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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube

Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Dr. Drew Misogynist


Clearly some people think so....there were searching
dr. drew misogynist on this blog  so I thought I would search as well and found the link above with some interesting comments

and than there is this...

and more

Gropers Blog


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ask Joe Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel Why Rapes are Up in NYC and Under reported?

No one in the media had the courage or brain power to ask that question when Tacopina Seigel held their press conference outside criminal court when the Judge ordered the NYPD Rape Cop with HEROIN in his locker to jail immediately ---- instead it was the usual informercial but I was screaming from across the street holding up my protest signs with Joe Tacopina’s face and his salary written on his forehead along with the fact they put the rape victim on trial and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel who asked if “it” snapped shut like a fly trap....an in your face hate crime in court which of course was lossed on the jury.

Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel were viscous to the NYPD rape victim but very sensitive when it comes to their faces being written on. Apparently poor Chad Seigel was most upset...

Joe Tacopina said the jury has college degree. Duh, really.....Joe, so did all the Wall Street guys that made Wall Street imploded and from the best Universities Joe Tacky-o-pina who brags on his website about getting the infamous NYPD Heroin Rape cop off. I have to add heroin because Cy Vance our dirty DA let the rape cop off -- put it this way if you are Black or Hispanic and not a cop and you had heroin on you -- Cy wouldn’t be rolling your punishment in to a year sentence would he?

Monday, September 26, 2011

protest Domestic Violence


Mayor Bloomberg & Team Immunity? Cy Dirty

Why does Mike Bloomberg and “Team Bloomberg” need immunity? First the DA tried to prevent them from being called and now they have immunity because they are involved in breaking campaign laws which is a Misdemeanor A and carries jail time. Vacco call Vance to the stand and ask Vance if Guma (now Christine Quinn’s campaign guy) dismissing campaign $ owed puts the DA in a position of owing the Guma family favors? Than ask Cy Vance why Mike Bloomberg needs immunity when Cy himself Mike said did not break campaign laws (when in fact Mike did and Cy came awfully close as well and some people think that Vance to broke campaign laws but I don’t know). Maybe breaking campaign laws are like jay walking but Mike is the king of funneling money and everyone given immunity got big bucks from Mike with Allison Jaffin getting 2 salaries - one from a dummy Bloomberg company not Bloomberg News. Cy Vance comes off as a dirty DA like the heroin NYPD Rape Cop getting less than a slap on the wrist and now this. Bloomberg and gang including Christine Quinn and Cy Vance, even the US Attorney that let Quinn walk
on the Slush all come off as corrupt as sin. Shameful.

http://youtu.be/mDNGTRyhPI0 Folks -- this article came out Sunday morning and was now placed on NYDN’s website this afternoon. Rumor has it Cy Vance, dirty DA gave corrupt mayor Bloomberg and Team Bloomberg Allison Jaffin who gets 2 salaries -- one 6 figure salary NYC gov and another 6 figure salary from a dummy Bloomberg company not Bloomberg News aka Mike is the king of funneling money and everyone that gets immunity gets $ from guess who? You have the “little people” ticketed and arrested for 0 and Mike and gang above the law with the help of Dirty DA who let the NYPD rape cop get a wrist slap for heroin! Google Cy Vance Boy Toy not made by me for even more dirt + Deutche Bank + DSK. Do the math and welcome to City Crime Bloomberg getting away with big time city crime and Quinn and gang above the law. US Attorney let her walk on Slush money investigation! Who do we call to investigate the US Attorney and DA as well as Bloomberg, Allison Jaffin, Patricia Harris, Kevin Sheekey and Mark Page for CityTime, ECTP, NYCaps -- no NYC gov officials arrested and who at City Hall got favor fixing from NYPD?
Who do we call Ghost Busters? So sad and angry all I can do is joke but this is beyond shocking.

Pimp probed drug rape case


Friday, September 23, 2011

Joe Tacopina Mr. Tacky-o-pina Brags Acquittal NYPD Rape Cop aka Heroin Cop!

