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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Cy Vance Dirty DA Saved Jeffrey Epstein Pimp Ghislaine Maxwell Trump Clinton Pal Settles w/ Her Victim

Jeffrey Epstein Pimp Ghislaine Maxwell Avoids Joining Epstein and Weiner in Sex Predator App?  Anthony Weiner and Epstein findable on sex pred app Weiner will be soon enough but Maxwell should join them but Cy Vance and Morgy  protected any and all crimes going on in the Manhattan DA asked to lower Jeffrey Epstein sex predator status keep reading... if the pimp didn't settle she would've been open to being questioned about a lot and includimg why they were to have someone here in New York City.   We know that Cy Vance  is the dirtiest DA in the shortest amount of time we just got more evidence if the case was not settled  and if the pimp Ghislaine Maxwell answer questions under oath and told the truth she could end up on the sex predator status and guess who's case one of the guilty party separate the law with NYPD cops doesn't want to answer questions under oath do you know which case that is that would further expose Cy Vance as  corrupt 30 DA the fix crimes for someone rich guy fixing in favors from corrupt NYPD detectives guess who's case I'm talking about...


Ghislaine Maxwell is a pimp The special services girl Friday who could not face being questioned under oath  and possibly going to jail for her role landing on the sex predator app with her employer Epstein in funneled $ and or favors for "entertainment".

Epstein's pimp invited to Chelsea Clinton's wedding quote a shocker but Bill a grateful guy?

 Ask her under oath if she has knowledge of who called the Manhattan DA for fixing in favors to lower Jeffrey sex predator status!!!  
Google DNA Cy Vance Intern to learn more about how sick what a sicko misogynist Cy Vance is... no wonder he's trying to lower Jeffrey  Epstein's sex Predator status but did Bill Clinton do that call Cy Vance if in fact he did after getting financial donations to the foundation?  

DA wanted lower sex offender status for Jeffrey Epstein - NY Daily News

Google DNA Cy Vance Intern, Google  NYDN Cy Vance Jeffrey Epstein, Cy asked lower sex Predator status! Maxwell settled DA relieved?

One Term Two Term Cy Vance Bye Bye Cy Worse Than Charles Hynes in shorter amount of time?: Cy Vance ADA Gaffney Ask Jeffrey Espstein Sex Predator Status Lowered

Ghislaine Maxwell Settles Court Could Mean Exposing DA Jeffrey Epstein, Maxwell End up Sex Pred App?

"In a 2011 interview with her attorneys, Virginia Roberts, one of the teenagers preyed upon by Epstein, said he had told her he had "compromising" information on Bill Clinton and that the former president "owes me a favor.""

Favors and donations -- ironic Epstein and Trump's 2nd favorite F word "favor"...?

Clinton Foundation Jeffrey Epstein Donations like Marc Rich favor Clinton has Cy Vance ask to lower Epstein Sex Pred status?

If Pimp Ghislaine Maxwell did not settle then the dirty favors fixing why rich sex predators and pimps are Teflon in Manhattan and how thrvManhattan DA tried to lower her boss sex predator status so he could go flying around the world with Bill Clinton without having to register everywhere he travels and even Donald Trump about his special friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and how he defends a sex predator maybe because he knows a lot about preying on young woman and so to his retired cops on his payroll?

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