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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube

Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Joe Tacopina 2012

Joe Tacopina 2012 This Joe Tacky-0 Artist Statement was sent by someone Joe Tacopina might say is green with envy just jealous of him so please disregard this scathingly brilliant post that could have been written by me.  May I add I have over 3,500 searches on Joe Tacopina Wife. 

2- Rape cops in jail where they belong!
0- Cases won since rape trial
1- Client who fired him for blabbing this year
2Baby Lisas, so sad

J- Jealous is what we all are
O- Ousted from NY's best lawyer list, OUCH
EEmbarrassing loss in blame the victim one legged millionaire case 

T- Twenty "something" years he says he's been married to his wife
A- Ambulance chasing media whore
CCamel Toe Joe does it snap shut like a flytrap?
O- Other lawyer Westport haters accuse him of sleeping with
PPrince Casaraghi suing him for slander 
I-  Interesting posts from Roma fans about mistress, prostitutes and sex toys.
N- New blog!  
A- Another year of karma pie in 2013!

Note from Suzannah:

Hey Joe maybe I can be a guest star on your reality tv show when you get one!

I hear from my Italian friends your soccer team didn't do so well?

Super sad and offensive Tacopina Seigel used Dr. Essig who gave Baby Lisa to Joel Steinberg with no paper work  and Steinberg beat Baby Lisa to death and I know everyone who writes me is saddened and sends prayers for Baby Lisa hoping she is alive.  Very sad.  So far no news 2012 ends with no news for the 2nd Baby Lisa.

I was offended by Joe Tacopina's arrogance and braggidcio about getting the rape cops off but finally the NYPD rape cops and reminder NYPD rape cop Moreno had heroin in his locker are in jail.  Did Joe change his website no.    Joe the rape cops are in jail! (I made a series of Joe Tacopina parodies dressed as Joe Tacky-0 repeatedly using the words "I got the rape cop off" because we were instructed by king Tacky-0 Joe to never use the words "rape cops" again.

Joe Tacopina Super Lawyer Parodies! - YouTube

ttp://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2012/07/joe-tacopina-predator-decapitates-in. html Go here and find this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3tWI6uBExs ...
2:30Joe Tacopina Super Lawyer Parody 3 Bragging ...Aug 31, 2012
4:12Joe Tacopina Super Lawyer Parody 2 $750 an ...Aug 17, 2012

Reality. I would be happy to never think of Joe Tacopina ever again but if Joe and his pals give me any reason to thanks for sending me what you have and keep sending me info but truly not interested in him anymore now that the rape cops are in jail finally and how horrifying all the NYPD rape cops caught since and how many more NYPD rape cops not caught since?

ps Joe, if you EVER give me reason -- you and your pals, I promise u haven't felt my wrath at all...
happy new year and I did not know u existed pre-rape cops -- never really registered but when you put the NYPD rape cop victim on trial you caught my attention. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfnD4qSg8Qo  Stop the Rapes here in NYC and around the world!
http://youtu.be/NvlwT0neA48  PBA was silent!  DSK rented penthouse!

  Sad to disappoint you but I would be happy to never think about you again but I am prepared to if need be.  I can't keep up let alone referee all the crap sent to me about you and your partners that I haven't posted.

Really flattered you were tipped off I was there and picked me to walk right up and stand next to.
http://youtu.be/MyTsgKUCBZc  Yes folks here is Joe Tacopina and me together in the flesh.
His ears turned red and we were both very angry for different reasons.  I ended up walking away.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dr. Andrew Fagelman NYC Receptionist Uses me as a Human Pinata Menacing Me, Giving Me The Finger, Assaulting me Punching Me in the Eye

16 views away from 2,000 views which is what I want as we end 2012.

Today I put a White Rose up for Sunando Sen outside where he worked all these years,
a good soul, a good heart and truly intelligent and thanks to all of you that are helping me to get what for me is a White Rose and that is 2,000 views of pure evil.

I was a patient and got a cyst removed on my arm two painful injections....nothing I could have done or any patient could have done to warrrant that kind of violence and she takes her time taking off her shoes throwing them as I stood their a human pinata with a numb arm and heavy bags on one shoulder and my Iphone in the other after she had creepily menaced me even muttering to herself as she followed me as I looked for Dr. Vine and than after telling me irrationally she was going to slap the crap out of me she runs at me with a closed fist and punches me in the eye.