Joseph Tacopina can brag all he wants but most people think he is a vile piece of scum.  See the NY Post article posted below and than the link below that describes how violated he made the NYPD Rape Victim feel -- Joe Tacky Tacopina -- you make your kids proud!  Dad made a rape victim feel even more violated and got her rapist, an NYPD cop with heroin in his locker get off -- so proud!!!!!  Yippe!

http://www.tacopinalaw.com/  Wow!  Click here to see and read just how Tacky-o-pina and arrogant Joseph Tacopina can get.

I have taken a poll not as accurate as those on the popularity of our politicians hardee har -- my poll found that most people think the NYPD rape cops were corrupt/are and that they sexually preyed on a drunk women, oops did I say women, I meant to say woman,  which in the State of NY is rape but tacky Tacopina brags about an acquittal.    Joe babbles on about the 3 hour closing speech but mine would have been 2 minutes.    Jurors -- in the State of NY if someone is drunk they cannot consent -- it is rape.  We proved the rape cop is a liar.  Convict him.  That simple.   Three hours of Tacopina going on and on could befuddle most people but these group was spineless.  Karma has begun to be served as co-workers give the NYPD rape cop jurists hell.  I hope Joe Tacopina’s mom gave him hell.  One woman told me she knew her and was going to talk to her about her son.  Sure hope she did.

Hopefully Tacopina and Seigel, New Yorkers most hated lawyers and the winners of my Misogynist NYC award for Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel -- does “it” snap shut like a fly trap which I am sure Tacopina Seigel had a good chuckle over....  hopefully the two misoygnists have earned enough money now from the NYPD rape cop bills to take some continuing education on women’s sexuality or get some help on all the not so deeply surpressed hatred of women and perhaps even some sexual anxiety but even that can’t justify that in your face HATE crime that both men and women I polled agreed Chad Seigel did right in court in front of a judge and jury -- and some of the jury would join the joyous rape cop lawyers to celebrate with the rape cops on setting the dirty cops free!!!!

Joe Tacopina Most Hated New York Lawyer!

sounds like Joe gave the NYPD rape victim the Tacopina Seigel rape treatment -- as does “it” snap shut.

Lucky these guys do not believe in a higher court and a greater justice system....just requires more patience.....

This wiki page has been removed.

On Joe’s website Chad Seigel’s law school is listed but maybe I missed Joe’s.  He did go to one right? Hardee har...just joking, Joe couldn’t get away with the crime he did without a law degree.....did I say crime?  I meant to say getting off a corrupt guilty cop and it’s fine that amoral juries celebrated as long as the invites came out after the trial ended...

Lucky for Chad Venus Fly Trap that John Elligon of The New York Times is such a pathetic New Reporter that he did not even “out” Chad Seigel for his in your face hate crime...just mentioned a nameless lawyer and The New York Post is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr.  Hide - the paper never even covered the hate crime and it is worrisome that certain reporters are protecting Tacopina Seigel....amazing The NY Post did expose the hatred New Yorkers feel for what felt like an in your face crime against women and the people of this City as well as invitation for more corrupt cops to RAPE AWAY and carry some heroin with you to plant on someone or barter for sex -- go for it.

The NYPD and the PBA have some tough questions they need to answer but it may take another commission formed to really get them because there is a whole lot of covering up going on as usual.

We can’t even get the names of who’s tickets were fixed and for what of NYC gov. officials and than one wonders what is the PBA guys may have been fixing and for whom?

We have the most corrupt mayor ever and his mini-me just got a free pass to run for mayor even though she and Bloomberg used and abused slush to push through a third term and more....read this....
We need a major shake-up in this city -- the level of corruption may call for an earthquake to expose all the corruption and actually get arrests and jail time.

