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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cy Vance NYPD Misogyny How DA NYPD Blow Off Domestic Abuse and Rape

2012 sent this Cy Vance Fixes Rapes by NYPD, Domestic Violence Cases Vanish He media #NYPD Run Like Catholic Church


This personal account was sent to me but there's a list of women that feel out raged about being blown off by the Manhattan DA who does fixing in favors like me NYPD they make crimes disappear they discriminate against you and if you're rich man and you rape a woman or sexually assault.

I'm extremely exhausted and traumatized because Manhattan DA side man's abused his power he's a narcissistic maniac I think he's mentally ill narcissist misogynists and nuts ( you know how women or try to be painted it's crazy like princess Diana and she wasn't crazy)  he said New York state environmental police on me for no reason he violated my constitutional rights oh there is a reason I allege he breaks laws when does fixing in favors so he feels he can abuse his power with me because I am a critic?

 NYPD rape cop  Moreno heroin his locker. Cy Vance said role the heroin in to the time Moreno already got!

NYPD Rape Cop Pena Cy's tennis squad buddy and donator to his campaign Lloyd Constantine was on the jury and didn't work you some self and a Manhattan DA didn't feel he had to when he saw avoid sitting there maybe they even discussed it it's something we could ask the Manhattan DA under oath but I am alleging  Lloyd make sure there was no 1st° rape for this cop!

Ask Cy about  why no rape charges for Sandy Rubinstein  additional charges for Sandy and Al Sharpton for the Viagra found it Sandy's.

I was sexually assaulted and that was fine because the Manhattan DA doesn't like me for being a critic and I questioned in my case whether the employer was giving Viagra to the NYPD or human growth hormone or anything any kind of favors for these cops and I want to know if it's anyone higher up in NYPD Internal Affairs?

DSK case.   Did you like how Cy Vance handled?