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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Christine Quinn Naked Court Date CityTime Trial?

Gerald Shargel, Bohner 
pick up where Dennis Vacco left off Haggerty Trial....where oops Mike was er uh, 
CityTime Trial.....
Strip Mike and his mini-me Christine Quinn...
expose their revolving door of corruption which makes your clients
look light weight....well almost....
SAIC has major law suits filed by shareholders holding top officials accountable but not our US Attorney!
No arrests NYC gov officials.

Where is the transparency!  Where is Justice!
Richard Valcich's letter proves this went on before Shargel and Bohrer's clients began working on CityTime aka City Crime destined for the dumpster!

I, Suzannah B. Troy Artist, naked with my "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York, Is Democracy for Sale?" poster because Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn lack transparency, have been blatantly dishonest...in fact they lied about needing Mike Bloomberg for a third term to help us with the economy!
NYC is over 10 percent unemployment and I was told as high as 17 percent.

 Mike Bloomberg, Team Bloomberg, Christine Quinn and her gang including most of City Council rubber stamping Bloomberg NYC gov revolving door of corruption from CityTime to ECTP aka 911 Tech System, 311, NYCAPS $277 million tax payer dollars,  NYCWins, how many did they go over budget and or over billing robbing us including Board of Ed tech dealings and contracts plus Seedco.

See bottom of page for more names of tech contracts I personally think have bilked us....do I need to say in  my opinion on my art blog -- my journal?

SAIC doing damage control even with bail-outs oh, excuse me contracts from NASA who NYC gov happen to hire against some of our wishes on the 911 Tech System aka CityTime 2!

In my opinion more corrupt dealings and incestuous.

Mayor Bloomberg King of Outsourcing  aka screwing City Workers and hurting NYC as the outsourced work appears to us folks as a revolving door of corruption.  The NYDN article below doesn't get in all the mega-millions Mike has spent over the years with Gartner group and other advising us....he even outsourced on tech advise when a 4th grade could have added up we were being robbed.

New York City's private computer army keeps mushrooming under Mayor Bloomberg - and no one has any idea of its exact size.
What we do know is the city's overall contract spending has doubled to more than $10 billion in the last five years - and a huge part of the increase is for technology contracts.
Those computer armies can be found inside every city agency. Its foot soldiers sit at city desks.
They carry city ID cards. They spend all their time - often years - devising and maintaining huge information systems with Orwellian names like NYC WIN, ECTP, ACRIS, NICE, CitiServ.

Meanwhile....Washington Technology pushes out PUFF PIECE on SAIC Acquisition   MaxIT Healthcare Holdings   "NOT DESPERATE" "NEITHER DESPERATION", please , choose your words more wisely. SAIC IS DESPERATE?! 

PUSH DEEPER? Please, if SAIC were anymore DEEP IN TROUBLE the street could not have picked better words. 

"It is neither a desperation move to add revenue nor a push deeper into the trendy health care market. It’s not about diversification as more traditional markets shrink. 

No, it’s actually part of a strategy with roots back to SAIC’s original mission. "

Hey Mike plenty of money to hire more NYPD if you just get back all the money you allowed to be stolen, over billed, wasted etc.

Worst ever in NYC gov history EVER ---
don't I look gay -- very dykie?
Have a hard time passing for straight some times 
I get gay bashed why?

I think so too.

My cat missing an eye.  I adopted her age 10 with severe glaucoma -- level 20 is the highest pressure for humans and cats a warning of trouble and her eye was 80 when I adopted her.
NY Justice Blind deaf dumb.
Remember Cuomo and judge Judy Kaye fixed it so Dave Perjury Paterson who was also guilty of witness tampering had the only honest folk in Albany resign over him protecting Dave Johnson and attempting to silence Dave 6 foot 9, his victim in to silence!
They all celebrated getting away with this at Christine Quinn's political wedding where Judy Kaye political  fixer judge married Quinn and what's her name.

Ask of them starting with Cuomo and Quinn (not a feminist icon) why spousal abuse is up and under reported.

Welcome to corrupt NYC! Albany to City Hall a cess pool.
Watch Dave Paterson lie to me -- he says he suspended Dave Johnson -- yeah how long did it take Dave to suspend him...you should have fired him and you let honest Albany workers resign and you a criminal in my book stayed on and you gave Johnson a soft landing with benefits.