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Monday, April 8, 2013

Andrew Cuomo Aided and Abetted Paterson Witness Tampering in Spousal Abuse May "Fire" Shelly

Shelly needed to go but I have to laugh --- what else can I do -- cry?  --- because I voted for Cuomo and he got in and became the Italian Richard Nixon -- a pauper compared to Mike Bloomberg who wants to the rule the media with an iron fist just like Mike Bloomberg --- Cuomo shameless demands the media spin his phony public relations releases.

Cuomo aided and abetted Dave Paterson in walking free just like Steve Rattner and both belong behind bars.

Paterson how ever politely contacted 6 foot 9 Dave Johnson's victim of spousal abuse to attempt to silence her from coming forward --- it is called witness tampering.    The Black Communities gathered to discuss their stance and it was shocking.  They decided to protect Dave Paterson sending a message it is okay to harm Black Women -- what is more important is protecting political power.

The only honest People in Albany all resigned with Dave Paterson and Dave Johnson refused to. Yes Dave put his BF on the tax payer's dole and was finally forced to fire him.  Johnson would plead guilty to spousal abuse much later on but the Black Community leaders who protected them both had zero to say.

It is shocking that Cuomo than appointed Paterson to the MTA board after getting pay back for pulling strings for Paterson and his father Basil -- the only reason Dave has a job anywhere is his daddy's powerful connections.

Cuomo got payback going on Dave's radio show and doing a political hit on Ravi Batra who may have pointed out Cuomo's panel on Vito Lopez's sex predator behavior was bogus.

Cuomo along with Christine Quinn continued to funnel money to Vito Lopez the Boss of Brooklyn -- Charles Hynes dear friend and Lopez rumored to have the goods on everyone --- as in black mail goods --- could run Brooklyn from jail.....

Cuomo got in to office and instead of being a reformer made way too many corrupt political appointments -- appointing Dave Paterson a  corrupt creep guilty of witness tampering and perjury -- to the MTA board -- the same board Mike appointed Mark Page and Patti Harris's husband to to help push through the corrupt MTA SAIC deal?  Sickening...

Wow now Cuomo is going to ouster Shelly?  About time -- Cuomo and Vito Lopez can get together and celebrate.   Christine Quinn invited Dave Paterson and Vito Lopez to her political wedding and she calls herself a feminist!

Judge Judy Kaye  political fixer -- married Quinn -- Judge Judge Kaye helped Cuomo to fix it so Paterson did not go to jail.  Some feminist judge....



"* Is New York Council Speaker Christine Quinn building close ties with Gov. Andrew Cuomo just in time for her 2013 mayoral campaign? One interested observer following the race notes Cuomo’s decision to shun the traditional gaggle of elected officials, and instead march just with Quinn and her new wife in last weekend’s gay pride parade. Quinn, who helped lead efforts to legalize same-sex marriage, has been attempting to strengthen ties with the governor in other ways as well. For example, she has brought on former Cuomo political advisor Jennifer Cunningham to advise her own campaign. And Quinn recently had a fundraiser co-hosted by the wife of Steve Cohen, a former counsel to the governor, where one source told us Cohen had given Quinn a glowing introduction..."