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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Judge Victoria Graffeo to NYPD Rape Cops Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Judge Victoria Graffeo Message to NYPD Rapists Rape Away?

The rapist cops East Village 9th Precinct and Moreno had heroin in his locker!!!!!

We know Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel sent a message to corrupt NYPD rapists to rape away and they did!!!!!

Only a handful so far have been caught. How many rapists NYPD have not been caught and why? 

I was threatened by a corrupt NYPD detective who more than insisted I drop the assault charges and I caught me being threatened by perp on video as well as me being assaulted 3 times before I defend myself --and perp who assaulted me  broke another law right in the First Precinct filing a false complaint!

I wrote The FBI and asked what if NYPD are raping victims and threatening them like this corrupt NYPD Det. 

I am  glad The FBI Agent responded but sad to say FBI referred me to Internal Affairs for now.

I am also concerned about favors and fixing for lawyers that get cops off.

Please tell me the NYPD and PBA don't do fixing.

Court of Appeals Judge Victoria Graffeo.
does not take preying on drunk people and using them sexually seriously or making fake 911 calls or stalking someone's apt on duty.

Court of Appeals Judge Victoria Graffeo. sent a message. May I wonder out loud if she hates women?

No wonder NYC is rape central.   No wonder rapes are up and under reported and these evil liars oops lawyers and a judge who let's the devil out on Thansgiving think it is okay as long as it is not their daughter.  These vile men can't imagine it could happen to them.  

If only and in prison. 

Is Court of Appeals Judge Victoria Graffeo message to NYPD heroin rape cop Ken Moreno, Happy Thanksgiving, Rape Away!

FYI: CCRB remains shuttered closed by Huuricane Sandy and that isn't news except for NYPD who have dates awaiting them.