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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sal Strazzullo Joe Tacopina Misogynist Lawyers?


Just wondering out loud...Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Sal Strazzulo Attorneys Misoygnist Tacky Guys?  Sal, I don’t want to take back anything but I just wonder about you?

Talk about corruption .hell no let's not! Sal, Joel Steinberg took 4 years to beat Baby Lisa to death. Read below about your pal Hell Bound Tacopina. .. in this case Joe Tacky-O is working alongside Tacky Strazzull-0?

Come on don’t call Sal Strazzulo Tacky Strazzull-0!  Are you tacky Sal Strazzullo -- are you and Joe two peas in a rotten pod?  Hardee har.

In the one legged millionaire case, Strazzullo's client is suing Joe Tacopina's client?  Two arrogant women hating pigs -- hey don't insult pigs -- they r cute and sweet , Joe Sal 00 w--orking together betraying their clients?  I don’t know!  You tell me!   NYC Misogynist City where rapists walk!   Let’s ask Strazzull-0 and Tacopina-0 if they have any insights on why Joe Tacopina’s NYPD heroin rape cop walked!  Almost seemed like the fix was in....hmmmmm.   Funny they found everyone's DNA but the two rape cops who admitted being in her bed and on her couch!  Not even a hair?  

Hey Strazzull-0 what do you think about Joe Hell Bound Tacopina hiring Dr. Essing who gave Baby Lisa to Joel Steinberg with NO PAPER WORK --- that is Joe Tacopina hell bound Joe’s medical expert that refuted evidence that NYPD Rape heroin cop Moreno didn’t rape his victim -- yeah right!   Just like the heroin hidden in his locker at the 9th Precinct wasn’t his or he forgot to log it in -- some bull I can’t remember.

Strazzullo what do you think about comparing a rape victim’s vagina to a venus fly trap?
Did Joe Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap have a good laugh about that.   Judge Greg Carro did not think it ws funny.  Do you think it is misogynist to do so?  If not that makes you a misogynist!  Yes or no?

Sa; Strazzullo do you think even more women will not come forward because of the way Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel treated the NYPD rape victim in court?

You know rapes are up in NYC and under reported.

Kind of ironic that Tacky O's lawyer Jean-Marie Altamian sent a similar letter to Len Leavitt. http://nypdconfidential.com/columns/2008/080609.html 

Nice Joe Hell Bound Tacopina has friends....in the media, PBA and NYPD??????

Just how far will Joe’s friends go?

ps. Sal -- I would not team up with Joe Tacopina if he was the last guy on the planet.