It would take a miracle and massive law suits on behalf of the People to get money back and begin repairing all the damage Bloomberg, Amanda the People’s Burden - socialite city planner, Quinn and so many other did...even our streets are third world from the massive craters to water main breaks, etc. but the violence to is shocking and cops lining their pockets with money from drugs as exposed in the NYPD ticket fix investigation is alarming and than PBA delegates....hello?
Bloomberg will do nothing as he is too busy covering up his own corruption and Quinn just made the Goldsmith investigation go away so need I say more?

Even Bill O’Reilly who a lot of people detest doesn’t like Joe Tacopina and takes the arrogant lawyer a part in this interview.

Chad Seigel’s comment on “it” snapping shut evokes the film “Teeth”.

and I am not laughing.

Rewind Arrogant Joe Tacopina Fumbling in Bill 0'Reilly Interview


Rapist Murdered Mom 27 years ago Rape by Tompkins Sq. Park


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rapes Up in NYC and Under Reported but No News Reporter Will Ask Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Attorneys for NYPD Rape Cop if They Have Any Ideas Why?

Let us ask Joe Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel as well as the jury people that went out to celebrate with the rapes cops them getting away with rape if they have any ideas why RAPES ARE UP and RAPES ARE UNDER REPORTED?  For one thing victims don’t want to be raped in court again -- reminder of Tacopina Seigel’s tacits and rape victims don’t want to deal with stupid jurors that blame the victim as often happens.  Vallone talks the talk but he took plenty of slush money from corrupt Bloomberg and did Quinn’s bidding as well voting to extend term limits.  Vallone was bought and paid for by Bloomberg.

Reminder Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel compared the rape victim and all women’s vaginas to a “fly trap” asking if “it” snaps shut like a fly trap.

Either Tacopina Seigel is shockingly sexually ignorant, filled with sexual anxiety and hatred of women  or trying to paint the victim as a predator luring the poor rape cops with her beauty and crushing their careers like a Venus Fly Trap does a fly?  

What do you think?

Why does the article sound like a cover-up for Bloomberg and pals including the stats on pot holes and isn’t interesting that they write forcible rapes are up vs. what unforced rapes like the NYPD rape cop meaning we do not have stats on how many men have raped drunk or drugged women do we because so many just won’t come forward.

Also NYDN can spout statistics on pot holes being fixed but the streets of NY are third world conditions and there was and is a complete cover-up of 5 years of hell 2nd ave and 7th street with a man hole cover just recently exploding and water main breaks, massive craters and holes but not news worthy 5 years almost and it started with when Bloomberg gave Cooper Union the great light to build a bigger studio which the community fought.  http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2011/09/man-hole-cover-explodes-7th-st-2nd-ave.html

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brutal public schools educrat convicted of assaulting wife with tools By DAVID K. LI and LAURA ITALIANO


Rally To Take Back the Streets Park Slope Brooklyn


I do not know if I will make it past Huffington’s censors but this is what I attempted to post and is on my facebook page.
This comment is pending approval and won't be displayed until it is approved.

Bravo. I continue to write the AG State Attorney General Eric Schneiderm­an asking him to investigat­e the DA’s handling of the NYPD Rape Cop’s heroin in his locker which was shameful. Did he have the heroin in the locker to plant on someone or to barter for sex? Either way the behavior of the NYPD rape cop’s lawyers with Joe Tacopina’s cross examinatio­n of the victim designed to make her feel violated and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel who compared in question form female genitalia to a fly trap sent a strong message -- corrupt cops RAPE AWAY -- we have got your covered. More has to be done to stamp out violence towards women, rapes and the bullets flying in the streets. Bravo for those who turned out and we need this in all communitie­s where there is too much violence on a weekly basis if that is what it takes.

Suzannah B. Troy

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s Public Integrity AG Investigate DA Handling NYPD Rape Cop Heroin by Suzannah B. Troy

Email to AG Eric Schneiderman from Suzannah B. Troy...

Please don’t have anyone from your public integrity office speak with me as I spoke to someone who worked there too long and believes the DA is an island on itself and not to be held accountable except by voters.

