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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Maureen Dowd Power Dater Like Hillary, Maria Betrayer of Women for Boys Club and their Ambition

Maureen Dowd has a piece in The NY Times -- don’t read it.  Don’t bother.    Read this instead.   The Maureen Dowd types won’t be tolerated in the future and The New York Times may be obselete as well since the old grey lady refused to report the news here in NYC starting with Mike Bloomberg, Steve Rattner and Amanda Burden to name just a few names.  Ask The New York Times about their very own building that became an Albatross around their neck and how the deal came to be and you won’t get answers.

I remember writing The New York Times when the high priced Maureen Dowd,  “a middle aged girl" who knows a lot about shopping and power dating your way to success as high priced gals must know wrote a piece reprimanding construction workers for daring to flirt with her!

I referred The New York Times at the time  to the construction worker’s helmets that at the time were wearable Sept. 11 Memorials and that many all or all had been downtown Sept. 11 or the days and months following.

Maureen Dowd is a poster “girl” for how important it is for women to have success -- it is about how you look, dress, your hair, shopping and most of all who you date, marry, and be an honorary member of the misogynist club betraying women selling us out for their rich bosses, husbands and boyfriends.

Yesterday I  left a lengthy message for Arthur Sulzberger, jr.  on voice mail for The NY Times making it clear how shameful he is not covering my rape protest but than again I slammed Mike Bloomberg, Steve Rattner his money and Arthur’s good pal and money manager and I don’t sleep with rich and powerful men who would help my career but I would also have to agree to keep my mouth shut unless the rich powerful men instructed me otherwise so of course The NY Times stopped giving me the time of day but pre-Keller they couldn’t stop publishing my letters which 9 published including about lack of sexual equality.  I wrote in the letter that we women come in one size -- beautiful.   There was a double entendre there but Dowd wouldn’t care for that because she doesn’t want equality and like sex in the city shopping is her priority not sexual empowerment.

We see Maria Shriver asking for compassion but she had NONE for the Courageous Women that came forward and named Arnold as a SEX PREDATOR.

Hillary Clinton also sold all us women out along with all the women’s groups who kept their mouth’s shuts as they were told to do because when rich powerful men prey on women it is okay.

I won’t link to Maureen Dowd’s oped piece in The NY Times because she is a highly paid girl who knows her place so well she has to focus on women that she deems of a lower strata than she.

I left Bill Keller the man who also played a pivotal roll in destroying The New York Times and making sure no voices in opposition to Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn and Amanda the people’s Burden were silenced and reminder there is a rumor that Steve Rattner the man who paid to play with NY Pensions and paid to not go to jail or plead guilty advised The NY Times to go for the new eminent domain abuse building that would bankrupt the newspaper.....I told Bill Keller off and I get it -- I understand why the newspaper refused to carry my rape protest but for one second did they have a moment of wondering -- if only -- no they could not care less as long as it wasn’t their mother, daughter, baby, grannie but imagine if they had covered my rape protest that demanded the violence towards women stop!  Stop the rapes here in NYC and around the world stop the violence from babies to grannies but the new york times only gives voice to their high priced gals like Maureen Dowd.