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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cy Vance Misogynist DA and NYPD Blow Off Victims Rape, Domestic Abuse, Sexual Assault, Victims of NYPD Read Email 2012 Before I was attacked!

2012 sent this Cy Vance Fixes Rapes by NYPD, Domestic Violence Cy and NYPD Blow Off Victims Keep Crime Stats Low 

Cy Vance and NYPD run the city like the Catholic Church when it comes to raping women  sexually assault including an Intern inside DA's office someone very senior google DNA Cy Vance Intern. I was  assaulted including sexually assault by Dr Andrew Fagelman's Delight or Delite aka Delita Hooks. 

Cy Vance did not work you some stuff when it came to Mark, who he paid back for helping him run out of money with more than interest recently refusing to recuse himself from Mark Guma investigation so Guma got  pay back with interest!

Cy Vance did not have his friend, squash partner and campaign donor Lloyd Constantine recuse himself from the NYPD rape cop Pena trial and his friend Constantine make sure that the rape cop did not receive a 1st° rape sentencing which is what you read in the post below sent me in 2012 before I became a victim of Cy Vance  who made the crimes against the NYPD completely disappear and NYPD and Internal Affairs Drugs committed crimes in my case.

Cy Vance is guilty of retaliation and fixing in favors in my case as well as NYPD Internal Affairs top brass so I'm sure you're not gonna do anything but these emails or record that I alerted you any attorney general and I may go to the Attorney General Washington DC if I can get the strength and energy. I'll just print the emails out that I sent  and mail them to Attorney general's office  in DC this am in the mix so I said I could barely move my dad a World War II veteran decorated died knowing what was done to me my mom is in hospice dying I'm suing the NYPD for years and Zachary Carter Dr Redacto caught dr. documents on the nursing home
In my case in NBA star Thabo Sefolosha and others I better just copy this email and send it to DC this am with the Cy Vance Mark Guma email 

This was sent to Joanna Molly of NYDN and I, Suzannah Troy got permission to post. I am posting on my blogs but without the woman's name. 

Joanna! I just read your outrageous article on Cy Vance, who is the fakest and most crooked DA in NY history! 

I personally begged his staff to help me with Domestic Violence where I was bloodied numerous times and I had photos, witnesses, etc. His staff ignored everyone of my calls and letters begging for help. They also ignored 100% of complaints by every friend of mine in ANY cases where they were victims of crime. (The NYPD's only job is to lower the "crime rate" by blowing off victims.) 

Are you saying a 100% corruption rate by the NYPD and DA are not scandalous? 

A creep who raped several of our friends was arrested for other serious felony crimes and Vance let him go each time, even though there was video evidence etc. Ask your readers if anyone else has similar experiences with Vance protecting criminals and prepare to drown in emails! 

Everyone knows the purpose of media is to protect the Government from angry taxpayers, but I can't believe a WOMAN would support the most anti-woman DA in America. 

For instance, Vance is SILENT on the endless Rape of women by the NYPD. Do you really believe he couldn't hold a press conference demanding Ray and Mike explain the record NYPD corruption and endless stories of women being harassed, mistreated, or blown off by cops? 

You SAW Vance blow every trial against crooked cops. He deliberately did that because he has illegal conflicts of interest with the NYPD! The photo along with your article is scandalous! Imagine if Ray Kelly did press conferences with the Mafia and hung out with them! 

The DA is a checks-and-balance on the NYPD (who are so corrupt even the NYPost did a cover story a few years ago about the unprecedented NYPD corruption) but of course no they aren't. 

Vance has to LOSE any cases against dirty cops (Moreno had HEROIN in his locker too!!) or else he hurts all his other cases that require cop testimony! 

If Vance was even 1% honest, he'd PUBLICLY say all NYPD cases of dirty cops must go to INDEPENDENT prosecutors. But the crook won't do that because he fears they'll be CONVICTED, which will make Vance's job much harder. 

ASK VANCE why he has yet to prosecute the Catholic Church or Dolan, who ADMITTED to organized crime: covering up child rape systemically! No statute of limitations on organized crime statutes etc! 

ASK VANCE why he gave Bloomberg and team "immunity" to testify in Haggerty's case. Vance couldn't legally even do that! 

THERE's A REASON everyone agrees Vance is the dirtiest of the dirty! 

ASK VANCE where's his press conference where he demands HARSHER SENTENCES FOR COPS, since even right wingers agree that the punishment must be worse for cops who break laws than civilians, since we gave cops powers they abuse! 

I can go on and on but my friends and I don't think you really give a damn about justice, or women's rights, and on and on. Your job is to keep your employment by shilling for our naked emperor, who gave billions to your boss.

Would you care to prove us wrong? 

steaming mad,

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