Cy Vance will be voted out and have the shortest public service in comparison to his backer Morgy but the AG needs to step up to the plate and investigate the DA’s handling of the heroin in the rape cops locker or the AG as well is saying heroin hidden in a cops locker is not a serious crime and it is very serious.

I am posting this communication to you on my blogs and sending a copy to your press office.

Rapes are up in NYC and are under reported. The treatment of the rape victim by misogynist lawyers comparing females genitalia to Venus Fly traps in question form by Chad Seigel and the cross examination Joe Tacopina along with the light treatment of heroin which may have been hidden away to barter for sex in continued sexual exploitation or to plant on an innocent victim needs to be investigated further and the DA’s shocking handling of the heroin charges needs to be investigated.

Cooper Union NYU Jr. Evil Wants to Evict St. Marks Book Store

Folks -- Where are the Cooper Union Students protesting? There are not any. The majority only care about getting a free education and of them a percentage are far from poor. Peter Cooper would be turning over in his grave.

When I had my one woman protest of Bloomberg outside Cooper Union when he hoped to be president I had hateful Cooper Union students harassing me and attempting to bully me pushing me out on to the street which was shameful.

Dear Suzannah B. Troy Artist Blog Followers -- the sweet email below is admirable and by the heroic Cooper Square Committee who found housing for victims of the mass eviction for some of the tenants of 47 E. 3rd St. Jason G. thanks Cooper Square Committee because after the mass eviction he developed cancer and if it wasn’t for the activists of Cooper Square he might have been fighting the cancer battle from a homeless shelter. I do have good news Jason is now in remission.

I perceive Cooper Union to be evil, NYU jr., the evil empire of the East Village and they have so greatly harmed our community along with NY Law Dorm not associated with NYU on Third St. next to the Hell’s Angels along with SVA. It is no surprise Cooper Union is pulling an NYU - as NYU tried to evict one of our only supermarkets now with this landmark building. With all the corrupt zone busting real estate deals Cooper Union pulled off with the help of Bloomberg and his socialite mega-millionaire city planner Amanda the People’s Burden -- deals that even Rudy’s city planner had said NO!

Just a reminder we must vote Christine Quinn out of office as she sold her soul to real estate developers including the Rudins and there are donations from Wall St. Cooper Union and I am sure NYU so sign the petition and the major step we must take is to vote against Quinn. Reminder, The Villager and all John Sutter owned newspapers endorsed both Christine Quinn and Mike Bloomberg so please don’t be fooled by a few feel good stories.

Sign the petition below and I wish I could be as genteel as this wonderful hero activist.

Friends, One of the few independent bookstores that help to make NYC's Lower East Side so wonderful might have to close because Cooper Union, their landlord, is charging them too much rent ($20,000 per month) and they cannot pay it. The 2 owners stopped taking a salery and live on their social security. They have had to reduce the hours of their employees. The St Marks Bookshop, an internationally know cultural institution, needs your help. Please sign this petition, put it on your facebook page, and send it to your friends. We want Cooper Union to know that this little bookstore is known and loved all over the world. Thank you.

Please find the petition at:


Peace with justice,

Joyce Ravitz


Cooper Square Committee
61 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Police Search for Sex Predator Village Have Video of Him


Heidi Jones Member of Misogynist Club Makes Life Harder for Women


NY State Attorney Investigate DA NYPD Heroin

NY State Attorney Investigate DA NYPD Heroin



dark day for DA http://youtu.be/31gItshuK2E

Most NY Reporters Laughingstock Secretaries Not Journalists! by Suzannah B. Troy

From the soon to be deposed king Bloomberg to the NYPD Rape Cops Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel, news reporters are now secretaries simply writing informercials as dictated by oligarch wannabes who do not believe in equal rights and opportunities.

Not one reporters asked the NYPD Rape Cop lawyers if they have any ideas why rapes are up and under reported in New York!!!!!

The press silenced all voices in opposition of Mike Bloomberg  including mine and every major newspaper had published my letters including 9 by The New York Times!

