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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tacopina Seigel and all NY Defense Attorneys Don't Rape Rape Victims in Court!

All feminists, men that love us -- take action -- make slime buckets from hell defense attorneys that demonize rape victims think twice before they put rape victims on trial or compare our genitals to Venus Fly Traps the way Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel did on behalf of Tacopina Seigel NYPD Heroin Rape Cop Moreno trial.  Joe got the heroin hidden in the lying cop's locker thrown out.

Could you imagine if feminists had postured Chad Venus Fly Traps neighborhood and Tacopina's the way they did NYPD heroin Rape Cop Morenos?

Rapes are up and under reported.....

I heard tale of a rich man that raped a young woman and paid for her silence.  Her rape if true is a rape like so many that won't show up in the NYPD precincts because RAPES ARE Up and under reported!

I worked on this poem with a partner who despise smug arrogant Joe Tacopina.

Joe Tacky-0 Tacopina 
has a message 1800 rape away!

Say hey corrupt cops Rape Away -- hide some heroin in your locker
I got you covered.  9th Precinct Ken Moreno rape cop had 2 packets of heroin hidden in his locker!

Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel and Tacopina 
think bruised rape victims vaginas or anyone women's 
snap shut?

Tacopina wants a reality show.  
He dresses like a mobster 
but wishes he was Snooky!
 Van der Sloot murdered Natalee and while
Joe Tacopina was enjoying International face time
van der Sloot murdered Stephany!

Did Tacopina have a  moment of remorse or was he
just enjoying for more FACE time courtesy of dead young women?

Thank goodness he never got the change to go to court and blame them for their deaths.

No chance for Natalee and Stephany to have a wonderful life

Camel toe Joe
Does it snap shut like a Venus fly trap?
If the press would ask him that I would clap
But when he loses a case they save his face
Isn't that true Melissa grace?

not true Joe is not a liar he is a lawyer -- they sound similar ....

Could he have slept with melanie  mguire?
According toTacopina AS Roma soccer fans, no way
He has a MISTRESS in Italy they say,

Joe who had packed on some serious pounds, Maybe he has a very active sex life, 
maybe he doesn't since he and his partner wonder if raped victims
vaginas snap shut like fly traps!

Because a client  allegedly accused him of cheating with his wife
Joe would say not true he has a wonderful life
But i wouldn't want to be his wife
And ratting on your clients can get pretty tricky
Joe says he doesn't rat
but where are his mafia clients these days?

Wouldn't you know Joe Tacopina WIKI?

Joe wants high profile cases for face time
he is very picky.

We know Joe enjoys his face time.....
By the way Joe Tacopina where is Baby Lisa?

See photos by Kobi of me honoring women who were not only raped but also murdered NYC and thrown away like garbage.

Tacopina Seigel did not get a chance to blame them and demonize them!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Joe Tacopina Hated Defense Attorney Especially By Women

Here are some popular Joe Tacopina posts.
This link from Misogynist NYC has close to 1,000 direct reads and that gives me a little bit of solace.  I urge women and the men that love us to take action when defense attorneys put the rape victim on trial and Tacopina Seigel compared her genitals to a venus fly trap.

http://eastvillageeasteastvillage.blogspot.com/2011/06/photos-by-kobi-suzannah-b-troy-rape.html  I stand with a group protesting holding my Tacopina Seigel protest art.

I hate Tacopina Seigel and I hope they both give up law before they are disbarred -- oh silly me that would never happen.  Tacopina Seigel move to Italy to manage a professional soccer team.  Italian fans know how to deal with Joe Tacopina.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Joe Tacopina Stands Next to me Same Day NYPD Pena Admits Guilt Anal Vaginal Rape

Of all the People the most hated lawyer in NYC, Joe Hell Bound Tacopina just happens to stand next to -- me  ----- at Roxi's memorial event -- that I had posted and written Tacopina won't be there.....

gee what a coincidence and NYPD Rape Cop just happen to be admitting that yes he indeed did rape the petite School Teacher anally and vaginally.

Talk about timing....  Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel -- where are rapes up in NYC and under-reported...?


Victims don't want the Tacopina Seigel rape treatment in court.  

They make me puke.  I wish all the defense attorneys male and female that demonize rape victims get a taste of their own treatment.

Young feminists should follow me lead.

