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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bill Clinton White House Sex Predator Bullet Proof Not Petraeus and Kubasik Political Assassinations?


Posted this comment on The Wall Street Journal article:

Timing is everything...just after a presidential election that in my opinion should have been delayed in respect for the Hurricane Sandy victims still in the dark, too many homeless, abandoned by the politicians like Bloomberg who as usual are suppose to represent them on don't -- so we have a Pres election where people couldn't partiicipate due to Hurricane Sandy and than Patraeus and Kubasik both connected to The White House and Pentagon out.

For people obsessed http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2012/11/general-petraeus-lovers-husband-ask.html
Did her husband write the NYTimes?

Anyway who needs speeding bullets to take someone out -- just use a sexual assignation for a political assassination!

Who isn't having an affair in these powerful positions but Bill Clinton the biggest abuser ever in a United States Gov office abused his position with an intern and than lied painting her as a stalker!

Yet Bill Clinton remained bullet proof.

Are you kidding me.  Isn't funny how supposedly women's rights folks leave that out!
Even NOW was blind deaf and dumb to good out Bill's evil which is nothing on these guys.

These guys are going global setting a Guiness World's Record lying and painting the woman as a stalker when in fact Bill Clinton as guilty of abusing his power, sexually preying on a subordinate.  Leading her on and than lying about her but he remains in office.