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Friday, April 27, 2012

Joe Tacopina Ex- Client Van Der Sloot Heading back to USA

Joe Tacopina’s convicted murderer accused rapist client is coming back to US to join his rat-me-out clients Bernie kerik and Rafael folieri in jail. Maybe will hire Joe for 20 grand to bed his next victim? Hardee har -- just want to remind you that Joe Hell Bound Tacopina denies all thangs like bedding a client’s wife.   

Does they have computers in Jail? Van der Sloot  can watch Joe Tacky-O’s self promoting reality show clip and be so proud that his tacky-O lawyer brags to be a predator. Will he like the Rocky music in the backround? VOMIT VOMIT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3tWI6uBExs

You will feel nauseous and want to puke if you watch YouTubes of Joe Tacopina defending Van der Sloot....YouTube rewinds have vomit bag handy.  Truly sickening how much Joe Tacky-O loves the limelight and had zero feeling for Van der Sloot’s victims.

Wonder if Bernie Kerik watches it from Jail? 

Bernie are you visiting my blogs?   Are you writing book 2 with a special chapter on Joe Tacopina?

What's worse having Tacopina as an enemy? Bernie Kerik might answer having Joe Tacopina as a friend. http://nypdconfidential.com/columns/2008/080929.html
Read what Len Levitt has to say. Tacopina's New Tack. :"For years, former police commissioner Bernie Kerik and his attorney Joe Tacopina were tight as ticks. Not only did Tacopina represent Kerik in his plea deal in Bronx State Supreme Court, in which he admitted he had accepted $165,000 in free renovations to his Bronx apartment from an allegedly mob-linked company while Corrections Commission, but Kerik later used Tacopina’s office to start his international consulting business. He also served as Kerik’s spokesman. Criticize Bernie, as Your Humble Servant occasionally did, and you got a mouthful from Joe.

Then something happened. As the feds moved to indict Kerik, Tacopina withdrew from his old friend and client. The feds said he withdrew because Kerik had lied to him during negotiations for Kerik’s plea deal in the Bronx and that Tacopina had passed on those lies to Bronx prosecutors to obtain Kerik’s plea deal. The Feds also said that Tacopina had acted “honorably,” and that they planned to call him as a witness against Kerik.
Kerik was furious — both at the feds and at Tacopina for what he felt was Joe’s betrayal.
Explained Tacopina in an e-mail back in March: “The government said I had a conflict. I can’t help it that I was conflicted out of a case. …The law is the law. The rules are the rules.”
Last month, an item appeared in the Daily News, quoting Vanity Fair writer John Connolly saying that Kerik and Tacopina were once so friendly that “the feds allegedly came across a $25,000 payment that Kerik made to a BMW dealer so that Tacopina could trade in his car for a newer model.”
When we asked Tacopina about this, we received, instead of an answer or a no comment, the following e-mail from attorney Jean-Marie L. Atamian, a partner of Mayer Brown LLP, 1675 Broadway.
“We represent Joseph Tacopina, Esq. It has come to our attention that you intend to write and publish in NYPD Confidential, within the coming week, an article about Mr. Tacopina that may contain false and defamatory statements that threaten to damage his personal and professional reputation.
“As you may know, Mr. Tacopina is a well-respected attorney and businessman. Any publication of a defamatory article maligning his reputation would clearly cause him to suffer immeasurable loss and damage both on a personal level, and in terms of the repercussions that any such malicious statements would inevitably have upon his career, his business relationships and his economic interests.
“We write to advise you that we are prepared to take any appropriate action on behalf of Mr. Tacopina to prevent damage to his reputation and economic interests by you and NYPD Confidential. Although we trust neither you nor NYPD Confidential will libel Mr. Tacopina by intentionally and recklessly publishing an article containing false and defamatory statements, Mr. Tacopina is fully prepared to seek judicial redress should that prove necessary . Accordingly, we hereby reserve Mr. Tacopina’s rights and remedies relating to this matter without limitation.”

When we e-mailed Atamain, asking about the BMW, there was no reply.”  (from Levitt)

Chad Venus Fly Trap seigel threatened to sue me too but never did and the daily mail and the NY ethics board agreed with judge carro that Chad Seigel’s comparing a woman’s vagina to a venus fly trap was not professional (or did they say “rude”?). http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1379393/NYPD-rape-cops-lawyer-told-comparing-womans-privates-snapping-Venus-fly-trap.html
Is it professional that client paid joe 20 grand then found him having an affair with his wife? (Joe denies this) http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2011/11/joe-tacopina-hire-him-for-20g-hell-bed.html

Maybe van der sloot is an AS Roma fan or Joe’s wife is?   Not likely. As Roma fans divulge their dislike of joe and say he cheats on his wife.http://www.serieaforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=565&start=12520
maybe van der sloot will hire Ron Fishetti instead. . Mobland on why Mob won't be hiring Joe anymore .
key words: Joe Tacopina wife, Joran Van Der Sloot, Bernie Kerik

Do not treat Joe Tacopina’s female associates the way Tacopina treats the victims of his clients --- Joe Predator Tacopina seems to relish putting the female victims on trial.