By the way too bad NYPD Heroin Rape Cop didn't admit his guilt.
NYPD rape cop Moreno should have called an ambulance but used this beautiful young woman as a blow up doll and that is okay as long as it isn't Joe Tacopina or Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel's daughter.

Lloyd Constantine Book Signing Ask Him About Pena Admitting RAPE!!!!!!!

Visit his webpage but have a vomit page ready.

If you see Lloyd Constantine on his book store ask him the NYPD Rape cop Pena trial and if Cy Vance is going to return his 5 grand.

As Lloyd Constantine about the possibility of disbarment anytime soon?

Lloyd Constantine is disgusting.  Don't buy his book!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Joe Tacopina’s Guy George Vomvolakis Tacopina Seigel Following Me on Twitter Creepy?

George Vomvolakis   --  Whoa.....I just found GV on Tacopina’s Website of Attorneys and the guy has been following on twitter for how long and his website on twitter no mention of Tacopina Law firm..

 Told you Joe walking up -- right up to me a set-up  

Well what do you know -- Joe Tacopina and George Vomvolakis have the very same address on the same floor but when I was protesting Joe’s law offices outside George was not listed on Joe’s website so when did that happen?  Hmmm and than George starts following my blog!  

Joe Tacopina -- how flattering you have your lawyers and staff follow me or just George?  Hardee har
Take a good look at this page.....

Google George and you don’t come up with Tacopina Seigel....hmmmmm 
I read he is a fan of Howard Stern....but when did he make the leap to Tacopina website?

Howard Stern and the backside boys crooning to "the gay way"

https://twitter.com/#!/criminallawny I tweeted George I have blocked you and outed you.

Let’s look at Joe Tacopina’s guy’s tweet and remember Joe is quite the dresser.....sharp sharp dresser...

The retail chain paying MTV's "Situation" NOT to wear its clothes " grow up, Michael!"you gotta love A & F

His photo looks some how improved on Tacopina’s website...

joe loves deep thinkers and fashion conscious men for sure....

I have another interesting story about George following me on twitter but share that with you later...maybe it was a coincidence?    Makes me wonder....hmmmm.

I just blocked George Vomvolakis because he doesn’t mention anywhere on his twitter and website he a lawyer working for Tacopina Seigel.   https://support.twitter.com/entries/117063

I feel like I am being stalked by Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and now that I blocked Vomvolakis who will Joe have follow me next or are they with some other account....

How pathetic.  I told you Joe a small man.
Funny GV joined 2005 but wasn’t on Joe’s website when I last looked so when and why did he post him up there...glad he did.  I blocked George and I don’t want to be followed by Tacopina’s staff...interesting huh?

From Tacopina website:

"George Vomvolakis joined the Law Offices of Joseph Tacopina, P.C in 2005. He graduated from New York University and earned his juris doctorate in 1999 from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.
In that same year, Mr. Vomvolakis was appointed by Robert Morgenthau to the New York County District Attorney’s Office, where he spent six years as a criminal prosecutor. Mr. Vomvolakis prosecuted numerous felony cases, including homicides and other violent offenses, as well as narcotics, vehicular, domestic-relations and forgery offenses. He was also involved in specialized prosecution of various white-collar offenses including credit card fraud, money laundering offenses, employee theft, welfare fraud, prescription drug fraud and bribery.
Using his criminal litigation experience, Mr. Vomvolakis participated in the training and further education of law school, college and high school students by judging mock trial competitions and serving as a mock trial advisor. He was also involved in the instruction of first-year prosecutors in the New York County District Attorney’s Office. Mr. Vomvolakis is a member of the New York State and Federal bars."

Joe you make me puke -- why don’t you just follow me 
on your own twitter account?

Posted on GV facebook:

Where you following my on twitter or stalking me for Tacopina? Do not follow me. I blocked you.

Joe Tacopina Camel Toe Joe or Horse’s Ass?

Joe doesn’t have his make-up artist with him and what ever he was doing to stay trim he ain’t doing anymore.  Believe me this photo flatters the bastard.   He is a super manipulator and go to very bottom of this post to see what I predict is next for Joe Hell Bound Tacopina..mr manipulation.

Is that a macho dominating stance or is he hugging it out with his inner devil?
He sure is not dressed for mourning but for face time?
Was that his Italian soccer team pin he was wearing?

