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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cy Vance Can't Alienate Enough New Yorkers His Press Office Chimes in?


Hi Suzannah,

 The defendant was granted bail by the Appellate Division, pending the appeal of his case.

 You should direct your inquiry on the status of the appeal to that Office. 

In the future, please do not email this address, we field questions from the news media only, and other public information you’re seeking is always available to the public via the clerk’s office at the appropriate courthouse. 
Thank you.

Gee media outlets have been known to get their info from me dear sweet Cy Vance's press office but thanks for the offensive response!

No name very professional huh?  Cy Vance is so classy and so is this email hardee har!

Cy Vance SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!   Your punishment is one term and than bye bye cy and whom ever sent me this piece of crap email you will lose your job along with Cy Vance.  You could have just referred me to the appellate court.

Hey one term Cy Vance,  you will lose if you are stupid enough to try and run again.....and I hear a woman or a minority male is coming in to office for the first time  and I hope they hire people that respect the democratic process which in the 21 century includes bloggers since the media steals our work so often oh and occasionally acknowledges us.

Hey Cy Vance and your now low class press office......Norman Siegel won a legal case against our corrupt mayor and city council speaker abusing blogger 

Blogger Rafael Martínez Alequin 

Michael Bloomberg is the most arrogant mayor I have known. Four years ago, the NYPD, which issue passes to journalists, denied my press credentials on the grounds that I am only a blogger, and for a long time Bloomberg refused to take my questions. I was also barred for a while from the press gallery. But two years ago, I won a legal victory for bloggers and they had to let me back in. Thanks to a federal lawsuit I filed, New York City now recognises bloggers as journalists and they can get press credentials. This is one of the biggest things that I have ever won.  (It was Norman Siegel that won't Raphael!)

FYI:  Cy Vance's Press office had no problem answering my questions pre-this email and I have the emails and phone records to prove it pre-me being an open critics of Vance's.

I had a photograph published in The NY Times A section and the photo is on the world wide web with my name.  Does that take me a step closer, my videos posted on NYDN, my work stolen by all major newspapers like Andy Cuomo sending me emails signed Dave Paterson.  I have to laugh at who in the press I have tutored on CityTime and ECTP!

Now because I am outraged by Cy Vance rolling heroin found in the NYPD rape cop Moreno's locker in to a year as well as standing outside 1 Hogan Place protesting Cy Vance for his handling of NYPD rape cops, lack of prosecution and much more gets me an undemocratic uncool chillly response.

Joe Jazz Hayden says Cy Vance courted him when he was running for office and now is having him tried for a pocket knife on a stop and frisk which along with everything else is bogus.   I believe William Knutsler's Daughter is representing Hayden and word on the street is far more angry actions will be taken against Cy Vance including by politicians if Cy Vance doesn't toss the case.  Cy can't seem to stop pissing over New Yorkers and I am understating it and now his press office as well.

Could it be the chilly response is Cy Vance is as popular as Mike Bloomberg except Cy is called "One Term Cy" and Mike bought three terms.   By the way did Cy Vance work out his campaign debt?


As soon as I get the strength I will return to protesting Cy Vance demanding he resign.

I want to catch him on video and ask him if he going to return Lloyd Constantine's 5 grand donation considering NYPD Rape Cop Mina juror actions led by Constantine regarding the anal and vaginal rape and dear Lloyd, Cy's pal lead a small group who refused to believe the victim was telling the truth...gee was it because Constantine said she could not remember the color of the car when she was being vaginally and anally raped with a gun help up to her face as well?

Well Cy Vance said he didn't remember see Constantine sitting in the jurors box -- the guy he played tennis with and donated 5 grand to Vance's shady campaign?  Let's ask Mark  Guma about Vance' campaign if he has free time since is working on Christine Quinn's.  Do Mark Guma, Christine Quinn and Maura Keaney have unofficial immunity from Cy hardee har?