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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baby Lisa Still Missing Police Scale Back + Salacious Comment on Joe Tacopina From Italian Soccer Fan?

Joe Tacopina paints himself as a victim’s right lawyer but he sure appears to treat women very badly.
Remember how he made the NYPD rape victim feel so violated in court....she wrote about it in her own words.  The NY Post published her words making it clear how violated she felt by Joe Tacopina.
The difference between Imette St. Guillen and NYPD rape Victim is the NYPD rape victim lived to tell her tell.   Joe and his partner Chad Seigel probably laughed over their comparison of women’s genitals to a venus fly trap in court in question form -- an in your face hate crime and the goal to dehumanize and demonize women.  Not surprised Joe’s haters are sending me links to comments alleging Joe’s zero respect for women and what a slime bucket he is.

Where is Baby Lisa?  Why are the police starting to cut back....?

Sad Thanksgiving day for Baby Lisa where ever she is...

George Soros and Joe looked in to buying this team didn’t they and it fell thru? Now he is vp.
It is amazing Joe’s wife and family can spare him all the time away.
Comment I was sent below:
I have planned my life around this club for 38 years. Retrospectively, what have I received besides 85% misery, 10% joy and 5% depression. As I said the other day, not just defeat, but glorious defeat. 23 November 2011, the history of Roma loserdom continues. We are desperately looking to win something. So desperate, that our fans cheer players with Spanish surnames, waive American flags, and feign solidarity with a selfish American lawyer who would sell his mother for a photo opportunity while his mistress waits at the hotel with his sex toys.

How pathetic.