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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Filthy Rich Jeffrey Epstein Cy Vance Misogynist DA for Sale

I bet the book is missing a lot --  like a  story more than one about Weil Gothshall and does the book  tell us who called Cyrus Vance and why the misogynistic corrupt DA Cyrus Vance had a female ADA ask a Judge  to lower Jeffrey Epstein sex predator status?  The woman judge was shocked and stated in all her years she's never been asked by the DA ever to lower the  sex predator status ... read the article in the New York Daily News  and at the bottom a link from DNA about Cy Vance  and an intern that was sexually assaulted and tell me why he hasn't been forced to resign!!!

Cy Vance  loves getting female ADAs do his dirty work read about Tiana Walton and Joan Illuzi  in this post and there are other post search their name.

By the way interesting  no media outlet and TV station picked up the story about the Manhattan DA and the intern  sexually assaulted by someone high up in the Manhattan DAs office and she doesn't trust even a special prosecutor with her case because she's afraid of retaliation.  I know why she is afraid. Cy Vance has not been asked to resign or recuse himself from the Mark Guma investigation aka the fix is in. Cy Vance had attempted fixing for Epstein at the behest of whom? Whom do you think? Ask Cyrus Vance under oath.

 The justice system for sale is an understatement.

 Does the new book filthy rich tell you that Jeffrey Epstein is in the sex predator apps for free and his friend Woody Allen would probably be joining him listed in the app if it wasn't New York City where they're both Teflon?

Weil Gotschall was alerted about Epstein at the time they were brokering the Leslie Wexner Epstein deal for Epstein  to be in charge of Wexner's kids money if anything happened to the parents.  Skim down to the bottom if you want to learn that Wexner dumped Epstein made Epstein and Pimp Maxwell leave the offices Wexner had given Epstein at Victoria's Secret  headquarters in Ohio.

 You could find a legal documents from Weil Gotshal with the Lawyer's telephone number but now it's all been removed.   His lawyer left the firm after the deal.

Epstein is a liar but he prefers semantics like his predator pal Bill Clinton.
Remember Clinton lied and lied even painting Monica Lewinski as a stalker?

Clinton, Trump, Epstein talk about favors but the word favors has the sleaziest connotation.  What was Cy Vance  offered in return for fixing in favors for Epstein was it financial donations and endorsements or a political appointment or what?  Why did Cyrus Vance ask to lower Epstein's sex predator status? Who made the call?

Do you think they and Donald Trump preferred Florida to islands were age restrictions are not a limit?  Where have Clinton, Trump, Clinton  travelled ? American businessman are known to fly around the world and go to countries where it's OK to exploit children sexually.

How does Trump procure young pretty women to attend his parties cause he wants a lot of them at his parties so how does that happen?   Does he ask  retired NYPD?  Bo Deitl  says that he did that for some Arab sheik didn't he say that in his book?    It isn't for sex just to fill the party up with pretty women?

 Jeffrey Epstein was never going to be arrested in New York ever.

 I bet there's a lot missing from the book I wonder if Cyrus Vance is in there like he is in flash Boys and FYI when the film comes out Flash Boys -- Cy Vance will be excoriated far more.

Let me guess.

 And also prove Cyrus Vance is the most corrupt DA in the shortest amount of times for sale.

 Do you really believe the FBI sprung  Jeffrey Epstein from jail because he could help them understand the Bear Stearns debacle  or did the FBI spring him for quite a different reason?

No way.    I don't believe it for a minute.   Funny because the FBI has been arrested a single person responsible for NYC's 911  tech corruption over $1 billion over budget with top NYPD taking graft and guess which DA refused to prosecute the crooks? Cy Vance!  Funny too  some of the contractors are tied to Homeland security, Pentagon, NSA,  it seems when you get to corruption you just have to follow the money trail and guess where it leads for those who are Teflon?  So much for patriotism when it came to response to Sept 11 it was about greed  and exploitation and again everyone was protected.

 It's who you know and who you blow  as well  as what you're involved in...  hmmmm.

Ask Bill Clinton why he invited Pimp Ghislaine Maxwell to his wedding!!!!

Ghislaine Maxwell was a pimp a special  services girl Friday would do anything for money and she's very sick twisted liar.   Epstein would not marry her.   I don't think anyone would marry him except her.

Ghislaine Maxwell was broke  after her father's mysterious death so how did she end up with a multimillion dollar house in Manhattan and unless the purchase of the house  again like everything else is not what it appears to be except that they're sick and twisted and Epstein may have video  that he uses to blackmail powerful people or just does some favors you name it whatever it is he's gotten away with everything but murder.

What about Cy Vance trying to lower Jeffrey Epstein's sex predator status and a lot more.

DA wanted lower sex offender status for Jeffrey Epstein - NY Daily News

Ask Cy Vance and ADA Gaffney  questions under oath in a public arena for everyone to watch broadcast live on the Internet.

FYI pre Cy Vance's heinous misogynist move to lower Epstein's sex predator status in your face  fixing in favors that the dirty DA does all the time for Rich Banks and for corrupt NYPD - anyone rich enough -- Cy Vance went belly up his first run for DA, he and Mark Guma may have broken campaign laws and  he had to do a fundraiser!

Cy Vance  is a fraud corrupt and for sale in capable of any kind of retaliation his ADAs have no integrity.

Epstein is not alone stoking the fire of anti-Semitism.  I am Jewish.  

FYI Morgy was alerted about Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell - about her being a pimp and their predatory activities even thievery and FYI  even as Weil Gothshall  was brokering a deal for Epstein to be Leslie Wexner's financial guardian of his kids the law firm was alerted about Epstein and Maxwell.   

 I don't even believe Epstein is  really a billionaire by the way -  I believe he just gives the illusion but he doesn't really have a $1 billion.

 If did why isn't he on the Forbes list.

Jeffrey Epstein bragged he could fly anywhere anytime and he cannot anymore.

Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump love each other and  share a lot in common!

Ghislaine Maxwell knows about sex predators and arms dealings doesn't she?

Cy Vance  failed in his efforts to do fixing favors for Jeffrey Epstein - Cyrus Vance failing to lower Epstein's sex predator status so he won't have to register and resume flying around the world with whomever and not be humiliated and easily trackable because he has to sign in as a sex predator due to the status of his sex predator.  Who wants to join him?

misogynistnyc: Filthy Rich Jeffrey Epstein Cy Vance Misogynist DA for Sale. Did Bill Clinton call Cy or a staffer?

If you called Victoria Secret  headquarters in Ohio Jeffrey Epstein had an office there with his pimp Ghislaine Maxwell.   Finally Leslie Wexner had to tell them to clear out and get out. 


 Are Michael Bloomberg and Mort Zuckerman mentioned  in the book?

Zuckerman was warned about Jeffrey Epstein and what a predator he is and not to do business with him but Mort Zuckerman  didn't listen and didn't care because it's not his daughter anyway he lost money from his dealings.  

 Is Andy stein's ex-wife in the book? 

Cy Vance is one sick f#%k especially  when it comes to sex and misogyny...

 He loves to have women assistant  DA Steve is dirty work when it comes to misogyny - in my case Tiana Walton a real twisted sicko and Joan Illuzi.