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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Joe Tacopina Happy Marriage or Snookie Wannabe?

Dear Suzannah Artist:

According to Connecticut Magazine Camel Toe Joe is happily married "for twenty something years" Do you think if he was really happily married he would know how many years he was married?  ( oops he "is")  Would love to know your opinion on his marriage.

Joe looked like hell....this photo flatters him!  He really looked like he was wearing his sins....I can't tell you how awful he looked.

My opinion is there is no such thing as happily married.   If people are going to be even mildly happy than they have to make the relationship number one and in my opinion just looking at Joe Tacopina up close....where I dubbed him Camel Toe Joe ---- Joe's number one relationship is with himself...(judging by looks -- his relationship with himself not so good).

By the way are you referring to this conn. mag or another soft peddling one -- are they news reporting or bartering favors?   http://misogynistnyc.blogspot.com/2012/01/melissa-grace-erases-joe-tacopina-from.html  Don't forget Joe Tacopina lost big here in NYC and he blamed the woman victim but the jury didn't buy it this time!  Melissa Grace of NY Daily News killed the story!!!!!!!  Or should I say she removed Joe Tacopina completely!  How is that for ethically news reporting!   

Joe Tacky-0 is a "face-time addict".....  Tacopina is an ambulance chaser and he has gotten so much bad press that he is chasing ambulances now to be on the side of women that his usual clients rape, murder and throw away like garbage.    Remember van Der Sloot murdered Stephany as Joe Hell Bound Tacopina was defending him and to date Natalee's body is as close to found a Baby Lisa and finding possible murder victims can't rival Joe Tacky-0 and face time.

Joe Hell Bound Tacopina might say his marriage is sooooo good that jealous people and members of the Tacopina Hate Club post anonymous comments about his mistress and sex toys on the Italian Soccer team fan sites because they are sooo jealous of him.

Joe is now using Kim Kardashian's ex  tv husband of 3 minutes to get even more face time because Joe Tacopina secretly wishes he could be Snookie.

I would love to ask Bernie Kerik for insights in that and any thoughts on Tacopina his ex-lawyer, best friend and business partner.

Note no Mafia families hiring Joe Tacopina because maybe they think he is Joe the rat?

Joe sez no of course.

Hey Vomit  Joe's lawyer buddy from the DA's office -- are you reading this?   http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2012/06/joe-tacopina-camel-toe-joe-following-me.html

Hey Joe and Vomit -- I want to ask you about your connections with the DA offices and NYPD and any PBA contacts?  Just curious!  It must be so painful to you that there is something called the 1st amendment.

Hey Vomit -- think of me as your Howard Stern but much better looking?  He is really ugly.....what is it with ugly men?

With air brushing and a little help from friends Joe could almost look handsome but trust me not so in real life unless you are suffering from a major trauma -- like some of his clients -- but Joe would never sexually prey on his clients or their wives.  Joe Tacopina says way back he did not sleep with his client's wife!

Joe does proudly admit he is a predator in court!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  In his pathetic YouTube with rocky music hoping for a tv show that would require vomit bags.

This link he threatened Lenord Levitt with law suit and oops he never followed through because he had no case!!!!  A can of works Joe would not want to open.

By the way Kerik gave Joe gifts like a Mafia guy give's his mistress....do you think Kerik feels just a little let down by Joe?

Vote on your favorite Tacky-0 post and this includes where he is called a liar -- regarding sports career?

By the way Joe, any ideas why rapes are up and under-reported?
Do you think that women victims don't want the Tacopina Seigel rape treatment in court?

How are those sexual anatomy classes going for your and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel.

Since you didn't know from first hand experience have you both finally learned that vaginas of bruised rape victims and any and all women's vaginas do not shut close like a fly trap.