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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube

Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Wikipedia Page Suzannah B. Troy 6 yrs after Misogynist Cyber Vandalism, Censorship via Deletion on a page about Censorship, Bloomberg 3rd term, NYPD Rape Cops Joe Tacopina etc. Wikipedia Agrees to return PDF before Cyber Vandalism and Deletion


Monday, July 30, 2012

Cold Case: Steven Carter was finally sent to prison thanks to his victim's fingernails clippings

He got away with a brutal, strangulation murder for 25 years.
But today, violent Harlem con Steven Carter was finally sent to prison thanks to his victim's fingernails clippings, which languished in evidence storage for a quarter century before being tested last year as part of the Manhattan DA's ongoing cold case DNA efforts.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/man_gets_years_to_life_in_nyc_killing_8runY6vULCWVbkVpTpyt5M#ixzz229EsIS4C

Mayor Bloomberg Christine Quinn Naked Court Date CityTime Trial?

Gerald Shargel, Bohner 
pick up where Dennis Vacco left off Haggerty Trial....where oops Mike was er uh, 
CityTime Trial.....
Strip Mike and his mini-me Christine Quinn...
expose their revolving door of corruption which makes your clients
look light weight....well almost....
SAIC has major law suits filed by shareholders holding top officials accountable but not our US Attorney!
No arrests NYC gov officials.

Where is the transparency!  Where is Justice!
Richard Valcich's letter proves this went on before Shargel and Bohrer's clients began working on CityTime aka City Crime destined for the dumpster!

I, Suzannah B. Troy Artist, naked with my "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York, Is Democracy for Sale?" poster because Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn lack transparency, have been blatantly dishonest...in fact they lied about needing Mike Bloomberg for a third term to help us with the economy!
NYC is over 10 percent unemployment and I was told as high as 17 percent.

 Mike Bloomberg, Team Bloomberg, Christine Quinn and her gang including most of City Council rubber stamping Bloomberg NYC gov revolving door of corruption from CityTime to ECTP aka 911 Tech System, 311, NYCAPS $277 million tax payer dollars,  NYCWins, how many did they go over budget and or over billing robbing us including Board of Ed tech dealings and contracts plus Seedco.

See bottom of page for more names of tech contracts I personally think have bilked us....do I need to say in  my opinion on my art blog -- my journal?

SAIC doing damage control even with bail-outs oh, excuse me contracts from NASA who NYC gov happen to hire against some of our wishes on the 911 Tech System aka CityTime 2!

In my opinion more corrupt dealings and incestuous.

Mayor Bloomberg King of Outsourcing  aka screwing City Workers and hurting NYC as the outsourced work appears to us folks as a revolving door of corruption.  The NYDN article below doesn't get in all the mega-millions Mike has spent over the years with Gartner group and other advising us....he even outsourced on tech advise when a 4th grade could have added up we were being robbed.

New York City's private computer army keeps mushrooming under Mayor Bloomberg - and no one has any idea of its exact size.
What we do know is the city's overall contract spending has doubled to more than $10 billion in the last five years - and a huge part of the increase is for technology contracts.
Those computer armies can be found inside every city agency. Its foot soldiers sit at city desks.
They carry city ID cards. They spend all their time - often years - devising and maintaining huge information systems with Orwellian names like NYC WIN, ECTP, ACRIS, NICE, CitiServ.

Meanwhile....Washington Technology pushes out PUFF PIECE on SAIC Acquisition   MaxIT Healthcare Holdings   "NOT DESPERATE" "NEITHER DESPERATION", please , choose your words more wisely. SAIC IS DESPERATE?! 

PUSH DEEPER? Please, if SAIC were anymore DEEP IN TROUBLE the street could not have picked better words. 

"It is neither a desperation move to add revenue nor a push deeper into the trendy health care market. It’s not about diversification as more traditional markets shrink. 

No, it’s actually part of a strategy with roots back to SAIC’s original mission. "

Hey Mike plenty of money to hire more NYPD if you just get back all the money you allowed to be stolen, over billed, wasted etc.

Worst ever in NYC gov history EVER ---
don't I look gay -- very dykie?
Have a hard time passing for straight some times 
I get gay bashed why?

I think so too.

My cat missing an eye.  I adopted her age 10 with severe glaucoma -- level 20 is the highest pressure for humans and cats a warning of trouble and her eye was 80 when I adopted her.
NY Justice Blind deaf dumb.
Remember Cuomo and judge Judy Kaye fixed it so Dave Perjury Paterson who was also guilty of witness tampering had the only honest folk in Albany resign over him protecting Dave Johnson and attempting to silence Dave 6 foot 9, his victim in to silence!
They all celebrated getting away with this at Christine Quinn's political wedding where Judy Kaye political  fixer judge married Quinn and what's her name.