Bloomberg Weprin Turner Democrats Destroying Party Drop Quinn!

Read the above link and learn why this YouTube is featured on Misogynist NYC --- hint Christine Quinn was on WOR yesterday!

I forecasted correctly bloomberg might not win due to Voter Anger! My work was removed from YouTube as in brought down and by Mike Bloomberg's cyber stalking thugs committing aggravated harassment? How low would Bloomberg's people go? Ask John Haggerty.

Dark day for the People of New York City and for the DA as well Internal Affairs

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Serial Pervert Tied To More Sex Attacks


King of All Pimps Delivers Rant on Elliot Spitzer


Misogynistic NYC Recognizes Women Misogynist Club Members


Brenda Ballison Douglas Elliman Despised Read why!

Hey Brenda:  Have any ideas why I think you are a monster and Brenda Ballison vice-president of Douglas Elliman any ideas why I praise my building, my home of 20 years and I will never ever set foot in the building ever again?

For anyone in the know watching the video -- you will get the irony of me praising my ex-building Sept. 11 and perhaps it was Ernest Walton at the front desk responsible for the beautiful humanity Sept. 11 who left  and took all goodness with him,  but looking back post 9-11 I had a deeply traumatic set of experiences and I will never set foot in the place ever again.  Anyone who knows Brenda Ballison of Douglas Elliman  hated by the “little"people she treats, as one anonymous person wrote to me --  as cockroaches you will get the deep irony and expect more in the book I am writing about NYC Politics!  That chapter will be memorable...involving NYU and the USPS as well as my ex-building...promise.  One person said to me Brenda Ballison is her own worst punishment and that is so true about most really awful people.  The good news is I will never live in a Ballison managed building again but I listen kindly to people who to this day complain to me about her attitude problems and her inability to communicate effectively just rudely ladies and gentleman!  We also can’t imagine how much mula she rakes in despite her management style but she does....New York, New York!  

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bill Clinton Not Above the Law Hampton Beach What a Surprise

Bill Clinton got away with everything but murder in The White House or so they say but he on a Hampton beach he is actually held accountable as everyone other person!


Bravo for  the police officer who actually applied the law to types used to always being above the law.

Bill set a world record lying remember.  Bill  tell us again how you did not have sexual relations with the intern you painted as a stalker as all very lonely men do, the intern you gave gifts to as all lonely men do give to women to young for them.  Bill used a woman young enough to be his daughter as a human tissue for his sexual gratification in the office of The White House and it was most likely video taped by security and than Bill blamed the victim.  Nice and I am sure Bill considers himself a feminist and not women’s groups were outraged but remained silent.

New Pervert Attacks


Dave Perjury Paterson Intimidated Victim Spousal Abuse in to Silence Refused to Resign Will Not Be topic at Church Today as Mike Gives Soft Ball Press Conference. Why is Violence Up NYC Why Are Rapes Up NYC Why is Spousal Abuse Up, Why Do People say all politicians are corrupt? Silence Hear the Silence but give Dave rewards NYU WOR

If you want to begin to understand why violence is up in NYC, why rapes are up, why spousal abuse is up than look to the fact Dave Paterson should have resigned and did not as he cover-up for his best friend 6 foot 7 Dave Johnson who he kept on his payroll after Johnson got physically violent way worse than anything Stephen Goldsmith was accused of and let us ask everyone from Scott Stringer, Christine Quinn and many African American leaders including ex-mayor David Dinkins why they did not speak out against Dave Paterson calling up the victim and intimidating her into silence? Why did the women’s groups remain silent as usual except when it comes to NYPD rapes that were exposed?

Anyone who speaks out against the Bloomberg Goldsmith cover-up and lies, I want to hear from them on why they were silent or helped Dave Perjury Paterson who was guilty of witness tampering in my opinion and had 5 staff members resign for intimidating Dave Johnson’s victim in to silence.

After Dave the accidental governor a moron not fit for office was out of office Dave Johnson did have to finally go to court and Dave Johnson pleaded guilty so I want to hear what Christine Quinn and Scott Stringer have to say about that cover-up and the answer is nothing.