The Women Dead Murdered Rape Club want to know Joe how you could have hired Dr. Essing who handed over Baby Lisa with no paper work to Joel Steinberg and Steinberg beat baby to death at age 6 -- how could you have hired Dr. Essig to be you medical expert refuting a forensic nurse’s testimony the NYPD Rape Victim was in fact raped.

Joe how could you and Chad Seigel Tacopina Seigel compared a bruised rape victim’s vagina -- all women’s vagina’s to a venus fly trap...a hate crime in court.
Judge Greg Carro did not approve.

The NYPD heroin rape cop victim not much older than Roxi and beautiful too.

Joe was very, very  cruel to her in court....
Joe Tacopina Camel Toe
                 Joe that looks like a camel toe to me -- does it snap shut like a venus fly trap?
                         Joe can you understand why so many women hate you?

Joe Tacopina you have no respect for women.... http://misogynistnyc.blogspot.com/2012/01/melissa-grace-erases-joe-tacopina-from.html  Thank goodness the jury didn’t believe your blame the victim strategy in the one leg millionaire abuse case where Joe you lost!!!!!!!   I do not care what a women does for a living you don’t get to gash up her face or rape and murder her and than blame her in court.

If only Joe Tacopina could be treated for even just one day the way he treats women in court blaming them, trashing themand defending the low scum like van Der Sloot who goes out and murders yet another young woman Stephany Flores so that makes Natalee Holloway and Stephany but for Joe it was about international face time.

A rap poem Camel Toe Joe not written by me.

There once was a guy from Brooklyn named Camel Toe Joe who went to ITALY and got him self a hoe.  (This is not true of course --  He got a soccer team not a hoe -- just a rap poem about a misogynist lawyer that has no respect for women and uses them any way he can for face time. Not written by me.) 

 He's a predator of woman (not true Joe is a predator in court according to the YouTube he posted to try and get a reality law tv show-- his victims in court are often women so he in fact a predator of women in court only of course) and rats out all that he knows that's Camel Toe Joe.  (Joe claim’s he hasn’t ratted out anyone but I guess the Mafia don’t believe him?)

Joe's a big time liar liar oops wrong not liar, lawyer that defends true criminals, especially ones that harm woman 

 Poor poor Camel Toe Joe he just can't see how hated he is because the media keeps lying to him about how great he is.... he just can't stop pretending he cares, 

 where is baby Lisa,?  (In Joe’s defense -- he is spread awfully thin.  You can see that.)

 Why did Chris Humphries girlfriend get such a bad rap? (I beg your pardon)  Why is poor Van der sloot going to jail he only killed two woman?  (That we know of.)  (

Remember how Joe Tacky-0 defended van Der Sloot  but look out Chris Humphries Joe gonna treat you like your prey and Joe’s a predator!  Joe’s gonna treat you like a woman who’s been raped get ready.)

Last  but not least why are Bernie Kerik and  Raffalio Follieri in jail.   Camel Toe Joe's  media appearances weren't enough to set you all free. (Joe would disagree -- Joe did not rat anyone out and Joe Tacopina is  Saint Joe except when it comes to women that have been murdered, raped and beaten and he is the defense attorney.)

 Boo Hoo Camel Toe Joe!!!  (Come on Men can’t have camel toes and men can’t be demeaned the way men demean women every day in the streets and even in New York courts Tacopina Seigel style!  Camel Toe Joe boo hooing because he lost cases and NYPD Heroin Rape Cop is going to jail boo hoo)

Come now that rap poem is so inappropriate -- go watch Joe Tacopina’s Natalee Holloway YouTube interviews...take a look.  He will make you sick - it is even worse knowing van der Sloot was gearing up again to murder and he may have gotten away with murder pre-Natalee thanks to dad’s powerful connections?

I can’t tell you how heavy Joe is right now -- he looks AWFUL and that buttoning up the jacket and arms folded effectively covered up the train wreck.


Expect some very sad sob story -- poor Joe it is what Barry Sheck did after the OJ Trial.


Lisbeth Salander the fictional character would do marvels with Joe Tacopina.


ps  Joe Hell Bound Tacopina looked hideous in real person....just awful in my artistic opinion.

not my image -- from this blog -- Joe has his haters...the Joe Tacopina Hate club?

