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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Fox You The Jury Pro Joe Tacopina NYPD Rape Victim Vaginas like Venus Fly Traps?

  • Judge Piro If it's criminal Joe Tacopina NYPD screwed up 2nd degree assault drafted attacker's signed threat letter
  • Joe Tacopina ghostwrite letter Delita Hooks signed to THREATENING me warning me file assault charges again?
  • Judge Piro, Delita Hooksnot fired or arrested,Joe Tacopina behind misogynost cunt threat corrupt NYPD det acted on?
  • Joe Tacopina came stood byme oggledme, so I?Rapes Myguess Hesockpuppet confrontative cunt threatcrime afterassaulted
  • Judge Jeanine, Joe Tacopina secretary telling NYPD Rape Cops r going to get off. The jury hadn't made a ruling yet.
  • Joe Tacopina stood right by me oggled my legs. I turn my video on him asked y rapes up under reported? Judge Piro has he oggled you ever?
  • If you take $20,000 my client is it OK to sleep with your wife? Did Joe Tacopina sleep with the clients wife?
  • Judge Piro, Fox do usupport blaming rape victims? Joe Tacopina instructed us not to call the NYPD rape cops rape cops! Do you support that?
  • I don't understand why did Joe Tacopina need immunity Kerik case PROFFER agreement queen for a day can you explain to viewers and me?
  • Judge Piro can u explain y Joe Tacopina his proffer agreements Kerik case any lawyers on your show take them? Could he have gone to jail?
  • You The Jury Judge Piro, Joe Tacopina took proffer agreements Bernie Kerik case could Tacopina have gone to jail if he said no to proffers?
  • if Joe Tacopina used sockpuppet Cunt threat bury me turntables after assaulted at MD's hole my retina open investigation all knew culpable?
  • Judge Piro, Kerik Case Feds Joe Tacopina proffer agreement. Could they have arrested Joe? Any lawyers on your show take proffer agreements?
  • Fox You the Jury Hires Joe Tacopina of NYPD Rape Cop and Abner Louima Infamy
  • Fox You The Jury Hires Joe Tacopina of NYPD Rape Blame The Victim?
  • Judge Piro is it OK compare NYPD rape victim vagina to Venus fly trap because that's what Joe Tacopina/Chad Seigel did NYPD Rape cop case
  • Fox You Jury ? Boycott Fox Misogyny Hire Joe Tacopina blamed Rape Cop Victim Tacopina hell or jail or both?
  • misogynistnyc: You The Jury Fox Embrace Joe Tacopina Cop Defender Boycott Show!
  • YouTheJuryFOX If Joe Tacopina broke laws mycase Cunt threat bury me turn tables would misogynist protect him?
  • Joe Tacopina sued The NYDN and Sports reporter Joe got law degree w/ out learning First Amendment? Ask him how the lawsuits worked out.