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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp Fixing Favors like Corrupt NYPD Yelp Reviews?

Jeremy Stoppelman is it okay to violate my patient rights, savagely assault me and than get fixing and favors from the NYPD and it appears to me the victim  Yelp as well?

Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp Fixing Favors like Corrupt NYPD Yelp Reviews?I

If I understand correctly Jeremy
Stoppelman originally created
yelp to prevent the horrors 
I endured at Dr Andrew Fagelman's 
when I went to see Dr Vine and
Dr Fagelman's violent lying
employee decided to repeatedly 
violate my patient rights.

Delita Hooks false cross complaint has over 4,500 views on Scribd.com   I filed out the top part and an NYPD employee filled out the bottom where Delita Hooks does admit she understands
I am a patient but she makes up lies and the YouTube with 
over 400,000 views proves it.

Lucky for YouTube or else patients my trust YELP!


I have never met NYPD Det John Vergona now retired and living on Staten Island but he is a sicko liar just like Delita 
Hooks -- take a look...

If I was Jeremy Stoppelman's sister or mother maybe I would have not had to hire
a lawyer to get the truth out but mysteriously even with the lawyers help
lucky for Dr Andrew Fagelman the truth which every patient should see and MD
for that matter was moved to not recommended even though the reviews was
infact recommended.

If I was Mike Bloomberg or Ray Kelly's 
family member she would have been 

I have to wonder who does Dr Andrew Fagelman know?   And we know years later I found the detective corrupt cowards that hid from me like
Klux klux can members starting with Det John  Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer and they are facebook friends including with NYPD PO Gene Schatz the first cop I ever reported to Internal Affairs from abuses and down the street
from Dr Andrew Fagelman.

I have been told that there are ways
to get fixing and favors from Yelp
as in buying advertising...or is it
like the dirty corrupt NYPD having
a "friend" at yelp who can 
do the trip.

I want to ask Jeremy Stoppelman
and anyone at Yelp that 
can answer why Delita Hooks
gets to violate my patient rights,
lie to the NYPD during an open
investigation after she 
did a running 
punch to my left eye making
a hole in my retina...
and she threw her shoes
threaten to slap the 
crap out my ass,
signed a letter -- my 
guess Joe Tacopina
was stupid enough to 
ghost write openly threatening
me to her NYPD fixers 
-- matches the Cunt calling
threat by a cowardly
misogynist lawyer using
a fake suck puppet account
Delita Hooks a violent,
maniupulative liar 
gets a banner up top praising
her instead of warning 
Patients Delita Hooks has
anger management problems,
is a liar and a criminal 
but Dr Fagelman got 
fixing and favors from 
corrupt NYPD detectives 
at the First Precinct who 
also belong behind bars 
for lying in police reports,
protecting aggravated harassment,
threatening me and than 
corrupt Det John Vergona
joined in verbally violently 
threatening me like Delita Hooks
my attacker who by the way
punched a hole in my retina,
hurt my cervical spine and she 
pressed her barefoot to my vag....

Anyone one in the medical 
community, anyone with a brain
can tell you there is nothing 
I could do to make this violent
liar act unprofessionally and violently
but I want to ask everyone involved
about the YouTube, Delita Hooks
false cross complaint, the 
police reports where the NYPD lied
in their police reports, go over the audios
what ever it takes until I get Justice.

Everyone good person says I am sorry
that happened to you.  

We know Orthodox Jews in 
Williamsburg get fixing and 
favors from the NYPD and so
do the rich of Soho.

It is common knowledge
NYPD do fixing and favors for 
the rich, politically connected, 
friends...even family members.

Dr Andrew Fagelman was asked
by a private investigator if he
spoke to the NYPD and the guilty
slimy evil little MD said
"NO COMMENT"!   I want to
ask him under oath if he knew 
Delita Hooks filed a false cross
complaint as well as lied to the
police during an open investigation
and did Dr Andrew Fagelman 
conspire with corrupt NYPD
Detectives and higher ups inside
the NYPD to threaten me in to
submission with false arrest
unless I dropped the charges.
Was Dr Fagelman assured by
corrupt NYPD detectives 
I would drop charges so he did
not have to worry about 
firing his violent lying 
receptionist/office manger who
like Dr Andrew Fagelman and
the women in nurse PJs in the
video don't seem to understand

Dr Andrew Fagelman's Team Fagelman
started the war on social media harassing 
me Oct 3, 2012 after I was attacked 
trying to convince me I was a liar and 
threw the first punch.

Let me explain to anyone who has not 
seen the video -- there was no fist fight.

Delita Hooks did a running punch to my left out
making a hole in my retina and you can see the camera start to shake and than shuts off from the 
impact so powerful she made a hole in my retina.

Yelp does seem to act like they have the same relationship as corrupt NYPD detective except the NYPD detectives and their supervisors broke the law and my goal is to testify against them in court and in front of a new Commission in top NYPD, Internal Affairs corruption and any and all government agencies that protect what the US Attorney calls "Call a Cop" but I call 1800 NYPD fix it and when the NYPD app tracker gets built I want to be among the first to upload links to police reports, audios, video evidence -- join what will be a massive statistical data base and time capsule 
of NYPD, Internal Affairs, Dirty DAs, lawyers at Corp  Counsel that protected NYPD crimes etc.

Yelp has alienated so many people that they are turning to other venues to put up reviews.

Since the NYPD did fixing and favors
for the corrupt evil creep Dr Andrew
Fagelman the only way I can protect
fellow patients including of other MDs 
that share the office is to make sure 
as People see this YouTube.

I had to hire a lawyer because someone,
or several people connected to Dr Andrew
Fagelman have been harassing me on line
and they even got my yelp account closed until I hired lawyers and got Yelp to give me my review back but unlike the man that praises Delita Hooks

I was not allowed to use her name despite the guidelines that allow for extenuating circumstances.... I also was contacted on linked in recently by a woman claiming to be Dr Fagelman's housekeeper and a fake sock puppet account on YouTube and the first harassment online was 3 days after I was attacked by Ajohn on YouTube calling me a liar prompting me to post the YouTube of the attack.

I really want to talk to Jeremy Stoppelman about
Dr Andrew Fagelman's Yelp reviews and Delita the violent manipulative liar being protected rather than exposed.

There is a loser creep Harold who writes on Yelp he would like to be a fly on the wall implying I said something.  I did not say anything to warrant Delita Hooks to repeatedly violate my patient rights and my body but Harold is a poster boy for those morally challenged that get off on blaming the victim.   I guess that makes him lower than a fly.