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Friday, September 23, 2011

Joe Tacopina Mr. Tacky-o-pina Brags Acquittal NYPD Rape Cop aka Heroin Cop!

Joseph Tacopina can brag all he wants but most people think he is a vile piece of scum.  See the NY Post article posted below and than the link below that describes how violated he made the NYPD Rape Victim feel -- Joe Tacky Tacopina -- you make your kids proud!  Dad made a rape victim feel even more violated and got her rapist, an NYPD cop with heroin in his locker get off -- so proud!!!!!  Yippe!

http://www.tacopinalaw.com/  Wow!  Click here to see and read just how Tacky-o-pina and arrogant Joseph Tacopina can get.

I have taken a poll not as accurate as those on the popularity of our politicians hardee har -- my poll found that most people think the NYPD rape cops were corrupt/are and that they sexually preyed on a drunk women, oops did I say women, I meant to say woman,  which in the State of NY is rape but tacky Tacopina brags about an acquittal.    Joe babbles on about the 3 hour closing speech but mine would have been 2 minutes.    Jurors -- in the State of NY if someone is drunk they cannot consent -- it is rape.  We proved the rape cop is a liar.  Convict him.  That simple.   Three hours of Tacopina going on and on could befuddle most people but these group was spineless.  Karma has begun to be served as co-workers give the NYPD rape cop jurists hell.  I hope Joe Tacopina’s mom gave him hell.  One woman told me she knew her and was going to talk to her about her son.  Sure hope she did.

Hopefully Tacopina and Seigel, New Yorkers most hated lawyers and the winners of my Misogynist NYC award for Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel -- does “it” snap shut like a fly trap which I am sure Tacopina Seigel had a good chuckle over....  hopefully the two misoygnists have earned enough money now from the NYPD rape cop bills to take some continuing education on women’s sexuality or get some help on all the not so deeply surpressed hatred of women and perhaps even some sexual anxiety but even that can’t justify that in your face HATE crime that both men and women I polled agreed Chad Seigel did right in court in front of a judge and jury -- and some of the jury would join the joyous rape cop lawyers to celebrate with the rape cops on setting the dirty cops free!!!!

Joe Tacopina Most Hated New York Lawyer!

sounds like Joe gave the NYPD rape victim the Tacopina Seigel rape treatment -- as does “it” snap shut.

Lucky these guys do not believe in a higher court and a greater justice system....just requires more patience.....

This wiki page has been removed.

On Joe’s website Chad Seigel’s law school is listed but maybe I missed Joe’s.  He did go to one right? Hardee har...just joking, Joe couldn’t get away with the crime he did without a law degree.....did I say crime?  I meant to say getting off a corrupt guilty cop and it’s fine that amoral juries celebrated as long as the invites came out after the trial ended...

Lucky for Chad Venus Fly Trap that John Elligon of The New York Times is such a pathetic New Reporter that he did not even “out” Chad Seigel for his in your face hate crime...just mentioned a nameless lawyer and The New York Post is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr.  Hide - the paper never even covered the hate crime and it is worrisome that certain reporters are protecting Tacopina Seigel....amazing The NY Post did expose the hatred New Yorkers feel for what felt like an in your face crime against women and the people of this City as well as invitation for more corrupt cops to RAPE AWAY and carry some heroin with you to plant on someone or barter for sex -- go for it.

The NYPD and the PBA have some tough questions they need to answer but it may take another commission formed to really get them because there is a whole lot of covering up going on as usual.

We can’t even get the names of who’s tickets were fixed and for what of NYC gov. officials and than one wonders what is the PBA guys may have been fixing and for whom?

We have the most corrupt mayor ever and his mini-me just got a free pass to run for mayor even though she and Bloomberg used and abused slush to push through a third term and more....read this....
We need a major shake-up in this city -- the level of corruption may call for an earthquake to expose all the corruption and actually get arrests and jail time.

It would take a miracle and massive law suits on behalf of the People to get money back and begin repairing all the damage Bloomberg, Amanda the People’s Burden - socialite city planner, Quinn and so many other did...even our streets are third world from the massive craters to water main breaks, etc. but the violence to is shocking and cops lining their pockets with money from drugs as exposed in the NYPD ticket fix investigation is alarming and than PBA delegates....hello?
Bloomberg will do nothing as he is too busy covering up his own corruption and Quinn just made the Goldsmith investigation go away so need I say more?

Even Bill O’Reilly who a lot of people detest doesn’t like Joe Tacopina and takes the arrogant lawyer a part in this interview.

Chad Seigel’s comment on “it” snapping shut evokes the film “Teeth”.

and I am not laughing.