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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Dreamt NYPD Deputy Inspector Ed Winski Dies

 I have posttraumatic stress and I'll have it until the NYPD in the doctors office stop lying until they stop lying and protecting their crimes and refused to apologize I will continue to hand out Justice cards are clearly continue to have posttraumatic stress as I go over it and over it and share it with as many people as possible around the world I want them to know that if your critic of Michael Bloomberg's of corruption in New York City government of the please department you're not even safe at a doctor's  and how right here in New York City I was treated like a Jew in  the early stages of Nazi Germany and Bill de Blasio and Bratton  taught me turn broken windows back on the NYPD and O'Neill as bad. 

 If and when the city ever gets a mayor with integrity and a police commissioner with integrity I know then I will get an apology along with other victims of NYPD crimes.  

NYPD PC James O'Neill 3rd Corrupt PC my case file Complaint

I have questions for him under oath about my case, about strippers, about sex workers, about parties involving strippers,  about the precinct decompressing at the bar, about fixing in favors, about call a cop, about the Mercer hotel using loading in unloading his private parking with valet service meaning money was exchanging hands with the people that park cars and the employees at the Mercer hotel as Michael Rawson was calling over and over  harass a severely handicapped dying Korean War Vet are in who is dying of prostate cancer who died in hospice...

 I don't know if Michael Rawson mentally ill but I do know he has acted like a crazy man harassing me getting the NYPD Schatz  like he owned him call a cop and then when I wasn't protesting the Mercer hotel anymore he was still harassing me online and I had a call up Andre Balaz and  and talk about possibly suing.   That seemed to cool Rawson's obsessed ongoing harassment he even put up a Facebook page statement which I copied and was harassing me on many different YouTube accounts we  two different youtube accounts that use his name where he says it's his mission statement to harass me until I remove the YouTube's and he admits flagging ones because he doesn't like what they say about him. 

 I have lots question him under oath about the NYPD but also who from his hotel through water from the top floor onto a veteran vendor was it him whoever it is isn't that assault and harassment  The Mercer hotel it looks like you can get away with anything if you know the right people at the 1st Precinct? 

I want to ask Ed Winski about NYPD Eugene Schatz  using his car as a weapon with me and with Eric Youngquist Korean War Vet or in who died in hospice of prostate cancer and about Eugene Schatz than getting promoted to Community affairs and his fuck you read glove Facebook profile and the fact that he's Facebook friends with the detectives that lied and police reports including NYPD Det Vergona is verbally violent, who threatened me verbally and violently over the phone who refuse to meet me in person and lied and lied and police reports, also Schatz's facebook friend Andy Dwyer  I want to ask some questions under oath about lying and police reports party to coercion calling me a ball buster acting on a cunt calling threat to bury me destroy me if I took any action see the tables turned on me which I believe was written by Joe Tacopina another corrupt evil piece of shit coward who breaks laws and gets away with murder practically - Tacopina is a liar  and the Bernie Kerik audio proves it  if for some reason he hasn't been disbarred I know Karma is also going to get Tacopina someway that I could never imagine such an evil piece of crap and an idiot because I also believe he wrote my attackers signed  letter which she signed she signed it openly threatening me yet again warning me to not come back and file second-degree assault charges or else she would file  another fast cross-complaint that's a serious crime  a victim warning them to not come back and file assault charges or  I will retaliate and really a  stupid letter  I'm  guessing Joe Tacopina a criminal drafted  I want to ask him if he or his family ever got fixing in favors from the NYPD I want to ask him under oath about that strippers sex workers and also if he has any knowledge about rape about raping women.   Fact why don't I ask all the NYPD I'm suing if they know about any NYPD raping women.

Ed Winski is such a coward he's trying to duck service right now he is such a coward he has never served in the military and the first time I ever saw him he was falsely ticketing a veteran center over an inch or two what a disgusting corrupt coward.

 Like so many commanders he fix crimes that's like a Las Vegas casino and he was party to the detective squad doing fixing in favors for the rich in my case a rich doctor he was willing to protect them threatening me corruption lying and police reports coercion and I'd like to ask him under oath about the video of me being savagely attacked and go over the police reports  and I'd like to take a good look at the 1st Precinct crime stats while he was commander.

I did everything I could to help a senior citizen poverty level who is also a Korean War veteran and severely severely handicapped who like to have a table outside the Mercer Hotel.

I tried to believe that Winski was a decent human being but he's not he's a corrupt evil disgusting coward and I want his children to see the video of me being attacked and the police reports when they're old enough to look at it and understand what their dad's role since my Dad a decorated WW2 Veteran and Scholar learned about the  pile up of crimes from the doctors office to the police dept.  NYPD involved are evil their corrupt they're liars what they did to me made happened to them if they're OK with that happening to me then made happened to their children their wives or may Karma find a way to serve them their punishment in ways I could never imagine what a first class come back what a relief I dreamt that to NYPD alerted me that Ed Winski was dead he had died and they knew  The NYPD involved in my case including him more guilty so they were letting me know Winski had died. 

Since he is ducking service even though I had him served right at his office and have proof of service since in my eyes he's a corrupt evil liar he reminds me of a guard at a Nazi concentration camp since he such a liar so corrupt so evil in a banal way it was a relief in my dream  to be alerted by NYPD that equally recognize he was corrupt and had participated in the crimes involved in my case it was such a relief to have a police department alert me that he had died.