days he did? Probly len levitt jealous of joe Tacopina law school?   That's right we all so jealous of Joe Tacopina.  It can't be we don't appreciate him putting the rape victim on trial and crowing about getting a corrupt dirty cop off who by the way is still going to jail.
Is Ronald Fischetti, Esq. a friend of Joe tacopina and a Joe Tacopina Success …. why would joe want to hide this?
Word on the street is Joe Tacopina Wiki tried to save his own ass while throwing Mr. Fischetti a distinguished attorney under the bus?  Note: Mr. Fischetti was cleared of any wrong doing butwhy would joe not want his adoring fans to know that the Mafia will not hire Joseph Tacopina Lawyer anymore because of feelings Mr. Fischetti was thrown under the bus?
rafael Follieri = Joe Tacopina Success … Sure if you consider rotting away in jail for 4 years to be a Joe Tacopina?success.http://topics.nytimes.com/topics/reference/timestopics/people/f/raffaello_follieri/index.html
Some say Joe Tacopina lawyer ratted out Follieri to avoid sharing a business deal fee?  http://www.vanityfair.com/style/features/2008/10/follieri200810

joe tacopina Personal Life  is a Joe Tacopina Success? … Well, maybe, considering Joe tacopina loves his wife but his Italian socceer fans who hate his guts more than me slur Joe’s good name going on about hookers, sex toys and  a mistress in Italy (according to Joe Tacopina Roma fans) and according to Scribe he gets paid $20G from a client and then beds the client’s wife but reminder Joe sex oops sez not true....

 Joe Tacopina denies all things like having a mistress and bedding a client’s wife. Joe Tacopina Success … Maybe because Joe didn’t get debarred for this?   Must be false … can’t be true. http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2011/11/joe-tacopina-hire-him-for-20g-hell-bed.html
Who is Loredana Joe Tacopina Westport?
Joe Tacopina my followers want to know who is loredana? Who is loredana joe Tacopina Westport? Can you tell me?  Does she hate you joe Tacopina? Could she?  maybe she LOVES Tacky-0?

It is a  misogynist man’s world -- that is why Joe loves defending murders and rapists of young women, young enough to be Joe's daughter?  is that why you want to hide it joe tacopina bio?  
Tacopina how do you explain calling Dr. Essig who handed over Baby Lisa to Joel Steinberg with no paper work.  Steinberg murdered her age 6.  How do you explain that and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel asking if a raped bruised vagina snaps shut like a Fly Trap to your wife and kids?  Hi honey and kids....just degraded trashed and demonized a victim preyed on by 2 corrupt cops but it is about winning and winning making money is everything.

Let's all go shop!

  Reminder  we must believe what ever Joe tells us?  If we don't or are critical we are jealous.

 Seigel’s letter in response to me filing a grievance for his Venus Fly Trap hate crime in court.... Tacopina Seigel stationary had me feeling their rape treatment first hand...would share the letter with anyone interested!
Judge Greg Carro did not approve and reprimanded Seigel for his Fly Trap question.
These guys make me sick.
No one seems to hate Joe Tacopina as much as Italian Soccer fans...
Joe Tacopina Wesport wiki man
click-n- barf below about how Joseph Tacopina esq says Drew Peterson was becoming one of the more hated individuals in America?
Who do you think are the other most hated people joe Tacopina bio? could you bio one of them? No one could hate joe Tacopina he loves himself so much.  Joe Tacopina says people who hate him are jealous of him.

Joe Tacopina soccer fans for joe Tacopina roma  own team don’t seem too fond of him folks and talk about how he cheats on his wife with  hookers and his mistress in italy.  Joe Tacopina is happy married you jealous mean spirited soccer fans jealous of Joe's great soccer team.

 Joe Tacopina client don’t hate him they love him. Er um I mean joe Tacopina wife of client love him. Can you hire him for 20 grand and he will bed your wife?  Not true of course.  If Joe did that wouldn't he have gotten disbarred?  Again jealous haters you think?

 Joe Tacopina Westport says not a chance.

Got to LOVE camel toe joe Tacopina he's so pretty.  Make it is the camera and make-up artists because he looked awful up close when I was video taping and he happened to walk up to me.

Take a look -- my photo flatters Joe Tacopina.   Gerald Shargel just a little bit older looks 100 times better and put together than Tacky-0.  

camel toe joe not as pretty as a prince or as rich --- maybe he is just a little bit jealous of the Prince of Monaco.   What if Joe's loses and the real Prince wins?


Joe is being a success bragging on a YouTube promo video to get you a tv show you are a predator in court you talk about blood and decapitating in court?  You sound like one of your clients not a defense attorney.  You sound like a murderer. http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2012/07/joe-tacopina-hated-barry-scheck-make.html