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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Joe Tacopina Revamps Website Returns Abner Louima Image Mr Louima Sodomized/Raped by NYPD Volpe

I visited Tacky-0's website today  Dr King Day Joe Tacopina Revamped Website Abner Louima Image Returns

Happy Dr. King Day Black Lives Matter
#Black lives matter 

whom ever wrote poetic justice I got what I deserve for defending Black People I got assaulted by a black person dumb cunt lives matter?

Poetic Justice would be Joe Tacopina with a tattoo of Abner Louima applied to him in jail before group shower --- if Joe Tacopina was behind threatening me calling me a cunt warning me if I took any action the tables would be turned which the NYPD who read the misogynist threats did -- Tacopina if it was him or connected to him also threatened to BURY ME and DESTROY me --- do you think Joe Tacopina could be capable of those kinds of threats....
If this wasn't such a corrupt City with Dirty cowardly DAs like Cy Vance would Joe Tacopina be in jail already for my case witness tampering?

Did someone from his office using a woman's YouTube account come to my YouTube channel and send me another demented message via a comment?

Wow update Joe Tacopina "improved" his website --- it had no images so I thought he had removed his favorite image that in one article says is on his desk or in his office.   The image also crowns his website --- maybe he is afraid of Black Lives Matter so the image of Abner Louima moves quickly and most of his press are clients that despise him?


If you don't know the horrific details of how Mr Louima was orally and anally raped a wood stick research the horror and Joe Tacopina loves to brag he gets NYPD rapist off do I have to say in my opinion?


Joe Tacopina no longer a super lawyer just a super liar?


Dr Martin Luther King Day --- why we need an NYPD App tracker create a series of databases and why is Tacopina mentioned at the bottom of this post...http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/01/dr-martin-luther-kings-day-call-charles.html

Dr Martin Luther King Day believe Joe Tacopina and his secretary Tara  who blew smoke at me as I protested outside their office admitted to me she watched my YouTubes and bragged the NYPD rape cops would walk -- no newspaper would print it -- I called them all told them Joe Tacopina's staff told me as I protest the NYPD rape cops would walk...

Did they have inside information?   I am allowed... to ask that since it was so strange they seemed to know before the jury.....


Abner Louima screamed in pain yet no one in the entire precinct heard his screams or called Internal Affairs when he had to be taken to the hospital and the NYPD made up a pack of lies about why --- as NYPD Justin Volpe had practically murdered him RAPING HIM w/a wood stick and Joe Tacky-0  0 for how many people he has alienated or 0 wins against the New York Daily News -- the NYDN was Joe Tacopina's special buddy like Joe Tacky has a few buddies left at The NY Post including Page 6....who think he is still a power house lawyer..

Who would hire him?  Could the Feds pressure him yet again to betray a client like he betrayed Kerik?  Kerik's secretly recorded audio proved Joe Tacopina is no super lawyer but a super liar.

Why hasn't the ethics committee disbarred him?