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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tacopina Seigel and all NY Defense Attorneys Don't Rape Rape Victims in Court!

All feminists, men that love us -- take action -- make slime buckets from hell defense attorneys that demonize rape victims think twice before they put rape victims on trial or compare our genitals to Venus Fly Traps the way Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel did on behalf of Tacopina Seigel NYPD Heroin Rape Cop Moreno trial.  Joe got the heroin hidden in the lying cop's locker thrown out.

Could you imagine if feminists had postured Chad Venus Fly Traps neighborhood and Tacopina's the way they did NYPD heroin Rape Cop Morenos?

Rapes are up and under reported.....

I heard tale of a rich man that raped a young woman and paid for her silence.  Her rape if true is a rape like so many that won't show up in the NYPD precincts because RAPES ARE Up and under reported!

I worked on this poem with a partner who despise smug arrogant Joe Tacopina.

Joe Tacky-0 Tacopina 
has a message 1800 rape away!

Say hey corrupt cops Rape Away -- hide some heroin in your locker
I got you covered.  9th Precinct Ken Moreno rape cop had 2 packets of heroin hidden in his locker!

Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel and Tacopina 
think bruised rape victims vaginas or anyone women's 
snap shut?

Tacopina wants a reality show.  
He dresses like a mobster 
but wishes he was Snooky!
 Van der Sloot murdered Natalee and while
Joe Tacopina was enjoying International face time
van der Sloot murdered Stephany!

Did Tacopina have a  moment of remorse or was he
just enjoying for more FACE time courtesy of dead young women?

Thank goodness he never got the change to go to court and blame them for their deaths.

No chance for Natalee and Stephany to have a wonderful life

Camel toe Joe
Does it snap shut like a Venus fly trap?
If the press would ask him that I would clap
But when he loses a case they save his face
Isn't that true Melissa grace?

not true Joe is not a liar he is a lawyer -- they sound similar ....

Could he have slept with melanie  mguire?
According toTacopina AS Roma soccer fans, no way
He has a MISTRESS in Italy they say,

Joe who had packed on some serious pounds, Maybe he has a very active sex life, 
maybe he doesn't since he and his partner wonder if raped victims
vaginas snap shut like fly traps!

Because a client  allegedly accused him of cheating with his wife
Joe would say not true he has a wonderful life
But i wouldn't want to be his wife
And ratting on your clients can get pretty tricky
Joe says he doesn't rat
but where are his mafia clients these days?

Wouldn't you know Joe Tacopina WIKI?

Joe wants high profile cases for face time
he is very picky.

We know Joe enjoys his face time.....
By the way Joe Tacopina where is Baby Lisa?

See photos by Kobi of me honoring women who were not only raped but also murdered NYC and thrown away like garbage.

Tacopina Seigel did not get a chance to blame them and demonize them!