Saturday, January 14, 2012

Melissa Grace Erases Joe Tacopina From Embarassing Loss!!! Way back Grace nice enough to write me back when I asked what happened to rape cop heroin.
Melissa emailed me the heroin in NYPD rape cop tossed out of rape trial. Huh? I almost threw up when she talked about the trial after on a radio show. The NYDN today reported The NY Post 's sloppy 2nd but Melissa Grace erased Joe Tacopina losing the case and the fact the jurors refused to blame the victim.
The NYDN photo cut out vain Joe Tacopina from photo!

Nice NYDN cut the vain Joe out of photo. Joe has his pals. Any NYPD and PBA fixing tickets or favors for NYDN reporters? Any favors for Joe and associates, family?

Is Melissa Grace a hater of women or carries a yearning for Joe Tacky O pina? Melissa nice but lousy reporter -- oops she forgot to mention the most hated vile scum Tacopina lawyer for one legged millionaire that gashed up a woman's face lost the case. Grace so hot for Joe writes like millionaire represented himself. Tacopina a rude vile hater of women - enjoys trashing them but Grace erased her boy from embarrassing loss where his blame the woman victim didn't work. From Melissa Grace 's report no lawyers especially her pal Joey Tacky O.

Melissa a club member wink wink.