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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sandra Bullock Maria Shriver Arnold the Sperminator Jesse Jame is it Love or Hatred?

Sandra Bullock and Maria Shriver had their husbands tell the world how much they loved them and than suffered the in your face humiliation that no individual wants to endure but their’s was served in your face global media frenzy pie.

Shriver said who are you going to believe -- me, after all she said she lives with Arnold or women courageously coming forward calling him a sex predator.  In some many words Shriver called these women liars and probably thought they were trying to destroy and exploit her husband but they told the truth and in reality Arnold was exploiting every woman he could get his hands on and penis in contact with but most of all Maria Shriver who he wanted for her family names like he wanted to own a Cadillac...Arnold’s idea of the American Dream which he lied and cheated his way to achieving including using steroids  and how many Presidents applauded him..ho hum?

Of course no one wanted to believe Arnold’s friendship with Nazi Kurt Waldhiem either....

Jesse James compulsively made declarations of love as he set the stage with what appeared the opposite of love undermining Sandra Bullock’s great win -- an Oscar which as sweet and nice as Sandra is -- she did not deserve but the Oscars is not about the most talented but the most popular.

Sandra Bullock is a sweet heart but she married a man that took the Hell’s Angel’s formula and stripped it down enough to make it acceptable main stream and made a fortune.   The Hell’s Angels attended their wedding which was a clue that Jesse was not mr. Wholesome although is marriage resume also might have given Sandra a clue.

So what is it all about?

There are not a lot of nice good guys out there.  There just aren’t.    The Hell’s Angels at least come with warning signs so there should be no surprises but in a sense so did Arnold with throngs of women coming forward -  some even holding signs that sex predators but the rich upper class of American women who are often bank rolled by rich men of course pooh poohed them.

From Hillary Clinton to Maria Shriver in every way possible these serial sex predators where protected and by the women they were married to.   It is not like Maria Shriver did not have a clue.   Maria Shriver didn’t realize that one of the many women Arnold was sleeping was having sex in her bed, seemingly as obsessed with her as she was Arnold and had a baby a few days apart.  Sick stuff that makes Jesse James almost look like a nice guy except stunt he pulled even going to The Oscars with the woman he betrayed and made look like a big fool is a tough act to beat but Arnold did beat Jesse James out.  

Bill Clinton gets a special category all his own for lying to a global audience and for describing the young woman he sexually exploited as a stalker which all vain, narcissistic men as lonely or even lonelier than they are horny seem to  long for -- some one to stalk them because they need to feel important.

What is so wrong with these men?  An awful lot.   These guys are a dime a dozen.  If they can’t get an erection they want to push their mr. softee up against their victims and the narcissists actually feel sorry for themselves!

The women know what they got when they hooked up with these guys but they are always surprised.

I went out with a bad boy -- an older man, single -- I thought a bachelor for life  and a womanizer so there could be no surprises and guess what there were.   He decided he was going to get married and he was going to use me to make the woman he was marring jealous so even my attempt to avoid an surprises by going out with an unadulterated bad boy failed.   Who would have thought a bad boy beyond middle age would go for a white wedding and use me increase his stock?  Message to anyone who is using me to make someone jealous -- don’t bother.  By the way I have people emailing me I never answer who think they have a relationship with me just because they read my blog.  Sick stuff. 

More than half of American marriages end in divorce and they also involve economics which is why even more people actually do not get divorced because of the money.   People stay in horrible marriages because of the money....from poor to rich.

America, white weddings,  apple pie and marriage -- nice to think about but living it can be a nightmare.

Maria Shriver lived a lie and she was willing to do so until Arnold made it utterly impossible to play Barbie and Ken -- the dolls are lie anatomically and the fantasy it sold.

Maria and Arnold made me sick anyway with their decadent high life style flying to Hawaii for vacation as California battled it’s worst fiscal crisis yet kind of like Mike Bloomberg and Bermuda here but Mike Bloomberg keeps his sex life down low or maybe he doesn’t have much of one any more...maybe being an uber control freak is his sex.