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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vito Lopez Eyeball Pedophile

http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/gropez_even_ogled_child_92Ffmdz39YpbUQ5eAZV3MP  (move over bill clinton and how many men NYC --- ewwwww)

Often in the subway stations and streets --- I see men " the male gaze" power grabs staring in an aggressive way at women that will NEVER give them the times of day.

Most men are losers -- they admire women that do not want them hence paying them to get naked, hence violently beating them, raping them and murdering them, hence the popularity of porn to regain their false ideas and sensations of power but the worst....

visual pedophiles -- eyeballing young girls openly --- and it wants to make you puke....these men are old enough to be their grandfathers or fathers and these girls are underage....

Society does  allow for men to marry women young enough to be their daughters or grand daughters after a certain age and you will find money is the no. 1 reason not the woman's sexual attraction to an old man.

Vito Lopez is the poster boy for eye ball pedophile?

Worse a young woman/ girl in his office -- oh don't forget Bill Clinton and NOW stood by him along with all feminists because they pray at the alter of rich white men, well connected white men.

Reminder Charles Hynes stands by Vito Lopez and praises him.  Charles Hynes Brooklyn DA even had his daughter go work for Greedo Gropez despite in my opinion knowing what a greedy evil crook Lopez is who runs Brooklyn.

Vito and Charles Explain how McCarren Park swimming pool renovations cost 50 million dollars and is not money laundering..... Just wondering?

Reminder Lopez is rumored to have the goods or should I say dirt on everyone as well as openly "runs" brooklyn and that is why Cuomo and Bloomberg where in bed with him and Cuomo and Quinn funneled money to him.... it is why Quinn invited him to her wedding....She is not a feminist.  She invited another predator exploiter silencer of women David Paterson who should also be in jail ....all my humble opinions.