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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

True News Albany Press Corp Dept. of Fakes

Albany Press Corp: Department of Fakes and Phonies
Albany Press Crop goes after a guy who loves journalism who is try to pay his bills but says not a word about Journalist who take high paying jobs with government like Adam Lisberg. How many ex journalist work as lobbyists.  Can you say George Artz.  Question to the Albany Press Crop Do you think journalist slat or plant stories for pols and lobbyists in the hopes of better paying future high paying jobs.  The Albany press corps wants to expel one of its members who took a part-time job with the legislature. [Azi Paybarh]  Adam Lisberg Leaving City & State to Handle Communications for MTA (NYO)

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From Suzannah:  Adam any comment on Andy Cuomo using Dave Paterson WOR radio show to do a political hit on Ravi Batra (not a saint himself) for exposing JCOPE as a fraud!

Looks like Dave Paterson is paying back Cuomo for Cuomo and Judy Kaye helping to make sure Dave did not go to jail.

Instead people who know Dave can be useful got him useful to their agenda -- jobs with NYU (the evil empire destroy of communities), the corrupt MTA, and more jobs making everyone who employees him look as corrupt and fake as Dave Paterson.

Dave's daddy were connected!

Cuomo is no reformer but a crook as well.   Very dissapointing because I voted for Cuomo and believed in the air brushed pretty back but Cuomo is part of the corrupt misogynist machine.  Cuomo Lopez scandal the latest proof.   Andy protects abusive men like Dave Paterson and Lopez and whom else?

Make sure they are flush with money?  All crooks from Albany to City Hall and the lobbyists all enablers flush as New Yorkers grow poorer and MTA grows crappier, messier lousier service and ditto for NYC with corrupt Mike Bloomberg and mini-me Christine Quinn.
Adam any comment?

Any comment on MTA SAIC corrupt dealings anyone?  Rudy's boys lobbyists.