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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bill Bratton Ever Hit a Woman?

Bill Bratton protected  crimes in my case and taught me to turn broken windows back on the NYPD

 I really feel ill this morning I was violated at a  doctors office a rich doctor in Soho Dr Andrew Fagelman part of what Preet Bharara called "call-cop" what I call one 800 NYPD Internal Affairs fix it, what the NYPD have called a rabbi or a hook someone inside her department who does fixing in favors but in my case it's top brass this Chief should be questioned under oath along with top three police commissioners your oath they should be question about my case and I'm just sick and no surprise there's a child sex predator if you do searches look up NYPD sex predators you'll find this isn't the first NYPD officer that preyed  on children and  all these Chiefs including chief of detective protect NYPD detectives committing crimes asked Chief Boyce  under oath about my case and how he and Internal Affairs Drugs and three police commissioners are using Ron Kuby's letter to pretend the NYPD did not commit crimes!

Ray Kelly, Bratton, Campisi, Boyce Cover up Crimes Criminal Detectives My Case!NYPD Det Sex Predator of underage Girls worked 17 yrs NYPD

 I'm just so sick and why don't you search NYPD rape NYPD sex predators  Child porn on NYPD officers computer just do some searches it tells you the top cops  protecting crimes like this latest it was long island police that arrested this cereal sex predator just like police other than NYPD arrested Michael Dowd who is working openly for a drug kingpin/murderer when he wasn't stealing from drug dealers and it wasn't the NYPD Internal Affairs who caught him but brokered a deal to have him arrested with FBI who also knew what was going on  there also in Barris they worked a deal to let Michael Dowd go for free so that the FBI and Internal Affairs  could save face and arrest him my point being is top brass know a group of NYPD detectives broke laws in my case along with supervisors and key officials inside Internal Affairs and they're  protecting these crimes like they protected Michael Dowd way back --  is the blue wall --  was threatened over and over you can see the first red in the YouTube with over 400,000 views  Google Dr Fagelman, I was verbally violent be threatened by Detective John Vergona broke the law lying in his police reports threatening me acting on a misogynist Hate Crimes threaten my guess Joe Tacopina so I'm not surprised that an outside police force "an NYPD cop because Chief Pulaski and even worse Chief Boyce, , chief Reznick Who called an NYPD whistleblower a  rat and Chief Campisi  A very corrupt police chief who protected top NYPD taking lavish gifts including his boss Ray Kelly as well asChief Chuck Dowd  and others especially on 911 tech corruption it's just disgraceful but worse it's criminal

 My tack her signed a letter to NYPD fixers openly threatening me yet again and she hasn't been arrested am I guess it was Joe Tacopina that drafted that stupid letter with the same threatening tone threatening retaliation the way a wife beater like any bully threatens and once you don't say anything don't do anything just take the violence that's what  all these top brass have protected so I'd like to ask them under oath that they've ever hit a woman!

 Top brass, the NYPD detective squad, Ray Kelly, Zachary Carter etc  have the written threats to me signed by my attacker to NYPD fixer they have police reports where the detective slide they have audio of me being turned away trying to report my taco spice cross-complaint they have audio of Internal Affairs Mary O'Donnell a sergeant and Internal Affairs Drugs the time refusing evidence  and they have this video so I want to ask them have they ever abused woman happy ever hit a woman and then threatened her into silence or have a witness other NYPD officers doing that ?