Ask of them starting with Cuomo and Quinn (not a feminist icon) why spousal abuse is up and under reported.

Welcome to corrupt NYC! Albany to City Hall a cess pool.
Watch Dave Paterson lie to me -- he says he suspended Dave Johnson -- yeah how long did it take Dave to suspend him...you should have fired him and you let honest Albany workers resign and you a criminal in my book stayed on and you gave Johnson a soft landing with benefits.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christine Quinn No Rape Crisis Center 12th St. Vincent's Hospital Rudin Luxury Condos No Sick Days?

. blocked  in 2010 & "big business lobby is counting on her to do it again." 

Quinn is favored to become the first woman mayor of the nation’s largest city in next year’s election. This month, she’s hearing from women who expect her to do the right thing first. Last week, the New York Timesreported on a letter to Quinn headlined by Gloria Steinem, the feminist giant. “I’ve seen women lose their jobs, lose their apartments, and spend two years getting their kids back from foster care—all starting with a sick child,” Steinem told the Times. The letter was signed by 200 other prominent women, from American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten to novelist Jhumpa Lahiri.

Rosie O'Donnell and Quinn pals Tom Hanks and Rob Reiner we do not have a trauma level 1 hospital -- where Rosie just bought a mansion worth of condos we had a rape crisis center and AIDS Care and a real hospital  not a Duane Reade on steroids Bill Rudin is offering as a tax deduction.

Shame on you all.

Christine Quinn not a feminist icon, an ambitious sell-out!

NYPD Deputy Chief Michael Blake Sex Predator Embraced by Nassau PD?

NYPD Officer Veronica Schultz has sued Blake — her married boss and then-captain and commander of the 103 Precinct — after he allegedly made sleazy sexual advances toward her while engaging in simultaneous affairs with numerous other women subordinates.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/queens/sex_cop_new_post_mqnz3Mkb8UpJf230q6wrmK#ixzz21Y0jQgcj

Talk about abuse of power and abuse sexploitation of women.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Does Your Anus Snap Shut like a Fly Trap?

Hey Chad Seigel:  FYI Vaginas Do Not Shut Closed like fly traps.
Imagine if you were anally raped and the lawyer defending your 6 foot 7 rapist asked if you anus snaps shut like a fly trap?

Ditto for Joe Tacopina.

People send me messages about Loredanna and Tacopina.

Will Loredanna and Bernie Kerik write books one day that have a special mention about their unique interactions with Joe Tacopina?

I dislike Tacopina Seigel -- who's forensic expert NYPD Heroin Rape Cop Defender was Dr. Essig of NYU who handed over the original Baby Lisa to Joel Steinberg without paper work.  Leave it to NYU to hire a guy that should have had his licensed taken away in my opinion and faced jail.  

Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel perhaps thought it amusing to compare a bruised rape victim's vagina to a venus fly trap as Chad Seigel did in question form.   Does it snap shut like a venus fly trap.   Classy guys huh.  

There are people that hate Joe Tacopina that make my blog look like a love fest.

Kentucky Judge Protects Sex Predators? Kentucky Hatred of Women?


Jay-Z Duracell Powerless NYC Rape Central

Hey Obama and Michelle: NYC rape central and in my opinion Jay-Z "bitch" misogyny contributed contributes hugely to rapes up and under reported as well as spousal abuse. What do u think? Do u discuss that with Jay-Z. Thought not. Obama has done zero to call for stopping the violence including towards women here in NYC. Jay-Z contribute to rape victims that feel powerless. Jayz should contribute to every form of center and neighborhood suffering from violence because he made his fortune glamourizing and disrespecting women which breeds violence.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Intel NY Daily News Insults Women calling Christine Quinn Feminist Icon!

Christine Quinn had judge judy kaye marrying her and Dave Paterson and Andrew Cuomo at her political business wedding with 200 close friends banking on her being mayor and why does that underscore Christine Quinn as anti-women and anti-feminist.

Judge Judy Kaye and Andrew Cuomo made sure that Dave Paterson did not go to jail for perjury and for silencing a victim of spousal abuse for Dave Johnson 6 foot 9.

Let Dave Johnson wrap his hand around Christine Quinn's neck, Andrew Cuomo's daughter's neck or Judy Kaye's and flee as the police responded and there would have been a very different ending as in jail time for Johnson and Paterson for his role.

The only honest people in Albany resigned.

That alone is proof but how about Quinn allowing St. Vincent's to close and not even blink that the Rape Crisis Center closed and rapes are up and under reported in NYC.