She than grabbed my hair like this is something she has done before and she wasn't finished until she tried kicking me in the groin.  She did make contact with my pubis but did not hurt me because I was trying to make distance as you can see even from this video I always tried to back away but when she pushed what I thought was the limit of abusive menacing unacceptable unprofessional behavior -- I asked her to please give me the finger again because she did so violently and so inappropriately -- and read the yelp reviews -- on her the staff and Dr. Fagelman...yes it is clear in my opinion Dr. Fagelman who never apologized and he had to see this video and there is NO justification and look at how the NYPD handled this.

She was not arrested....she broke another law walking in to the precinct filing a false complaint and you wonder why people are murdered -- at least one murder a day in NYC....is that because NYPD let violent people walk every day for what ever the NYPD chooses to as Adrian Schoolcraft's audio recording proves the NYPD make crimes disappear every day -- listen to the the tapes shocking and I lived it.

I have a hole in my retina and had laser surgery so it is healing and I went to get a cyst removed and walked out with bleeding around my eye because I just stood there as she ran at me and punched in the eye with all her force --- than I find out I have a hole in  my retina and I had an MRI the neck day and my damaged neck has bulging and herniated disks so having her punch me and grab my hair and continuously wrench my neck was not a good thing.

I went there to get a cyst removed from my arm and biopsies.   Delita Hooks and Dr. Fagelman were for me in my opinion worse than cancer and their evil and the NYPD -- their behavior so wrong so evil in my opinion although this is my blog and therefore a journal my art all my opinion.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

CIA All In The White House Petraus Lies?

U may have seen my YouTubes and posts -- Jill Kelley dropped on drone on Petraeus' career - she is a Pet killer and I told u porn parodies coming but what about the lies and also Hillary Clinton's role as well as countless others.

Jill Kelley was like an Al Queda operative making The White House, US Military, CIA and FBI look like Dumb and Dumber.

Below an except but most people would rather watch political porn parody.


"On September 14, 2012, then CIA Director David Petraeus testified before Congress on the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. Mission in Libya. In that testimony, Petraeus backed the Obama Administration’s outright lie that the Benghazi attack was the result of violence stemming from a spontaneous protest against an affront to Islam contained in a little known Youtube video. Today, he gave another account.

He testified before the House Intelligence Committee that he was aware almost immediately that it was apparent that the attack on the U.S. Mission resulting in the deaths of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen A. Doherty, both former Navy SEALs, was the result of a terrorist attack. Petraeus further testified that the CIA’s version of events did not match that of the State Department or the White House."

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

NYPD Rape Heroin Cop Jail 2Morrow! Police the Police!


Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Lawyers Heroin Rape Cop Jail Tomorrow!!!!

Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Lawyers Heroin Rape Cop Client Jail Tomorrow!!!!

Suddenly Joe Tacopina has nothing to say!  His heroin rape cop is going to JAIL finally.
Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel acted like Ken Moreno's Mother -- his dear heroin rape cop can't go to jail.  Well he is going tomorrow!  It took long enough!

Note Joe Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel suddenly remove their names and have Joe's underling suddenly be labeled heroin rapist cop's lawyer.

Does Joe Tacopina have to fix his website where he posted bragging rights.
Sure glad he doesn't get any NYPD or PBA favors and fixing. 

I just wonder if he ever did in the past but most likely not I am sure.

  • Last Updated: 2:31 AM, December 19, 2012
  • Posted: 2:31 AM, December 19, 2012
He’s out of appeals — but he’s still trying to stay out of Rikers.
The state’s highest court has declined to hear the appeal of Kenneth Moreno, the disgraced East Village ex-cop tried in last year’s notorious “Rape Cops” case — meaning both he and his former partner are now due to turn themselves in and head to Rikers tomorrow to start serving their official-misconduct sentences.
But Moreno is planning a last-ditch stay-out-of-jail effort by going to federal court, said his lawyer, Stephen Preziosi, adding, “It’s not over.’’
Both Moreno and his ex-partner, Franklin Mata, were acquitted in May 2011 of raping a drunken young fashion executive whom they had been dispatched to help into her East 13th Street apartment.
Mata, who prosecutors said played a more minor role of lookout, has been sentenced 60 days; Moreno to a year.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg No Comment CCRB Closed Public Wants NYPD Monitor


NYPD Rape Cop Moreno Like NYPD Rape Cop Pena Whiners

Ask Mike Bloomberg why NYC is rape central.  Why rape victims often do not come forward?
Rape-trial cop’s jail whine


How many rapes cops have we had over the past few years and how many intimidated and threatened their victims that we don't know about.

3) NYPD Rape Cop Moreno in NY Post Whining he only should serve a month not a year but mean time the year is almost over and no jail at all so far.