NYDN NYPD Rape Cops How Low Can You Go Joe Tacopina Lower!

Lower than low?  How about Lloyd Constantine an educated man that lead a group of even dumber jurors in refusing to believe the school teacher was telling the TRUTH -- they essentially called her a liar.   Cy Vance sat in the front row and he didn’t recognize Constantine who gave him 5 grand for his challenged campaign -- such a mess Cy had to do fund raisers and he himself came close to breaking campaign laws trying to pay back debt.

Mark Guma now Christine Quinn’s campaign manager actually forgave some debt Cy Vance was owed -- was that counted as a donation?

Melissa Grace of the NYDN protects Joe Tacopina along with editors who allowed Tacopina to be removed and the photo editors cut him out of the photo of hims sitting next to the one legged milliionaire who hurt a woman and joe blamed the woman and disparged her and lost....NYDN has no journalistic integrity and cuts Joe out of the picture literally and from the embarrassing loss ---

Joe Hell Bound Tacopina sent a message to all corrupt cops to rape away.  Ken Moreno had heroin in his locker and raped the drunk woman taking advantage of her repeatedly climbing in to her bed and Joe crowed about getting him off although Judge Greg Carro had Moreno remanded to Rikers immediately.

Joe Tacopina and chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel’s strategy was to compare the rape victim and all women’s genitals to a venus fly trap -- that poor cop was lured like a fly by this drunk woman’s beauty and she is responsible for destroying him not to mention the visual misogynist analogy.

Disgusting.   Tacopina sent a message to rape victims -- do not come forward you will be raped again in court.

http://youtu.be/MyTsgKUCBZc  Watch me confront Joe Tacopina as he uses yet another dead young woman to get his fix of media attention.

Ken Moreno was the poster boy for Michael Pena and Pena’s victim cried and cried because she was raped again.

How low can you go?  Stupid cowardly jurors who believe lying men over honest women along with the NYDN protecting Joe Tacopina and why --?  You want inside info on baby Lisa?  Joe is spread to thin trying to get his next media fix -- interesting he has not actually helped Baby Lisa to be found and how he is representing her parents  He sure got a lot of face time.

Why did you cut Joe out of the big embarrassing loss NYDN?

You photo editor, the editors of NYDN, Mort Zuckerman and Melissa grace in my opinion can go very low.

Welcome to misogynist NYC with female club members where misogynists will try silencing women, raping them and murdering them and blaming women as well for just about everything.

Folks any ideas on why Mort Zuckerman and Colin Myler who should be in England with defense attorneys fighting to not go to jail in Murdoch hacking scandal are making it impossible to sign in and comment under my real name?

Why have they locked me out and today it was a miracle and 10 minutes of fighting to get in some how I finally did get in to post this comment....why?  What is Mort afraid of and why would he hire Colin Myler, Murdoch’s guy to run what was once the People’s paper?  Now it looks like a bad copy of NY Post especially from smart phones where the improved NYDN site makes comments from readers unavailable?

Misogynist Joe Tacopina Where is Baby Lisa?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyTsgKUCBZc&sns=em Joe uses women -- he does not respect them. He seemed to enjoy putting NYPD Heroin Rape Cop
Moreno on trial and raping her again in court. Tacopina Seigel strategy -- comparing the bruised victim's vagina to a Venus Fly Trap. Not even Howard Stern would do that. Tacopina is using the death of yet another young woman for face time. Remember how busy Joe Tacopina was like a coke addict at a Hollywood party with trays of coke Tacopina couldn't get enough because he is a media whore. Tacopina could care less that van Der Sloot raped, murdered and threw Natalee away like garbage and while Joe getting his fix of media attention ban der Sloot murders another young girl. Rapes are up in NYC and under reported. I blame Joe hell bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel in part for their vile disgusting rape the rape victim in court. Tacopina crowed about getting the corrupt heroin rape cop off even though Judge Greg Carro had Rape Cop Moreno remanded to Rikers immediately!!!! Joe lives and breathes by his gigantic ego and G-d will punish him truly ego and all. The punishment has begun because Joe is an unusually vain man and he looks so over weight and his face and hair look worse than Gene Simmons post/ face lift -- another words Joe is wearing his sins on the outside.

By the way Joe -- spreading yourself too thin? Where is Baby Lisa?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Michael Pena and Skank Jurors Called Rape Victim School Teacher a LIAR!!!

