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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cy Vance Misogynist DA on Sandy Rubenstein Alleged Rape w/ an Object SILENT DA, NYTimes, Rev Al Sharpton, Mayor de Blasio?

Sandy Rubenstein's  Victim  Not Calling for his Arrest the way I call for Delita Hooks the Ray Rice of Reception

Right now Al Sharpton, Bill de Blasio and The NY Times silent...

The latest gruesome details of the alleged incident came as police sources said they were on the verge of executing a search warrant at Rubenstein’s swank E. 64th St. apartment — possibly to search for the object....

The newest allegations is she was raped with an object...   The NYPD have to find that object and do a DNA object.  Where did he get the object

I get it from the Manhattan DA to the NYPD to Internal Affairs I am being treated like a Jew in the Early Stages of Nazi Germany and I am being retaliating against by a bunch of in my opinion smoes as arrogant as Charles Hynes and as confident they can get away with every thing but murder --

I call for the arrest of my attacker and the NYPD det that coerced me every day from my blog and YouTubeland.

Why hasn't Sandy's victim called for his arrest?

I didn't think he could cause bleeding unless he used an object.

If I am a detective I have to have a few theories and that was one of them

I can't wait until Cy Vance has to answer questions on the Sandy Rubenstein allegations of rape.

Misogynist Cy Vance?

My opinion from first hand experience Cy Vance and the Oligarchs of NY are misogynists -- -prejudice big phonies and my case proof...see the video below as I confront Cy Vance and he smiles!!!!!  Joan Illuzi admires this creep...sickening. She said she would not hold my politics against me.  Do you think she lied.  She was shocked by the video and clearly stated I was the victim. Listen to the audio -- she said they did a thorough investigation. I am alleging or stating in my opinion she lied again and I can prove it in my opinion...this is an opinion blog.

I had to deal with a gang of liars at the MD's, the NYPD , Internal Affairs and in my opinion the Manhattan DA and all a bunch of misogynist racist sickos prejudice implying I deserved it...  If I am wrong where is the arrest of my attacker who came out from behind a long closed off reception desk to continue to violate my patient rights...?  Listen to Joan's last conversation to me. I want her to testify under oath along with Cy Vance, Tiana Walton and Joe Giovenetti.  

DA Vance and DOI Announce Indictment of Tenant Association Treasurer for Stealing More Than $50,000
Cy Vance 0 St Vincent's Hospital, no arrest 911 ECTP tech corruption over a billion dollars over budget, DSK, the NYPD Rape cop Mina his friend llyod constantine on the jury that did not convict first degree....was lloyd to blame or a lousy ADA?   NYPD rape cop Moreno suing because Cy's ADA filmed an HBO special -- Cy and IAB did nothing about the heroin in Moreno's locker....Cy said let's just roll the heroin in to the year.

Ask Cy Vance and Joan Illuzi for a real answer why they violated me a gang from the DA as well my basic rights and I allege aided and abetted Det John VErgona in the crime of COERcion my attacker.  Judge Nathan said I can pursue my case in State court!

sick  sickening...

Joan Illuzi and ADA Giovenetti said I would have to be happy with 2nd degree assault and menacing but absolutely no to Delita Hooks false cross complaint.  Ms. Berry the investigator for Cy Vance's office read the false cross complaint out loud at my request in front of Joan Illuzi and her paralegal .     Delita Hooks false cross complaint was clearly false and I let them know she also threatened me in a signed letter to her NYPD fixers.

Judge Allison Nathan said I can pursue my case in State Court but I want to appeal and I am filing a 2nd lawsuit against the city and next year I hope to sue Dr Andrew Fagelman.  From the DA to the NYPD to Internal Affairs to Delita Hooks and ALL women in the video who I allege violated hippa and patient rights leaving me with a bleeding eye not asking if I needed help to the Manhattan DA I want them all questioned under oath.