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Monday, June 18, 2012

Joe Tacopina Haters Love Fifty Shades of Grey

I get all kind of communications from People and I had a request to contrast the fictional characters from Fifty Shades of Grey to the real life horror show that is Joe Tacopina.

Joe Tacky-0 has to price tag everything but the fictional 27 year old self made billionaire does not stoop so low but the special request I got was about Roma football fans that hate Joe Tacky-0 and the nasty comments posted about mistresses and sex toy which of course are not true but just haters although how could anyone hate Joe Tacky-0?

Just Christian uses sex toys...ehem -- who doesn’t these days hardee har but do you really want to think about Joe Tacopina, mistresses, sex toys or sex for that matter....the thought is more unattractive than doing your best to not imagine your parents ever having sex....ugh.

Christian Mr. Fifty would like the tying them up part a lot. See below 2 lawyers tied up.

Maybe I have to get cracking on a super sexy fiction book rated xxx with a special chapter on 2 lawyers based on these scum bags that get their karma pie? See below how I imagine them a little tied up.

If was a best seller and I got millions for a movie deal with control over casting and editor’s cut it would be so worth it.

50 Shades of Grey has page after page of sex galore so no imagining is required.

Huge fan base love the book and hate Joe Tacopina.

How quaint.

FYI  Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel gave me a look that if looks could kill I would be dead after Judge Greg Carro sentenced NYPD Rape Heroin Cop Moreno to jail immediately remanded to Rikers.

I was told by someone that Joe Tacopina is the kind of guy that would hire someone (a retired cop?) to murder me and throw me in  a swamp.

Sounds like his clients Van Der Sloot and how could Imette St. Guillen’s Mom have hired Joe Tacopina who I hear would have me thrown away like garbage just like Imette's murderer but oh yeah supposedly all I hear about Joe Tacopina isn’t true. I am sure Joe would say not true. it. Except Joe self proclaimed predator in court. Joe does that mean raping rape victims in court?

Would Joe Tacky-0 risk debarrment to silence a critic?  No even Tacky-0 knows he could end up like Bernie Kerik, his ex-good friend, ex-biz partner and ex-client who gave him wonderful gifts.

Funny someone or some folks are searching info on Tacopina and Debarrment.... hmmmm

Seigel on Tacopina Seigel stationary threatened me with a lawsuit if I didn’t remove my grievance.

I did not and threatened them with a far bigger law suit and gave them a list of folks I would call including Bernie Kerik.   I never have heard from Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel.

Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel and Joe Hell Bound Tacopina put the rape vicitm on trial and raped her again in court.

I do not know how any Mom of any female victim could ever hire these misogynist vile scum to represent them.

They compared the brusied rape victim’s vagina to a venus fly trap and probably laughed really hard dreaming up the hate crime against women  for court.

Imagine what Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey would do to Tacopina Seigel -- the kind of behind the scenes actions he would take to these the vile misogynists a lesson about how not to treat women in court way better than my suggestion to tie them to a chair and make them watch “Teeth” over and over.

ps Bernie Kerik when you get out of jail or even from jail - I hear you are quite the email -- if you new lawyer sez okay send me something for my blog about Joe Tacky-0 or are you going to write book 2 and include a chapter on Tacpoina?  Just curious.


Joe Tacky-0 and Chad Venus Fly Trap did not know that a bruised woman’s vagina raped by an NYPD heroin Rape Cop does not snap closed like a Venus Fly Trap or any woman’s vagina for that matter....

these excuses for men do not know much about the female anatomy.

Why do women love the fictional character in Fifty Shades Christian?  Because he knows a lot about the female anatomy kink aside.