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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Monday, May 21, 2012


Baby Lisa Lawyer Joe Tacopina's AS Roma Wiki media whore lapped up any attention like the tanorexic mother banned from tanning salons in New Jersey.    Tacopina did not shine on the  TODAY Show...see link below.

http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/12/sports/soccer/as-romas-us-owners-hope-to-make-club-a-global-brand.html  Look at this photo-- Joe dyes his hair.   His looks -- the outside -- the package more important than substance.  That’s why he loves defending monsters, NYPD rape cops that hide heroin in their locker because he loves “make-overs”.

His appearance on tv  "not a defense” (they don’t need one but nice to have Joe as your lawyer as rape cop will tell you)  of Baby Lisa's parents but just to get his face on national TV at the expense of an innocent baby girl who we pray is alive. We pray she's not dead like Imette St. Guillen and Joe are you profiting from that heinous torture, rape and murder?  Her family wouldn’t appreciate you blaming Imette for her own rape and murder.

How about Joe’s big loss here in NYC where the woman had her face gashed by a one leg millionaire. I'm surprised Joe hasn't used his misogynist blame the victim strategy in this case==oh yeah he did and the jury didn’t buy blaming the victim.

Watch the MSNBC video link below -- Joe blames the police department not his client rather than focus on his client who was drunk when Baby Lisa went missing.

The jury in the embarrassing loss for Joe Tacopina here in NYC  didn't buy the blame the victim  in the case of the one leg millionaire who gashed a woman's face and Joe Tacopina LOST that case but Melissa Grace erased Joe Tacky 0 from that loss completely!

Wonder why Joe Tacky O Pina's AS Roma fans who blog about his mistress in Italy trash talk him so much?  Joe’s commentors give him hell and cast aspersions on Joe and his supposed mistress and sex toys and I am sure it is not true -- just trash talk you might hear playing a competitive sport.

On TODAY Joe Tacopina brags about his hotline to the FBI, and says he is in constant conact with the FBI regarding Baby Lisa Irwin.

Joe Tacopina Bio, did you use the same hotline to put your RAT-Me-Out Clients Bernie Kerik and Rafael Follieri in jail? Did you RAT Out Ronald Fischetti with this hotline too?
Are you a "Made Man" Joseph Tacopina AS Roma Wiki?   Joe would say he did not rat out anyone.

Wow Joe Hell Bound Tacopina looking like the heavy he is in this video.   When Tacopina uses the words “inconceivable”  it is hard not to say look at yourself in the mirror Joe and your clients.   Joe looks like a thug despite over priced slick suits.

Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel and Joe Tacopina Lawyer compare a woman's vagina to a venus fly trap.   More proof Joe does not have a mistress or use sex toys because only a two lawyers that are very sexually ignorant, filled with sexual anxiety or filled with hatred of women would never be interested in sex toys and mistresses?   Too much work for haters of women or maybe the opposite?   Just wondering out loud.

Joe Tacopina scum.   I can’t imagine having a baby and getting so drunk I pass out and my baby is gone.  No wonder she can’t stop crying.   I hope Baby Lisa is alive and if so she gets the care a child should have.    Very disturbing and so is the fact Joe Tacopina crowed about getting a corrupt rapist heroin hiding NYPD rape cop off.