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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube

Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bill Clinton Taught Us Porn Stars More Honest Than President!

Bill Clinton taught us Porn Stars would be more honest individuals than politicians. Bill made 1st official Pres porn at desk with security video taping. Juan SAIC sued for billions, posted law suit on blog. We should be suing for 1B. http://mayorbloombergkingofnewyork.blogspot.com/2011/11/suzannah-troy-round-up-occupy-wall.html tried to email u Juan bounced back.
Report Offensive Post

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/herman-cain-sex-scandals-eclipse-bill-clinton-outrage-gop-article-1.984362#ixzz1fBey2Wz7

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bill Sanderson--Any Ideas? The NY Post Black’s Out Protests Rudin Condo Sales Office Murdoch Rudin Howard Rubenstein’s Clients -- Any Ideas Why?

Annie Karni of The NY Post:

Repeat after me, “The Rudin family are the Mother Teresa of Real Estate”

but Annie if they are -- why aren’t they leading the call for a full service hospital in the W. Village as Bill Rudin was once quoted -- on April Fool’s day 2008 stating we needed?

Annie:  Will your editors fire you if you report community outrage still burns and people stand outside the sales office and protest and that Occupy Wall Street Health Care has joined us for two protests outside St. Vincent’s demanding a hospital?

Your editors black out any good the OWS does and any intelligent demands they make like demanding a hospital.  We have video footage of protests outside St. Vincent’s The NY Post refused to report!

“The lack of a world-class hospital will not only jeopardize the West Side population, but also threaten New York’s future competitiveness as a city, since medical care is crucial to quality of life,” said Mr. Rudin, president of Rudin Management Company.

Did Rudin family public relations stretch the truth?  Read their response to protestors.

Question a NY1 news assistant was fired for covering our protest outside Rudin Condo sales offices.  He allegedly staged us the protestors which is clearly not true.

Can we have any news reporters like Annie Karni of The New York Post look in to this and call Howard Rubenstien who represents The Rudins as well as Rupert Murdoch News Corp and ask him if he has any comment of a news reporter being fired for covering a protest outside his clients sale office.

Why do the “nice” Rudin family have so $$$$ thrown the way of public relations firms?

Ditto for Rudin’s other public relations guy Travis Terry.  Ask him if he has any comment on NY1 firing their news man who reporting our protest.  Apparently they believed we were staged which was not true.  We were distracted by a retired NYPD officer hired by Rudin to watch us.  He was trying to hide his large body in a door way and photograph the NY1 camera man filming us.   I confronted him.  He got on the phone and made calls -- to whom?  Rudin alerted his public relations firm.

Is that why The NY Post will never cover the protest and our demand for a full service hospital?  Because  Rubenstien and Murdoch like Mike Bloombeg are very, very close friends and Murdoch is protecting the Rudin family the way he pushed Mike Bloomberg and silenced all critics.

Ask Bill Sanderson if he has any ideas about squashing stories and why.

"Travis H. Terry, Chief Operating Officer http://www.capalino.com/principals Travis brings to Capalino+Company's clients more than a decade of hands-on experience providing strategic advice to some of New York's leading not-for-profit and for-profit organizations. Since 2002, Travis has been a senior executive at Capalino+Company, becoming its Chief Operating Officer in 2006. In this position, Travis is responsible for the firm's strategic planning and managing some of the firm's major accounts including Time Warner Cable, Rudin Management, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of the Moving Image. Among his successes at Capalino+Company include raising hundreds of millions of dollars in public sector funding for various clients and advising Related Companies on its successfully rezoning of the West Side Railyards, one of the largest rezonings in New York City history.

Prior to joining Capalino+Company, Travis worked in management consulting, advising Fortune 100 Companies on strategic planning and organizational efficiency, and in the branding and sports marketing fields. He is a graduate of CORO Leadership New York and sits on the Development Advisory Board for the Bank Street School for Children and the New York City Board of Directors for Computers for Youth, a national not-for-profit. He has also been a guest lecturer at Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service and evaluated proposals for Echoing Green, a global not-for-profit that funds social entrepreneurship.

