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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Joe Tacopina Liar? RAY BENDICI informercial for Tacky-0

Note:  I am going to guess that Ray Bendici and his lawyer pal Joe don't believe in the first amendment right just like they don't believe in news reporting but prefer informercials like this hunk o junk Bendici wrote for his friend Joe so I am posting my comment here.


Get out your vomit bags and Joe in my opinion you are a liar. Are your kids even just a little ashamed u bragged about getting NYPD heroin rape cop Moreno off? Interesting Moreno was remanded to Riker's immediately and he is going to jail. You call that a win?  http://www.tacopinalaw.com/   If you want to feel nauseous look at Joe's website bragging about getting a corrupt NYPD heroin rape cop off!  You call putting a sex predator that admitted climbing in to bed with a drunk puking woman young enough to be his daughter practically back out on the street. Funny the article mentions your daughter a win? What is a Moreno preys on her?

Any idea why raped are up and under reported? Perhaps women don't want the Tacopina Seigel Rape treatment in court?   Did NYPD Rape cop Pena feel embolden because Tacopina Seigel sent a message to corrupt cops to 1-800-rape away did they?  The author of this "informercial" not news reporting doesn't ask Joe Tacopina about Chad Venus Fly Trap Siegel comparing a bruised rape victim's genitals to a fly trap or hiring Dr. Essig who handed over Baby Lisa to Joel Steinberg with no paper work who murdered her at age 6.  

That is Joe Tacopina win at all costs any which way he can.  Explain that to your 5 kids who live high off the profits.

By the way -- the article does hit on how you are spread a little thin -- so question how is your search for Baby Lisa going?  How much time are you putting in to find her Joe?

Ray Bendici never even asks you -- is that because it isn't on your top ten list?
Explain to your kids and to your fans Joe how Melissa Grace removed you from a big embarrassing loss in The NY Daily News!


How is that for ethical reporting.

Do Grace and Bendici do their special "reporting" for you because of why...... Joe?  Explain.

Any PBA, NYPD pals you want to explain to us Joe?

How nice was it to not have the press ask you any tough questions about rape which is up and under reported in NYC and also corrupt cops with heroin in their locker like NYPD rape cop moreno being remanded to Rikers and you hell bent on making sure he walks free.

Joe your kids and no one with a brain will buy your pathetic lie or excuse for van der Sloot.  Most people are wondering if he killed others before Natalee.  Don't you feel an ounce of shame at such a pathetic explanation? Thanks for putting that out there.  You aren't that bright a guy if you kid yourself for a minute people buy the bullshit you spew.    When you do win you win  on pure aggression and manipulating juries that don't have a basic understanding or right and wrong as it was in the Moreno NYPD Rape case and than you take them out for a fancy dinner with the NYPD rapist cops because you are a classy guy.

You don't care about Justice and Ethics you care about money, your ego and face time.  Should I say in my opinion you are a face time addict?

Joe people are not jealous of you.   They find you repulsive.  I have already predicted you will try some masterful manipulation to rectify the reality you are despised.

Joe Tacky-0 you are  a slim ball and in my opinion u have little to no ethics. The article is as honest as the photo of you they ran. I saw you this year and you look 20 years older than the photo and hideous like you were your sins on the outside as well as the inside.