Reminder Joe Hell Bound Tacopina bragged he got the rape cops off and his partner
Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel compared the bruise rape victim's vagina to a venus fly trap.
Tacopina Seigel hired Dr. Essig to refuse the Forensic Nurse's findings and The NY Post exposed exposed Dr. Essig handed over
the original Baby Lisa to Joel Steinberg who beat her to death at age 6.

The lousy jurors were either too stupid, too cowardly or misogynists blaming the victim to do the right thing.

The Rape cops belong in jail asap for as long as possible.

Oh here are some comments on the NYPD Rape cops:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg DA Brwon Adrian Schoolcraft No Grand Jury! NYPD Chief Marino would have been...

Deputy Chief Michael Marino would have been indicted along with others. 

Downgrading crime and how about Sgt. Chen and Det Vergona from The First Precinct making a violent crime disappear using a false complaint.  Watch the beginning of a violent assault at Dr. Andrew Fagelman's Medical offices 155 Spring St.  She violently gave me the finger and was so pleased with herself when I was a safe enough distance from her I asked her to please give me the finger again.  When she runs at me punching me in the eye the screen goes black and than she grabbed my hair and kicked me in the groin although barely made contact because I got her down on the ground and as far away as I could with her still violently holding on to my hair.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Judge Victoria Graffeo Let NYPD Rape Cops Avoid Jail over Holidays NYC Rape Central

Mayor Bloomberg Christine Quinn Scott Stringer NYPD Caught Downgrading Rape Any Comment

The good and honest NYPD Det who caught his superiors fixing retired because of corruption he could not be part of.
Listen to this interview of NYPD turning away people reporting crimes including a commanders you can hear them on tape and a Chief NYPD officer google his name and learn how he got in trouble with human growth hormone he was taking and The Queens DA and Internal Affairs let him off for bringing a NYPD Emergency Squad with machine guns to harass, intimidated and illegally in the majority of New Yorkers opinions.

Ask Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn and any one who want to represent The People of New York what they have to say about this tapes.

I called NOW and I haven't heard back from them.

Listen to the stop and frisk orders taped.

Note that I was violently assaulted, first menaced by Delita Hooks, Dr. Fagelman's receptionist office manager and Det Vergona with the blessing of his supervisors at the First Precinct used another crime her false complaint to make me being assaulted go away.

You can hear on tape above how NYPD do this in Precincts in NYC and Internal Affairs seems to be involved in covering it up but Civil Law Suits and enough People complaining to the Feds and Eric Holder and any agency we can to bring attention.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

NYC Mayor Anyone But Christine Quinn Italy Anyone But Berlusconi!!!!


"Meanwhile Mr Berlusconi, the 76-year-old billionaire media magnate, met Mr Alfano and other party leaders at his luxury villa at Arcore outside Milan and was also expected to begin talks with his former coalition partner, the Northern League."

"There have also been suggestions that Mr Berlusconi was re-entering politics to steer attention away from his legal battles.
He is an appealing a recent tax fraud conviction and still fighting charges that he paid for sex with an under age prostitute in the so-called Ruby trial in Milan. He has denied the charges.
Once parliament is dissolved an election must be called between 45 days and 70 days and now means elections are more likely to take place in February. Mr Berlusconi's main opponent is expected to be Pier Luigi Bersani, endorsed as head of the centre-left Democratic party in nationwide primaries."

From Suzannah -- Pier Luigi Besani -- I hope you win.   
Right now I can't even begin to suggest who to vote for for mayor of NYC but I can tell you do not vote for Christine Quinn.  We do not have a Trauma Level 1 Hospital in the West Village with a Rape Crisis Center and if you need more proof she is no feminist she invited Vito Lopez who runs Brooklyn like a mob boss and sexual rewards women who jump through his sex predator hoops, Quinn had Paterson at her wedding and Patereson guilty of witness tampering for Dave Johnson who much later pleading guilty to spousal abuse but at the time THE ONLY HONEST PEOPLE WITH INTEGRITY IN ALBANY RESIGNED.
Paterson kept his 6 foot 9 abuser pal on Albany tax payer pay roll as long as possible the big brutish coward ran when his girl friend called 911.   Cuomo and Judge Judge kaye also at Quinn's political wedding fixed it helping to make sure Paterson did not go to jail including for PERJURY!!!!!!!    Cuomo put Paterson on the MTA board and besides not taking the  subway like the majority of spoiled rotten NY politicians including Quinn Cuomo got some pay back by going on Paterson's WOR radio show to do a political hit on Batra because Batra was exposing JCOPE.

I love Italian food and the countryside so much.  I love NYC so much but both Italy and NY would be better without Berlusconi and Quinn and believe me for New York State and City that is my short list.