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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube

Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

Wikipedia Page Suzannah B. Troy 6 yrs after Misogynist Cyber Vandalism, Censorship via Deletion on a page about Censorship, Bloomberg 3rd term, NYPD Rape Cops Joe Tacopina etc. Wikipedia Agrees to return PDF before Cyber Vandalism and Deletion


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Misogyny NYC #NYPD Suicide Allegedly Raped Teenage Neice New Psych Tests NYPD Criminals My Case Proof

Cop wanted for allegedly raping teen niece hangs himself | New York Post
Do you think the screening to become an NYPD cop is thorough enough?

#NYPD Suicide Allegedly Raped Teenage Neice New Psych Tests NYPD Criminals My Case Proof

 Everyone agrees my case it's just crazy that the NYPD got away with what they did and the doctors office where the arrests ?????

 My mom either suffering wishful thinking or early stages of dementia but one thing for sure she cannot connect the dots she is severely paralyzed.    I'm very worried about her but she's moved to a place with skilled nursing and very compassionate gentle people and that's a comfort.    I am just so traumatized from the violence and lies the harm done to me at a doctors office in Soho and corrupt NYPD officers and internal affairs officers they know G-d will punish them all.   Karma will get them  for sure.

Something happened on Saturday to my cat Noel I adopted him at age 6 (he was foster care for his 1st 6 years) - when he was a kitten born in a basement in the east village as a kitten had an eye ulcer  and it burned through every layer that being said  and the scar tissue became like natures eyepatch he actually could see out of his eye but just it was scar tissue kind of like what I have from running punched my eye by Dr Andrew Fagelman's violent lying  receptionist Delita hooks -  I have scar tissue you and I see a mess when I look out I have 2020 vision but it's messy because of floaters from the attack and scar tissue.

 It was like his spine failed Saturday and he became paralyzed like my mother it was unbelievably disturbing and sad  -  between me being a victim of violence and mice and my attacker is not arrested I think about it if you attack a driver if you attack  a conductor if you attack a cop you're going to pay but what about if you attack a medical patient and violate their patient nights and she still sitting there lying I mean she's a real evil evil person she really has bad karma to violate a patient to lie and get others to lie and harass me and to get the NYPD to threaten me is beyond evil but  The NYPD are evil they willingly went along with it.

 I guess Joe Tacopina committed a serious crimes is so confident he can get away with them but I believe it will come back to haunt him and others involved.
  It's my guess but I'm really confident Joe Tacopina committed a serious crimes he's a real big mouth and he's addicted to threatening and yes he contacted me to want to his puppets to tell me that's not true so I think he's a hunter percent guilty and will come back to home.

 I'm in court at the end of this month pursuing a lawsuit against NYPD and Internal Affairs Drugs and top brass Ray Kelly and his correct internal bears chief Campsi.

 In the court room it says in G-d we trust. I am confident  everyone involved in the violence and lies will be punished.  G-D  works in mysterious ways and Karma will get them.

 I am so exhausted I'm so so tired never felt so tired in my entire life I have the worst chronic insomnia and think about what happens me over and over as I prep for the next phase my lawsuit.



I keep wondering why Preet Bharara let's Cy Vance -- the dirtiest DA in the shortest amount of time off the hook,,,,?????

Cy does fixing and favors for the mega rich, wall street banks, billionaires and NYPD and internal affairs officers mired in corruption and in your face crimes.

Preet Bharara and the FBI are playing let's pretend Cy Vance does not owe Mark GUMA big time and that there is not an intern that was sexually preyed upon by someone senior inside the DA who is too afraid to come forward because she will be treated with in your face corruption and retaliation just like me.  You all know I am guessing Joe Tacopina 100 percent guilty in my case witness tampering, threatening me, aggravated harassment working with his knowledge he learned at Hotel Hynes.

Why haven't the top NYPD cops including an NYPD chief taking gifts involving 911 tech corruption and or may case arrested....?