Have a little bit of insight about why people feel bold enough to be violent in NYC? Why is it that violent people do not seem to understand right from wrong and they have people defending them, excusing them and utter silence from women’s groups and politicians and in Dave Paterson’s gave he and Dave Johnson were protected by political groups who fought to keep them in office and on the tax payers dole or helped them as they intimidated a woman in to silence who was physically bruised and attacked as Johnson would later plead guilty once he was office New York State’s payroll.

Oh, Dave Johnson was fired finally but it was very late in the game....and 5 honest workers had to resign yet Dave Paterson who was a corrupt liar that was directly involved in silencing his best friend’s victim stayed in office.  Good to know Dave will be flirting and possibly dating young NYU co-eds if he and his wife re=open their open marriage and Dave can help these gals with their careers and advise college students how to get away with perjury and witness tampering but having Basil’s connections is helpful.

Dave Paterson is being rewarded with jobs at WOR and NYU. In fact a man at WOR had to lose his job so Dave Perjury Paterson could be rewarded for lying and helping to silence a victim of spousal abuse by his best friend who is 6 foot 7 and a lot more intimidating than Stephen Goldsmith.

I would say let’s give Mike a job on a radio and a position at NYU but he already has both...he has the John Gambling show and he acts like he is the mayor of NYU screwing the People of New York City with him and his socialite, mega-millionaire city planner Amanda the People’s Burden along with NYU president John Sexton doing everything but providing buses, trains and trolleys to move long term community members out for NYU’s community crushing and sometimes illegal always corrupt expansion.

Dave Perjury Paterson only became accidental gov. and got his jobs at WOR and NYU because of one reason “Basil”, yes, his father’s powerful connections and dad benefited big time brokering deals thanks to his son’s accidental climb.

Dave Paterson and Johnson may still be in hot water because the Aqueduct and Dave Dinkins guy Bill Lynch and reminder Dinkins who fought Columbia University’s expansion is not bought and paid for by Columbia helping them abuse eminent domain and make the entire neighborhood of Manhattanville leave their homes, move and Columbia has not kept their word with the community but again we see the politicians are protecting their own interests and not the People of New York.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The New York Times Censors Suzannah B. Troy Comparing Bloomberg Administration to Dave Paterson Dave Johnson Intimidating Victim of Spousal Abuse in to Silence Perjury

Wow, I made it past The NY Times censors on the Goldsmith article so I went back and posted this!

Since I made it past the NYTime censors here is the comment I wanted to post. Bloomberg and his administration have covered-up for a lot more than Goldsmith's alleged spousal abuse from back room deals including with Mike's mini-me Christine Quinn to push through a third term denying the People a Referendum to pushing SAIC like a drug king-pin pushes heroin and that was for the CityTime deal as well as every other deal SAIC was involved with until banned from any State and City Contacts here in New York to so many other scandals including Ed Koch's 3rd term scandals pale in comparison. What is also disturbing is that Dave Paterson silenced a victim of spousal abuse for his best friend Dave Johnson and get Johnson on the payroll courtesy of the tax payers and committed perjury avoiding all jail time so at least Goldsmith spent time in the slammer and resigned which is more than I can say for the accidental governor who was rewarded by NYU and WOR with work which reflects the attitude of spousal abuse and perjury here in NYC and how the connected remain above the law.


Hey is that because Dave Paterson got away with it and is technically not guilty -- what a joke!   Paterson as guilty as SIN and should have been forced to resign and go to jail.

