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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cooper Union NYU Jr. Evil Wants to Evict St. Marks Book Store

Folks -- Where are the Cooper Union Students protesting? There are not any. The majority only care about getting a free education and of them a percentage are far from poor. Peter Cooper would be turning over in his grave.

When I had my one woman protest of Bloomberg outside Cooper Union when he hoped to be president I had hateful Cooper Union students harassing me and attempting to bully me pushing me out on to the street which was shameful.

Dear Suzannah B. Troy Artist Blog Followers -- the sweet email below is admirable and by the heroic Cooper Square Committee who found housing for victims of the mass eviction for some of the tenants of 47 E. 3rd St. Jason G. thanks Cooper Square Committee because after the mass eviction he developed cancer and if it wasn’t for the activists of Cooper Square he might have been fighting the cancer battle from a homeless shelter. I do have good news Jason is now in remission.

I perceive Cooper Union to be evil, NYU jr., the evil empire of the East Village and they have so greatly harmed our community along with NY Law Dorm not associated with NYU on Third St. next to the Hell’s Angels along with SVA. It is no surprise Cooper Union is pulling an NYU - as NYU tried to evict one of our only supermarkets now with this landmark building. With all the corrupt zone busting real estate deals Cooper Union pulled off with the help of Bloomberg and his socialite mega-millionaire city planner Amanda the People’s Burden -- deals that even Rudy’s city planner had said NO!

Just a reminder we must vote Christine Quinn out of office as she sold her soul to real estate developers including the Rudins and there are donations from Wall St. Cooper Union and I am sure NYU so sign the petition and the major step we must take is to vote against Quinn. Reminder, The Villager and all John Sutter owned newspapers endorsed both Christine Quinn and Mike Bloomberg so please don’t be fooled by a few feel good stories.

Sign the petition below and I wish I could be as genteel as this wonderful hero activist.

Friends, One of the few independent bookstores that help to make NYC's Lower East Side so wonderful might have to close because Cooper Union, their landlord, is charging them too much rent ($20,000 per month) and they cannot pay it. The 2 owners stopped taking a salery and live on their social security. They have had to reduce the hours of their employees. The St Marks Bookshop, an internationally know cultural institution, needs your help. Please sign this petition, put it on your facebook page, and send it to your friends. We want Cooper Union to know that this little bookstore is known and loved all over the world. Thank you.

Please find the petition at:


Peace with justice,

Joyce Ravitz


Cooper Square Committee
61 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003