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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Feds Where is 911 Criminal Investigation Sandy More Proof Corruption Failure Bloomberg NYC Gov


Also how much has our 311 system cost plus consultants on 911, 311, CityTime, NYCAPS, FDNY Wireless, NYCWiNS and countless other tech programs where oops NYC gov allowed mega millions to billions in over-rides when a NYC school kid with 4th grade math skills could have told us for free we were being robbed!

The Feds wire tapping John Liu who called for criminal investigation in to CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech System but the Feds not wire tapping the real crooks.

Stay tuned for SAIC being sued by SAIC shareholders -- derivative law suit looks like my blog minus the typos and grammatical errors.

Unlike Preet Bharara SAIC shareholders ARE HOLDING TOP SAIC officials accountable.

Preet Bharara said there would be arrests of NYC Gov officials.

Where are the arrests?

ECTP 911 Tech is a bigger crime than CityTime and so far nothing -- no criminal investigation and as usual for all of the folks that do business with Mike Bloomberg and NYC gov officials under Mike Bloomberg soft landings.

HP 911 scheduled for soft landing -- exit -- no indictments.   CityTime SAIC Jelly Bean -- nick name not arrested.  Joel Bondy not arrested soft landing.     Interesting because according to a comment on a YouTube Gerald Denault never signed one NYC gov contract.

Where was Dept of Investigation on CityTime as shareholders and their lawyers agree with my work this went on before Richard Valcich letter so over billing NYC tax payers was going on since 2003 and how about 911 over billing and where was OPA and DOITT as well as Michael Bloomberg, Mark Page, Patti Harris and her son did not notice anything -- he got a soft landing exit, Bill Thompson's name is on the SAIC CityTime whistle blowing letter.

Only John Liu calls for a criminal investigation and he is wire tapped and for what doing what Rudy Giuliani and how many policians have been rumored to do?  Meanwhile Bloomberg and Quinn used slush money aka tax payer money to push through an illegal third term aiding in tax payers being bilked in billions in corrupt tech contacts and they are not wire tapped!

3 billion or more ?????
Where is criminal Investigaton?