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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dave Perjury Paterson Intimidated Victim Spousal Abuse in to Silence Refused to Resign Will Not Be topic at Church Today as Mike Gives Soft Ball Press Conference. Why is Violence Up NYC Why Are Rapes Up NYC Why is Spousal Abuse Up, Why Do People say all politicians are corrupt? Silence Hear the Silence but give Dave rewards NYU WOR

If you want to begin to understand why violence is up in NYC, why rapes are up, why spousal abuse is up than look to the fact Dave Paterson should have resigned and did not as he cover-up for his best friend 6 foot 7 Dave Johnson who he kept on his payroll after Johnson got physically violent way worse than anything Stephen Goldsmith was accused of and let us ask everyone from Scott Stringer, Christine Quinn and many African American leaders including ex-mayor David Dinkins why they did not speak out against Dave Paterson calling up the victim and intimidating her into silence? Why did the women’s groups remain silent as usual except when it comes to NYPD rapes that were exposed?

Anyone who speaks out against the Bloomberg Goldsmith cover-up and lies, I want to hear from them on why they were silent or helped Dave Perjury Paterson who was guilty of witness tampering in my opinion and had 5 staff members resign for intimidating Dave Johnson’s victim in to silence.

After Dave the accidental governor a moron not fit for office was out of office Dave Johnson did have to finally go to court and Dave Johnson pleaded guilty so I want to hear what Christine Quinn and Scott Stringer have to say about that cover-up and the answer is nothing.

Have a little bit of insight about why people feel bold enough to be violent in NYC? Why is it that violent people do not seem to understand right from wrong and they have people defending them, excusing them and utter silence from women’s groups and politicians and in Dave Paterson’s gave he and Dave Johnson were protected by political groups who fought to keep them in office and on the tax payers dole or helped them as they intimidated a woman in to silence who was physically bruised and attacked as Johnson would later plead guilty once he was office New York State’s payroll.

Oh, Dave Johnson was fired finally but it was very late in the game....and 5 honest workers had to resign yet Dave Paterson who was a corrupt liar that was directly involved in silencing his best friend’s victim stayed in office.  Good to know Dave will be flirting and possibly dating young NYU co-eds if he and his wife re=open their open marriage and Dave can help these gals with their careers and advise college students how to get away with perjury and witness tampering but having Basil’s connections is helpful.

Dave Paterson is being rewarded with jobs at WOR and NYU. In fact a man at WOR had to lose his job so Dave Perjury Paterson could be rewarded for lying and helping to silence a victim of spousal abuse by his best friend who is 6 foot 7 and a lot more intimidating than Stephen Goldsmith.

I would say let’s give Mike a job on a radio and a position at NYU but he already has both...he has the John Gambling show and he acts like he is the mayor of NYU screwing the People of New York City with him and his socialite, mega-millionaire city planner Amanda the People’s Burden along with NYU president John Sexton doing everything but providing buses, trains and trolleys to move long term community members out for NYU’s community crushing and sometimes illegal always corrupt expansion.

Dave Perjury Paterson only became accidental gov. and got his jobs at WOR and NYU because of one reason “Basil”, yes, his father’s powerful connections and dad benefited big time brokering deals thanks to his son’s accidental climb.

Dave Paterson and Johnson may still be in hot water because the Aqueduct and Dave Dinkins guy Bill Lynch and reminder Dinkins who fought Columbia University’s expansion is not bought and paid for by Columbia helping them abuse eminent domain and make the entire neighborhood of Manhattanville leave their homes, move and Columbia has not kept their word with the community but again we see the politicians are protecting their own interests and not the People of New York.