Because the US Attorney and the FBI are too scared or the FBI NY branch are in bed with corrupt NYPD and Internal Affairs top brass?

Who knows?

Search Suzannah B. Troy Opposition to Dismiss, Search Cy Vance Mark Guma, Rudin, Feds, FBI, Probe, Ray Kelly, Charles Campisi, CityTime, 911, ECTP, Bloomberg, Intelligence Division and a lot more

I posted this to scribed  but it was not searchable because it was a xerox.  There have been changes made and they were done manually so they are not in either scribd.com posting of the lawsuit motion to not dismiss...link to xerox with 7 pages of evidence up front this post doesn't have.

I posted the xerox version of this but you could not search it -- below xerox with 6 pages of evidence -- both copies are not exactly what is filed in court but close enough...

https://www.scribd.com/doc/311630938/Troy-v-NYC-NYPD-Ray-Kelly-Campisi-etc-Opposition-to-Dismiss-NYS-Supreme-Court-address-top-cops-taking-lavish-gifts-ECTP-Cy-Vance-Mark-Guma-and-a It has been almost 3 years pursuing Justice...you can search Ray Kelly, Charles Campisi, Bratton, Chief Reznick, Chief Esposito -- I don't know if you will find Esposito but he is in the evidence section included in snail mail asking for badger numbers u can find in the original upload page 5 or 6 using link above, search FBI, Rudin, fixing and favors, Dr Andrew Fagelman, Dr Fagelman, Dr F, Delita Hooks, Hooks, Det John Vergona, Lt Fikru, Cy Vance,  Mark Guma, Joan Illuzzi, FBI agents, Federal Probe, Bloomberg, Det Kevin Lynch, NYPD, Intelligence Division, Haggerty Trial, campaign laws, retaliation, lying in police reports, Joe Tacopina, Joe Tacopina and associates,  Charles Hynes or search Hynes, NYPD App Tracker (NYPD App tracker should appear multiple times), lying during an open investigation a crime, NYPD Chief Chuck Dowd, FirstNet, CityTime, 911, ECTP, 911 ECTP, whistle blower, whistle blowers, Zachary Carter, corp counsel, Internal Affairs, IA, Det Tommy Moran, Moran, The Mercer Hotel, Mercer Hotel, NYPD PO Eugene Schatz, Schatz, PO Migori, Sgt Chen, Lt Michael J. Agnese, Sgt Chen, Sgt Mary O'Donnell, O'Donnell, Lt Burgos,  Lt Angelo Burgos, Linkedin, Det John Vergona, VERGONA, Det Andy Dwyer, FB, Facebook, "Ms. Troy has reason to feel aggrieved", Feds, fixing, favors, retaliation, Lt. Cobb, Ramos, DA, ADA, Tiana Walton, Det Pepe.  (Det Pepe got shot with his own gun when he was cheating on his wife....yes he is mentioned in this lawsuit as well.  Internal Affairs Lt Cobb -- she got arrested for tipping off a PBA official found GUILTY)

lying during an investigation is a crime -- there is a lot to search...

I filed out this form and mailed it to one police plaza asking for her false cross complaint.  The NYPD employee wrote what down Delita Hooks lies at the very bottom -- Delita Hooks lied during an open police investigation along with others including the NYPD but she does acknowledge she understood I was a patient.

4 Judges Have Not Looked at the YouTube of Delita Hooks Savage Assault and Det John Vergona and Delita Hooks Lies

These photo grabs are going in my motion to not dismiss so a 5 judge can whoops can't  pretend the NYPD did not commit a series of crimes along with Delita Hooks and ANYONE THAT LIED to the NYPD during the course of an open investigation -- anyone behind the scenes involved in retaliation.

Preet Bharara is not superman --- right now more like might mouse and when it comes to the NYPD right now he is letting corrupt cops get away with murder along with Loretta Lynch and her predecessor.