Quinn had nothing to say when Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel on behalf of Tacopina Seigel asked ...Does it snap shut like fly trap?   He was referring to the NYPD rape victim's bruised vagina and a Venus Fly trap.

Quinn has betrayed women and her dirty dealings with Paterson at her wedding explains to me why spousal abuse, rape and violence towards women is up in NYC....because of supposed politicians who sell-out The People and The Women of this great city for greed, stupidity and their ambition.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Protest Today 5:30 Henry Buhl ACE Illegal Planters Evicting Veteran and Artist Vendors 102 Prince Street

Protest Henry Buhl ACE Eviction of Vendors Soho w/Illegal Planters July 14 5:30 102 Prince St.

Every garbage can in Soho says Ace helping the homeless should say Buhl's guilt get out of hell free card or Buhl's the benevolent Prince St. Plantation - Vendors get the F-out!

We will protest Buhl first -- he is 82 and looks like Anthony Hopkins in the Silence of the lambs -- a serial killer of vendors' livelihood and so illegally!
Try doing that if you are not a rich white man in NYC!
Than we move over to The Mercer Hotel!

NY Justice Pedophile Big Crime Little time


on your smart phones are free apps that show you were pedophiles live -- it is shocking.....

for instance by Tompkins Square Park there are houses filled with them....and the park has 3 children's play grounds.

The NYPD has been good about making sure the bushes surrounded the fence are trimmed big time but still it is scary.

Jeffrey Epstein billionaire who lives behind the Fric is listed -- is many out of town homes come up.

Jason Buhn The Justice System and Why Men Get away with Murder

It is sad to reach out to the NYPD and tell them you are scared --  she was lucky the NYPD Sg. heard this.

"While she was at the police station, Bohn called her cellphone, which she placed on speakerphone, the prosecutor said. "A police sergeant heard Bohn say, among other things, that 'this was war,' that he would hunt her down like a dog in the streets, and that he would bash in her skull," the prosecutor said previously."

I guess this NYPD officer will be a good witness to put the misogynist murderer away but imagine a world where you go to the police for help and you are able to get it.

The legal system doesn't seem to protect the innocent but the most criminal.

Maybe Bohn can hire that those scum lawyers Tacopina Seigel and Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Traps Seigel can torture her memory some more?

They can hire Dr. Essing who handed over Baby Lisa with no paper work to Joel Steinberg who beat her to death at age 6.

NYC is a violent city towards women in court out of court and look at how lawyers treat women in court demonizing and blaming the victim and men and the women that support them do out of court.   Look at the medical expert Dr. Essing that Tacopina Seigel hired who has no forensic rape experience -- just experience turning a baby over to a lawyer with NO PAPER WORK who beat her to death.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Joe Tacopina Still Bragging About Getting NYPD Heroin Rape Cop Off!!!

Joe Tacopina clawed his way up humble beginnings impressive if he wasn't such a smug, arrogant rich run of the mill A---- doesn't stand for A lister. Name a criminal lawyer that brags about getting off a corrupt cop like NYPD heroin rape cop Moreno off? Tacopina has no understanding of ethics or he and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel wouldn't have hired Dr Essig. Explain respect for women Joe. Have the sex ed classes for you and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel helped any?

Watch Joe Hell Bound Tacopina walk up to me.


Joe Tacopina Liar? RAY BENDICI informercial for Tacky-0

Note:  I am going to guess that Ray Bendici and his lawyer pal Joe don't believe in the first amendment right just like they don't believe in news reporting but prefer informercials like this hunk o junk Bendici wrote for his friend Joe so I am posting my comment here.


Get out your vomit bags and Joe in my opinion you are a liar. Are your kids even just a little ashamed u bragged about getting NYPD heroin rape cop Moreno off? Interesting Moreno was remanded to Riker's immediately and he is going to jail. You call that a win?  http://www.tacopinalaw.com/   If you want to feel nauseous look at Joe's website bragging about getting a corrupt NYPD heroin rape cop off!  You call putting a sex predator that admitted climbing in to bed with a drunk puking woman young enough to be his daughter practically back out on the street. Funny the article mentions your daughter a win? What is a Moreno preys on her?

Any idea why raped are up and under reported? Perhaps women don't want the Tacopina Seigel Rape treatment in court?   Did NYPD Rape cop Pena feel embolden because Tacopina Seigel sent a message to corrupt cops to 1-800-rape away did they?  The author of this "informercial" not news reporting doesn't ask Joe Tacopina about Chad Venus Fly Trap Siegel comparing a bruised rape victim's genitals to a fly trap or hiring Dr. Essig who handed over Baby Lisa to Joel Steinberg with no paper work who murdered her at age 6.  

