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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Bad Boy Bernie Kerik Sues A-Rod's Bad Attorney Joe Tacopina?


See photo at bottom -- the bromance over -- (Look at Joe with his arms around Kerik like Kerik is his trophy.) I can't imagine what Joe enjoyed as Kerik's BFF and what ever it was isn't my cup of tea but that is one marriage that is over on a growing list of Tacopina casualties?   Joe should retire to a monestary after he sells his wordly goods to pay for his own legal bills? Time to sell yacht and soccer team???) 

Joe wears extra tight suits he needs a shoe horn to get in to but this is one suit that will stick to him for a long time that a shoe horn won't help me get out of.  

Karma for bragging about getting heinous evil criminals off?????  Karma for bragging about getting NYPD Rape Cop off? I took YouTube Saturday Night Live-ish parodies mocking Joe bragging dressed in a pimp suit mocking his misogyny in my opinion. 

Joe raised his rate to $1,000 an hour. Going to raise it again?  

Bernie Kerik KOed Joe Tacopina A-Rod Lawyer NYPD Rape Cop Lawyer?

Someone searching Joe Tacopina's wife find picture of me protesting Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel comparing NYPD Heroin Rape Cop's victim's genitals  to a Venus fly trap.   Joe's wife's photos on my Tacky0 blog ---   If his wife divorced him he would lose more than his shirt but she won't divorce him despite the photo minus the wedding ring posted on Tacky-0 blog.

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The Mafia won't hire Joe because they call him a Rat?

Joe where is Baby Lisa number 2.  He used the MD that handed over the Original Baby Lisa to her murderer as his NYPD Rape defender expert.  (Joe luvs rapists and murders???  Is it just that he wants them to have a fair trial? Or does he live vicariously thru them?)

Joe has a list of ex clients that feel betrayed and one who called him the other man in divorce papers I was sent a copy of.  

Question will A-Rod be next to join the Joe Tacooina B list B for betrayed?

For more on Joe and a peek at alleged divorce papers by an unhappy ex client?
Go to link above.  Scroll down until you see thescreen shot of the hotel romp reference.   Maybe it is a different Joe?

Joe is a victim of jealousy.  

Hey Joe if that was you and or one if your flunkie's threatening me Sunday night at dinner time, 5 days after I was savagely attacked at Dr Andrew Fagelman's -- called me a confrontative cunt and threatened me telling me if I took any legal action u would turn the tables and when I forwarded to Det John Vergona at the 01 he had nothing to say except 2 weeks later threatened me with arrest if I did not drop the charges.....Det John Vergona Yelled at me you are going to drop the charges or I am going to arrest you!

Whom ever was behind that Sunday night threat so far thanks to NYPD pals not worried?????  Wondering out loud after 1 year and almost 4 months.  I hope to get answers that how ever long it takes about the NYPD, the MD and the threats that Sunday night.  Anyone from Joe Tacopina's office or another lawyer with NYPD pals?  Believe it or not Joe stil has NYPD pals?

Well I am waiting to learn if I am getting subponea power this time or down the road ?????  but I have a theory I want investigated and whom ever the 2 fake sick oops sock  puppet deleted lawyer accounts are -- I want to know if they have some NYPD Connections and if the threats, witness tampering and aggravated harassment connected to you?

I would want to ask you under oath Joe any knowledge of NYPD PBA fixing and favors?

I continue to demand my case be moved out of the First Precinct Detective Squad to NYPD One Police Plaza, Chief Pulaksi unit or whom ever replaces him.

Delita Hooks came out from behind a long closed off reception desk to continue to violate my patient rights and than repeatedly violate my body.    It was like "knock-out" the goal after a running punch as fast and hard as possible to my eye than to drag me by my hair to the elevator.


Delita Hooks false cross complaint.....