Travis holds a B.S. in Business Management and Marketing from Cornell University and lives in Forest Hills, Queens with his wife and two kids.”

James F. Capalino,  Hey James Capalino -- we need a hospital.  What do you and Rudin have to say about that.  I see you worked for Koch.  Koch’s 3rd term filled with scandal and corruption and Bloombeg’s far worse...what do you have to say about all the illegal zone busting corrupt shady deals and all for mega-rich developers.  Why wasn’t St. Vincent’s given zoning protection -- that  it most be zoned for a hospital only -- not luxury condos James?  Any idea? Amanda the People’s Burden, mega-millionaire socialite city planner always rules for zone busting deals for her rich pals always including real estate magnates using higher ed as a tax shelter like NYU, Cooper Union, Columbia U., NY Law etc.

Note:  This is such a select group of clients Howard Rubenstien represents...
http://www.rubenstein.com/client_list.html  Murdoch, The New York Times

go through all the links in the above post until you get to a link that give you a direct piece of info on Rubenstein, Bloomberg, Murdoch and Zuckerman -- their goal to push through third term Bloomberg....  dont’ forget that Christine Quinn is their puppet girl.  I remind you of this and that we must fight to make sure Quinn is not mayor.  Bloomberg has done enough damage.

Hey for all you anti-Semities out there... Rupert Murdoch, Christine Quinn, Travis Terry not Jewish.

November 17, 2011 in solidarity with OWS outside St. Vincent’s blacked out by media-- gee I wonder why?   Look at The NY Post today running a quote by Bloomberg blatantly lies and says Occupy Wall Street does not know what it wants.

Oct. 26, 2011 OWS joins us in front of St. Vincent’s

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baby Lisa Still Missing Police Scale Back + Salacious Comment on Joe Tacopina From Italian Soccer Fan?

Joe Tacopina paints himself as a victim’s right lawyer but he sure appears to treat women very badly.
Remember how he made the NYPD rape victim feel so violated in court....she wrote about it in her own words.  The NY Post published her words making it clear how violated she felt by Joe Tacopina.
The difference between Imette St. Guillen and NYPD rape Victim is the NYPD rape victim lived to tell her tell.   Joe and his partner Chad Seigel probably laughed over their comparison of women’s genitals to a venus fly trap in court in question form -- an in your face hate crime and the goal to dehumanize and demonize women.  Not surprised Joe’s haters are sending me links to comments alleging Joe’s zero respect for women and what a slime bucket he is.

Where is Baby Lisa?  Why are the police starting to cut back....?

Sad Thanksgiving day for Baby Lisa where ever she is...

George Soros and Joe looked in to buying this team didn’t they and it fell thru? Now he is vp.
It is amazing Joe’s wife and family can spare him all the time away.
Comment I was sent below:
I have planned my life around this club for 38 years. Retrospectively, what have I received besides 85% misery, 10% joy and 5% depression. As I said the other day, not just defeat, but glorious defeat. 23 November 2011, the history of Roma loserdom continues. We are desperately looking to win something. So desperate, that our fans cheer players with Spanish surnames, waive American flags, and feign solidarity with a selfish American lawyer who would sell his mother for a photo opportunity while his mistress waits at the hotel with his sex toys.

How pathetic.

NYPD Rape Number 3 Violating Victim’s Privacy Thanks to Prosecutors mistake?


Rewind NYPD Rape Cops -- reminder Cy Vance and his shameful handling of heroin.

AG willing to do nothing about it.

Private Investigator set-up girlfriend he raped convincted


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Curbed Mis-Reports Rudin Family Blood Condo Protestors for fear of “Nice” Fascist Rudin Family?

Was Curbed so fearful of being crushed by the “nice” Rudin family who have no comment along with Howard Rubenstein as to why a NY1 Camera man who worked for NY1 for 6 years was fired for alleging staging protestors was fired.  He did not stage us.

