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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Christine Quinn Member of Boys Club Misogyny Censorship Even Bashing Gay Men Critical of Quinn NYDN Hatchet Piece by Jonathan Lemire

Let's ask Mort Zuckerman and Colin Myler (Colin up to his eye balls in Murdoch Hacking Scandal for some reason this Brit is the editor of the NYDN that is suppose to be the People's paper)....they both banned me from commenting on the NYDN>

Jonathan Lemire did a hatchet piece to attempt to protect Quinn, Zuckerman's choice to be mayor and protect his financial investments)  has no idea there are women critics gay and straight critical nor does he care -- women's voices do not count.  This misogynist piece is anti-gay men critical of Quinn and erases all women as usual giving us no voice.

The goal was a hatch job on three openly gay men critical of Christine Quinn and he conspiring with openly gay Jon Winkelman not on Christine Quinn's mayoral staff like Wayne What's his name who many think along with Quinn's huge staff break campaign laws working on NYC gov time to illegally push Christine Quinn on us so Mike can have a 4 and 5th term from the golf course ---

Bloomberg and his puppet Christine Quinn pushed through an illegal third term breaking laws using slush money to pay off corrupt city council  members to push through an illegal third term denying us The People of NYC a right to vote on a referendum.

All those and many other corrupt deals from back room deals with Rudin to make sure he got Rudin Luxury Condos in place of St. Vincent's Hospital so we no longer have a Trauma Level 1 Hospital in the West Village with AIDS Care and a Rape Crisis Center apparently means nothing for the gay community in bed with Christine Quinn greed.

Winkleman attacks gay men with Louis Flores at the fore front protesting Quinn turning her back yet again on gay men, transgender and the LGBTQ community with his exposing the NYPD in Queens targeting gays with condoms as if they are all sex workers.


Jon Winkleman calls himself a gay activist and he calls these gay men crazy with Jonathan Lemire greasing the way for Winkelman and puppet Chrisitne Quinn.


Jon Winkleman and Mr. Grease Jonathan Lemire -- Louis Flores' unauthorized bio on Christine Quinn is brilliant and funny just like women critics gay and straight Jonathan Lemire to bust helping Winkleman 2 hatchets for Quinn erased Louis Flores powerful book and women critics.

Mr. Grease this hatchet job Jonathan Lemire also suffered amnesia when it comes to Alan Roskoff and Mr. Rosekoff has no presence on the world wide web and social media hold Quinn accountable.

No one hates Christine Quinn but an enormous amount of New Yorkers are angry at her and will not vote for her.

Jon Lemire and Jon Winkleman mr grease and hatchet men for Chris Quinn and Mike Bloomberg you trying to stick it to 3 gay men back fired.

Mort Zuckerman and Colin Myler may be straight but both men are in bed with Mike Bloomberg and Mrs. Bloomberg Christine Quinn.

Hey Jon Winkleman -- I am guessing you earn a lot more money thank Wayne Kawadler?