That is Joe Tacopina win at all costs any which way he can.  Explain that to your 5 kids who live high off the profits.

By the way -- the article does hit on how you are spread a little thin -- so question how is your search for Baby Lisa going?  How much time are you putting in to find her Joe?

Ray Bendici never even asks you -- is that because it isn't on your top ten list?
Explain to your kids and to your fans Joe how Melissa Grace removed you from a big embarrassing loss in The NY Daily News!


How is that for ethical reporting.

Do Grace and Bendici do their special "reporting" for you because of why...... Joe?  Explain.

Any PBA, NYPD pals you want to explain to us Joe?

How nice was it to not have the press ask you any tough questions about rape which is up and under reported in NYC and also corrupt cops with heroin in their locker like NYPD rape cop moreno being remanded to Rikers and you hell bent on making sure he walks free.

Joe your kids and no one with a brain will buy your pathetic lie or excuse for van der Sloot.  Most people are wondering if he killed others before Natalee.  Don't you feel an ounce of shame at such a pathetic explanation? Thanks for putting that out there.  You aren't that bright a guy if you kid yourself for a minute people buy the bullshit you spew.    When you do win you win  on pure aggression and manipulating juries that don't have a basic understanding or right and wrong as it was in the Moreno NYPD Rape case and than you take them out for a fancy dinner with the NYPD rapist cops because you are a classy guy.

You don't care about Justice and Ethics you care about money, your ego and face time.  Should I say in my opinion you are a face time addict?

Joe people are not jealous of you.   They find you repulsive.  I have already predicted you will try some masterful manipulation to rectify the reality you are despised.

Joe Tacky-0 you are  a slim ball and in my opinion u have little to no ethics. The article is as honest as the photo of you they ran. I saw you this year and you look 20 years older than the photo and hideous like you were your sins on the outside as well as the inside.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NYU Dr. Essig NYPD Rape Cop Defender Baby Lisa

John Sexton of NYU hired "Dave Perjury  Silencer of a Victim of  Spousal Abuse Paterson"  to add to his vile disgusting men that aid and abet predators of women and even a little girl -- as in Dr. Essig handing over Baby Lisa with no paper work to Joel Steinberg who beat her to death age 6.

Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel used Dr. Essig as their medical expert to refute that NYPD Rape Cop Moreno his victim and the medical doctor they chose handed over Baby Lisa -- the original Baby Lisa to Joel Steinberg who beat her to death at age 6!  That was Tacopina’s medical expert -- a real sensitive medical doctor when it comes to women and babies...a very special baby -- Baby Lisa.   I asked in the YouTube to ask your MD’s if they would hand over a baby to anyone - let alone a lawyer without paper work?

"My understanding was that this was the grandmother, [Steinberg] was a lawyer, and that it was legal," Essig said.
Seventeen months after the hand-off, Steinberg would be charged with murder for the bludgeoning death of his six-year-old daughter, Lisa, who was also adopted without court approvals. The baby boy was given back to his birth family
"No, I did not provide him any paperwork," Essig told the prosecutor of delivering the baby boy to Steinberg.
"You just provided the baby?" Balbert snapped. A defense objection was sustained.
"Were you ever charged with anything?" defense lawyer Chad Seigel asked Essig on re-direct testimony, pointing out to jurors that the incident happened 25 years ago.
"No I was not," the doctor answered.
"Ever disciplined?"
"Never," the doctor answered.
Essig had been called by the defense to counter the only rape forensics being offered by prosecutors: a small bruise on the alleged victim's cervix, the location of which a prosecution expert said was consistent with her account of being violated while lying on her stomach.
Essig, who has his own practice in Manhattan and is a adjunct professor at NYU, told jurors that the bruise could have easily been caused by an emergency room examination instrument, or during a manual examination, or be explained away by bacterial or viral conditions. Besides, he testified, the so-called bruise was "tiny, almost microscopic."
"This is a normal cervix," he told jurors, pointing to the prosecution's blown-up version of an exam photograph, displayed on a wide-screen TV.
But Essig also admitted on cross that he had never himself done a sexual assault assessment exam -- the kind performed on the alleged victim after the incident."
Remember Joe Tacopina was defending van der Sloot and van der Sloot went out and killed another young woman?

van der Sloot contacted Natalee's Mom and offered to give her information on Natalee's body?

Tacopina and Seigel's strategy in the NYPD rape cop trial was to compare the Rape Victim's genitals and all women's genitals to a Venus Fly Trap.    Chad Seigel from Tacopina Seigel working with Joe Tacopina defending NYPD Rape Cop Moreno compares women's genitals to a fly trap in question form.