In some many words the dumb jurors of NYC called Michael Pena’s rape victim a liar.

Why wasn’t her word good enough.  There was sperm and eye witnesses that say his junk hanging out.

Why in so many words and their actions -- essentially called her out as a liar?

Why couldn’t they convict him of rape.  Well now he comes clean.

She was raped anally and vaginally and Lloyd Constantine who in my opinion should be disbarred lead the a small group of creatures posing as human -- and they are a dime a dozen on jurors letting violent men who hurt women go free....

this time we had a rare turn around -- after essentially calling her a liar -- and stupid jurors believe a cop who held a gun to her face, had his penis out -- seen by witness, sperm refused to believe the honest brave rape victim when she told the truth.

Michael Pena in some small way may have a chance at redemption.

I cannot stay the same for Ken Moreno NYPD heroin rape cop from the 9th precinct that Joe hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel crowed about getting off although Judge Greg Carro had Moreno remanded to Rikers immediately for lesser charges the dump amoral jurors did allow.

Why do dumb jurors believe lying men over women who have been raped?  Why?

Well this rare time Michael Pena who made his victim suffer again -- she sobbed when the jurors -- the dumb jurors did not believe her....She said out loud it hurt and she cried....she is now vindicated and Pena showed the world that dumb jurors believe lying violent men over their victim’s in this case a school teacher.

Michael Pena Corrupt NYPD Rapist Takes A Cue from Joe Tacopina?

http://youtu.be/MyTsgKUCBZc  Watch this -- I confront Joe Tacopina -- remember he and his partner compared NYPD Ken Moreno heroin rape cop’s victim’s private parts to a venus fly trap?  There medical specialist they called in Dr. Essig who handed over baby lisa to Joe Steinberg without papers and Steinberg beat her to death.  Joe hell Bound tacopina crowed that he got moreno off and it was a message to corrupt cops to rape away.

Pena let her be raped again in court -- she cried and that vile creep pal of Cy Vance’s Lloyd Constantine said she couldn’t have been raped because she didn’t remember a color of a car when he was holding a gun to her face and raping her back and front.  Shame on those jurors lead by Constantine and shame on Tacopina Seigel.

Now Tacopina is using Roxi Sorina’s death like a get out of hell free card.   Watch the video -- he comes right up to me -- I am at least 5 foot 8 in shoes and 150 pounds hard to miss and he and his staff watch my tubes and read my blog 

I wish to G-d Joe Tacopina, Chad Seigel and Lloyd Constantie disbarred!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Joe Tacopina Vaginas Don’t Snap Shut like Fly Trap Post front Page!

Wow this post front page on Google Search for Joe Tacopina.

I can’t help but think that Joe uses the same firm to push down critics that  Bloomberg and Christine Quinn use!

Took a quick screen shot.....front page -- oh dear!   Just a little Justice in this misogynist world.

Governor Andrew Cuomo gets an F From Suzannah B. Troy

NYDN Censorship 3 07:37 AM
Jun 20, 2012
Shame on Andrew Cuomo -- you get an F from me. I voted for you and I will never again for your appointment of Dave Perjury Paterson to the MTA. You have done a series of very uncool appointments that show you are not a reformer but this takes the cake. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fPuhfFMipQ You had judge Judy kaye a political fixer fix it so Paterson above the law but shame on you for appointing him to MTA as well because he silenced a victim of spousal abuse. It is okay as long as it’s not Andy Cuomo’s daughters that 6 foot 9 Dave Johnson puts his hands on and roughed up. Ditto for every black leader that said he should stay in office. Ditto for john sexton who has a daughter. It is okay John SExton as long as it isn’t your daughter. Ditto for WOR where I stand outside and confront Dave Paterson who I almost did not see but he was so needy for attention he made sure I saw him.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/andrew-cuomo-pretty-good-plan-teacher-report-cards-article-1.1098837#ixzz1yKgT9oHA

Note:   Andy’s special pal corrupt Judge Judy Kaye political fixer besides keeping Dave Paterson out of jail married Christine Quinn and pal in front of 300 of their closest friends...how is that for an honest deeply moving marriage or political move hardee har

Dave Paterson Perjury Witness Tampering Violence Towards Women MTA Rider or Big Time Liar?