They asked why I thought what I thought and I explained the NY1 Camera man being fired for covering our protest.  Read on and you will learn not one major media outlet most have a connection to the nice Howard Rubenstein, the “nice” Rudin family have connections to Rudin and or are represented by Howard as well as like The New York Times who advertises the blood Condos and The NY Times refuses to report any news on our protest. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Manhattan DA Takes Until November to Charge USPS Driver that Ran Over Alan Dershowitz’s Sister-In Law

USPS get license plates on your vehicles immediately and if you break the law you pay.

If you hit someone you get arrested right away not months later.  Why the long delay?

The USPS is above the law and they break the law every day in NYC but their vehicles have no license plates. Alan sorry for your loss and I can tell you first hand info on how the USPS made an illegal air sale to NYU --ask Andrew Berman, GVSHP, it was written up in NYT and Village Voice as well, I spoke to head of environmental crimes under Andrew Cuomo when he was AG and he can I believe validate our point and Alan what happen to me personally was so disturbing and could not have happened if I had an Iphone. I had to stop getting mail delivered to my home of 20 years because they were screwing with my mail box as well as harassing me. I hope your sister-in-law did not suffer but what an awful way to die. Research how many people have died death by USPS vechiles Alan and how the USPS are chronic abusers of breaking the law. They used to park in front of my building blocking the fire hydrant 7 days a week and they don’t anymore thanks to me but I was harassed and threatened, lied to and lied about. Good luck taking on one of the most dysfunctional corrupt billion dollars a year losing organization that should be out of business and not because of email but because the USPS makes the Mafia look honorable.

Christine Quinn Silent Violence Towards Woman E. Village Punched So Hard Skull has not healed


I can’t even put all the links to all the attempted rapes and grope -- violations and so many rapes are under reported....reminder...

Rape and Frame - Misogyny 101 Blame the Victim!!!!!!!


Rupert Murdoch Does Everything but Hire a Hitman to Take out John Liu & Occupy Wall Street


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Joe Tacopina Hire Him For 20G He'll Bed Your Wife???

Scroll down link above - until u see photo of Joe.

 Joe Tacopina has haters for some reason.      Make sure u read the bit on Bernie Kerik!!! 

Thanks for link. Visit Joe's site for his bragging -- a must do. Some super lawyering!!!

 Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Venus Fly Trap Vaginas - 2 big time misogynist lawyers who never took a sex Ed class or just hate women so had a good laugh about comparing women’s genitals to a venus fly trap in question form!  Maybe they have a lot of sexual anxiety or just have no respect for women....?  Read about the alleged hotel room visits in the link above.

I read you the response from Grievance Committee Supreme Court -- clearly Judge Carro and Committee not fans of Chad Seigel’s analogies even in question form.  Chad’s response really offensive TS rape treatment -- contact me if you want to read any of the above.

Mel Gibson Stars in The Rite


Mel Gibson has the most unintelligent, racist and misogynist fans on the planet but for Mel Gibson fans if you miss seeing him on the big screen he gives a rousing performance in the film The Rite as the devil.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Super Mom Clings to Life


So many murders, accidents etc happen to happen to females in NYC -- why is that....I can’t report all the violence on this blog would have to stay home all day.

Mayor Bloomberg Christine Quinn Google Censors Their Critics + NYC Dirt ...

Elderly George Soros Thinks Young Women Lust for His Sexy Body and Personality!


How does he and so many others fabulously rich men who use their money to get women young enough to be their granddaughters in bed with them look themselves in the mirror or sit down with their adult children...are they like serial killers truly no shame and enjoy the attention.  The women are with them for their money and power and it helps to deal with their old wrinkled bodies.  If they marry the men they shoot for 2 children for larger financial settlements if they divorce or hope the old geizers drop dead and with another woman is just fine.  Really these elderly grampas have no shame or morals but they donate big and everyone kisses their old wrinkled butts for money.

Yeah George a woman young enough to be your grand daughter or great grandaughter initially was attracted to you by your sexy body and personality. You used her and your are suddenly to cheap to pay. You old rich men are disgusting.

Wow Rupert Murdoch said Wendi Dang did not want to go out with him at first.  
Gee, I wonder why.   What a surprise she had 2 children!