I filed a grievance with the Supreme Court suggesting this was a hate crime.
Why can't I express my opinions about a bully like Joe Tacopina who in my opinion is a bully in and out of court without having my YouTube removed and how laughable for allegedly bully.

The Supreme Court committee agreed with Judge Greg Carro that Seigel's comment was rude as I recall.

Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel put NYPD Rape Cop Ken Moreno's Victim on trial.

Read the NYPD rape victim's own words at her treatment by Joe Tacopina in court.

The NY Post Reports Joe Tacopina Fired Client Kris Humphries ex.

Let's clear up the confusion.  The link I was sent implied it was the other way around and Joe Tacopina's services were no longer needed!

Thanks Joe Tacky-O for clearing up the confusion.

Joe fired a client for lying to him?  Does that include murders and rapists as well?

Hey Joe did NYPD rape heroin cop Moreno lie to you about anything? Joe the NY post didn't report Tacopina Seigel strategy to compare a bruised rape victims genitals to a venus fly trap but glad the NY post did expose u using Dr. Essing with no forensic rape experience Essig handed over Baby Lisa to Joel Steinberg who beat her to death age 6 with no paper work. How do you live with yourself joe?

So Joe Hell  Bound Tacopina does this leave you more time to look for Baby Lisa?

Where is Baby Lisa?
Hey Joe -- Odd how my YouTube about you and 2 Baby Lisas and Misoygny was illegally removed a couple of days ago.
Other issues that are confusing.....  Reports Tacopina slept with a client's wife.....?
Joe Tacopina did not sleep with a client's wife way back when....!
Who would even think that?

Gee odd how I was falsely accused of violating community guidelines and my YouTube removed Joe!
Google YouTube returned my work to me and admitted I had not violated community guidelines!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Letter to Google on Suzannah B. Troy's YouTube Wrongly Removed


Letter to Google on Behalf of Suzannah B. Troy on Wrongful Censorship!

Dear Blogger Readers:
Scary tired and I wish I had been asleep already but I wanted to share this letter from a true champion of mine.   Thanks and gratitude for all those that spoke up for me today.

I just remove names because you don't need them.

July 9, 2012

Dear Sir or Madam:

This is to urge you to reinstate You Tube privileges to Ms. Suzannah B Troy.  She is a passionate, indefatigable artist and citizen journalist working diligently to alert citizens of New York City to incompetence, questionable ethics, and blatant corruption occurring at various levels of city government all the way up to the top.  I am sure she believes that the cheating, stealing, and lying will continue until the system finally collapses, or until the people finally wake up, take responsibility for their government, and demand meaningful reform

She is also a champion for the poor and downtrodden.  Her recent You Tube presentations highlighting the case of Giuseppe Logan were heartwarming and earned prominent coverage in the New York Times.   She must have been the kind of citizen Samuel Adams was thinking about when he said, "...It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds...” 

As far as charging her with bullying, I would have to respectfully disagree.  To cite an instance of bullying, recall one of the most infamous examples was the bullying of Brooksley Born and the silencing of her warning as chairman of the CFTC by Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, and Larry Summers.  I am sure this needs no explanation.   I will very much appreciate your consideration for reversal of bullying charges against Ms. Troy and complete reinstatement of her You Tube library of work.    

Monday, July 9, 2012

Google YouTube Letter for Suzannah Troy and I LOVE U if You fought for me today!!!!!!

To sort of quote the great Joane Rivers (fyi I really love her), "I too am sick of people not saying what they think", WTF. Suzannah B. Troy is an artist, an activist she parodies the obvious of corporate & government corruption and is  often right more than not.

FYI she has close to 500,000 you tube views, that is news in itself. She says what  many of us  think about sex, money and greed politics, even if in excess.  

If you tube and google succumb to the mediocrity of don't ask don't tell media, shame. I bet there's a good reason Joane River's  ass has been fired mutliple times, but she sticks to her guns and so does Sue Troy. I bet there are ample enemies of Joan wishing the bitch was dead. (please a paradoy, don't call security). Sue needs to live, we need the art and  freedom of speech. There is SO  MUCH  REAL porn on the internet,  but you find the time to delete Sue's you tube as if you know best. Put it back.

Thanks for this email to YouTube and Google.    My YouTube has now been restored otherwise Google YouTube would have been pure evil -- rape away be silence be afraid would have been their message don't speak up....
see all the posts form today on this....

I am so tired....

keep looking on my blog for today and huge hugs and love to everyone that fought for me today.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have some distressing health issues and I need rest.