I just found away in to the NYDN to comment -- my new account -- look at my new NYDN screen name!

NYDN Censorship 3 07:16 AM
Jun 20, 2012
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fPuhfFMipQ Shame on corrupt creepo Dave Paterson who only gets anything because of daddy Basil’s connections and shame on everyone from Andrew Cuomo to corrupt political fixer judge Judy kaye for getting Dave out of jail for perjury and witnessing tampering. Watch Dave lie to me on video as he enters WOR. The only honest workers in Albany all resigned but 6 foot 9 Dave Johnson stayed on as long as possible until corrupt conspirator Dave Paterson was forced to kick him out and off tax payer dole. Dave Johnson 6 foot 9 put his hands on his woman friends next and Black political leaders said keep him in office. Why is violence against women up in NYC? Any ideas. Why is WOR, NYU and Andy Cuomo protecting an idiot misogynist who would protect a 6 foot 9 best friend who roughed up a woman half his size, fled from the police when she called 911? Shame! Shame on you all. It is okay as long as it isn’t your daughter. The NYDN banned me again but I got back in. Suzannah B. Troy mayorbloombergkingofnewyork.blogspot.com/

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/ex-gov-david-paterson-underground-stuck-2-article-1.1098857#ixzz1yKbUYX8o

corrupt Judge Judy Kaye political fixer besides keeping Dave Paterson out of jail married Christine Quinn and pal in front of 300 of their closest friends...how is that for an honest deeply moving marriage or political move hardee har

Monday, June 18, 2012

Joe Tacopina Haters Love Fifty Shades of Grey

I get all kind of communications from People and I had a request to contrast the fictional characters from Fifty Shades of Grey to the real life horror show that is Joe Tacopina.

Joe Tacky-0 has to price tag everything but the fictional 27 year old self made billionaire does not stoop so low but the special request I got was about Roma football fans that hate Joe Tacky-0 and the nasty comments posted about mistresses and sex toy which of course are not true but just haters although how could anyone hate Joe Tacky-0?

Just Christian uses sex toys...ehem -- who doesn’t these days hardee har but do you really want to think about Joe Tacopina, mistresses, sex toys or sex for that matter....the thought is more unattractive than doing your best to not imagine your parents ever having sex....ugh.

Christian Mr. Fifty would like the tying them up part a lot. See below 2 lawyers tied up.

Maybe I have to get cracking on a super sexy fiction book rated xxx with a special chapter on 2 lawyers based on these scum bags that get their karma pie? See below how I imagine them a little tied up.

If was a best seller and I got millions for a movie deal with control over casting and editor’s cut it would be so worth it.

50 Shades of Grey has page after page of sex galore so no imagining is required.

Huge fan base love the book and hate Joe Tacopina.

How quaint.

FYI  Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel gave me a look that if looks could kill I would be dead after Judge Greg Carro sentenced NYPD Rape Heroin Cop Moreno to jail immediately remanded to Rikers.

I was told by someone that Joe Tacopina is the kind of guy that would hire someone (a retired cop?) to murder me and throw me in  a swamp.

Sounds like his clients Van Der Sloot and how could Imette St. Guillen’s Mom have hired Joe Tacopina who I hear would have me thrown away like garbage just like Imette's murderer but oh yeah supposedly all I hear about Joe Tacopina isn’t true. I am sure Joe would say not true. it. Except Joe self proclaimed predator in court. Joe does that mean raping rape victims in court?

Would Joe Tacky-0 risk debarrment to silence a critic?  No even Tacky-0 knows he could end up like Bernie Kerik, his ex-good friend, ex-biz partner and ex-client who gave him wonderful gifts.

Funny someone or some folks are searching info on Tacopina and Debarrment.... hmmmm

Seigel on Tacopina Seigel stationary threatened me with a lawsuit if I didn’t remove my grievance.

I did not and threatened them with a far bigger law suit and gave them a list of folks I would call including Bernie Kerik.   I never have heard from Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel.

Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel and Joe Hell Bound Tacopina put the rape vicitm on trial and raped her again in court.

I do not know how any Mom of any female victim could ever hire these misogynist vile scum to represent them.

They compared the brusied rape victim’s vagina to a venus fly trap and probably laughed really hard dreaming up the hate crime against women  for court.

Imagine what Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey would do to Tacopina Seigel -- the kind of behind the scenes actions he would take to these the vile misogynists a lesson about how not to treat women in court way better than my suggestion to tie them to a chair and make them watch “Teeth” over and over.

ps Bernie Kerik when you get out of jail or even from jail - I hear you are quite the email -- if you new lawyer sez okay send me something for my blog about Joe Tacky-0 or are you going to write book 2 and include a chapter on Tacpoina?  Just curious.


Joe Tacky-0 and Chad Venus Fly Trap did not know that a bruised woman’s vagina raped by an NYPD heroin Rape Cop does not snap closed like a Venus Fly Trap or any woman’s vagina for that matter....

these excuses for men do not know much about the female anatomy.

Why do women love the fictional character in Fifty Shades Christian?  Because he knows a lot about the female anatomy kink aside.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jay-Z African American Less Educated Mike Bloomberg Black & White NYC Doomed


Great rapes are up in NYC and under reported. An 8 year old slashed another 8 year old at school using Jay-Z’s favorite word Bi.ch until he had a daughter and he installed bullet proof glass and turned honest hard working moms and dads a way from a hospital so give him more power. We have a less educated Mike Bloomberg -- with a violent history with words and misdeeds. Great news. How disgusting Obama and wife embrace someone who profited from hurting communities glamourizing violence and criminal behavior.

Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Attorney Vaginas Do Not Snap Shut Like Venus Fly Traps!

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-dZSzscxmIYc/TcmjIRtooKI/AAAAAAAAG24/y50Nf28rkDc/s1600/photo.jpg For misogynist lawyers Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel -- anatomy lesson -- bruised rape victim's vaginas and female human vaginas do not snap shut like a fly trap. Maybe these guys have sex with females from another species or maybe men? I don't know but what do you expect from lawyers that call Dr Essig an md that handed over Baby Lisa to Joel Steinberg who beat baby Lisa to death at 6 years old. That's Tacopina Seigel's medical expert to refute the forensic nurse who testified she believed NYPD (heroin)Rape Cop Moreno did in fact rape the woman he repeatedly visited through our night -- the drunk vomiting woman Moreno did not take to the hospital so he could climb in to her bed and sexually prey on her. Misogynist lawyers crowed they got the heroin hiding rapist NYPD cop off although Judge Greg Carro remanded NYPD rape cop Moreno to Rikers immediately. Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel got him out by 5pm. What a relief! What MD hands over a baby to a monster or any human being without paperwork? Joe Tacopina's medical expert!!! May Hell Bound Tacopina will use Dr Essing as a expert on the Baby Lisa trial if Baby Lisa is ever found. Why did Baby Lisa's mom hire Joe Hell Bound Tacopina?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Joe Tacopina Spin Zone Baby Lisa Mom Dabs Eyes No Tears!

Joe Tacopina spins his spin...do you call it a spin zone or a bull //// zone?

Reminder Joe bragged about getting the NYPD heroin rape cop Ken Moreno off.....rapes are up in NYC and under reported!  

So nice to read Dr. Glass’s insights in to what sounds like HUGE RED FLAGS and explains why Joe has failed to help locate Baby Lisa but get as much face time -- his drug of choice...?

Is Dr. Glass saying if you are innocent why do you need Joe Tacky-0?

Oh gee whiz Joe Tacky-0 -- this is my blog, I am an artist and I have a right to an opinion don’t I?  

Joe  Tacky-0 Media Whore.

Very sad that Baby Lisa has not been found.....judging by insights from Dr. Glass if and when Baby Lisa is found the odds are she won’t be alive.   

Joe Tacopina is searching as always for the next monster he can live vicariously through -- oops I meant to say get off like van der Sloot who murdered another innocent young woman.

Do you think Ken Moreno has found some woman vomiting her head off -- drunk and so out of it it would be like having sex with a dead body or a blow doll...?  Must be harder to pick off drunk woman without an NYPD badge and parking placard!

Joe Tacopina license to murder, rape, hide heroin in your locker at the precinct....?   No wonder he is hated and called Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and his partner Chad Venus Fy Trap Seigel.  What law firm would compare a bruised rape genitals of a woman to a Fly Trap?   Tacopina Seigel...1800 rape away

Corrupt NYPD officers -- call Tacopina Seigel 1800 get away with crime....