Well there is the Aqueduct Investigation and Paterson is still being investigated for that right?

http://youtu.be/i6572cGhMFs My video response, Bloomberg failure to disclose and how much more has the Bloomberg administration failed to disclose? Before I begin the long list shame on all political leaders, women’s groups and anyone that aided and supported Dave Paterson and David Johnson. Paterson was hired by NYU and WOR to do what? Give tips on how to intimidate a victim of spousal abuse into silence by his best friend 6 foot 7 Johnson who he kept payroll as his staff resigned in protest and committed perjury but Basil’s connections got him off and more work! Back to Bloomberg, cover-ups: NYPD ticket fix City Hall officials, ECTP Northrup Grumman, HP, Verizon, CityTime SAIC, SAIC and all deals NYC gov plus MTA, hiring friends, relative’s friends, his campaign staff courtesy of tax payers, Board of Ed tech deals adding up to the largest White Collar Crimes ever in NYC gov and mostly all tech sector biz related so know wonder Christine Quinn his mini-me and her staff may have also set a record for the most tax payer money spent on high priced defense attorney as Quinn approved Sullivan and Cromwell for some of her staff as exposed by The NY Post!

Mike Bloomberg’s Sexist Word for Breasts City Hall

Don’t pay for the piece of trash bio on Bloomberg, rent from library but hear Mike’s sexist term for women’s breasts. Maybe he breast envy because based on his rude mouth and dating history it 

seems like smoke mirrors and misogyny.

Are women’s groups silent because they get donations from powerful rich men and have a history of being silent and even protecting men like Bill Clinton who should never have been protected but it is about money, power and powerful connections?  

Mike Bloomberg Catching Hell on Goldsmith (Not CityTime SAIC) but Everyone Silent on Dave Paterson’s Role in Spousal Abuse Dave Johnson!


That being said WAKE-UP New Yorkers!  Massive cover-ups City Hall Bloomberg administration including Christine Quinn who acted as Mike Bloomberg’s deputy mayor not a city council speaker and who needs an NYC gov city job like mayor or any job to continue to have tax payers pay her and her staff’s high priced defense attorneys specializing in White Collar crime!  Christine Quinn, Mike’s mini-me  and her staff may have THE largest white collar crime defense attorney bills in NYC government history along with her Mike Bloomberg mayor presiding over the biggest white collar crime EVER in NYC gov history but so far no arrests and with CityTime SAIC if we had arrests we could get RICO charges possible plus ECTP, NYCAPS, countless board of ed deals mostly tech where we were robbed and also major companies who over billed us SAIC, Northrup Grumman, HP, possible Verizon, IBM and we have only asked SAIC to pay back 600 million and allow harsh cuts to city workers and services?

WAKE-UP NEW YORKERS!  Dave Paterson kept 6 foot 7 Dave Johnson on the payroll courtesy of the tax payers and they are both I believe still being investigated by the State Attorney General for their alleged roll in the Aqueduct along with others yet they walked for their role in Violence against Women and  Dave Johnson plead guilty to spousal abuse.   Again shame on any of you that supported Dave Paterson and Dave Johnson who did their violence -- Dave Paterson’s violence was intimidating a witness in to silence and even using his staff to help do so and DAVE PATERSON got away with it and is rewarded by WOR and NYU!!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dave Perjury Paterson Rewarded By WOR & NYU Support Violence Towards Women & Perjury! by Suzannah Troy Artist


Mayor Mike Bloomberg Failure to Disclose Deputy Stephen Goldsmith and What Else by Suzannah Troy Artist How About CityTime SAIC ECTP NYCAPS. Board of Ed Tech Scandals, Christine Quinn Slush and Intimidation Real Estate Dealings....

New YouTube Bloomberg administration failure to disclose?

Mike listed as 2nd place winner Misogynist NYC tied with Dave Paterson == look to left hand side of misogynist NYC blog for NYC's Misogynist Award Winners

Mike Bloomberg Streets of NY and infrastructure cover-up except every New Yorker is living it..... The streets were better in Colonial Times.

All these years later the street 2nd Ave between St. Marks and 7th St.  a mess and I believe it was caused by Cooper Union supersizing on old NY's infrastructure.

The street conditions and beneath the streets through out entire city a terrible mess including MTA subway stations yet Bloomberg and socialite city planner went full speed a head and DOB along with DOT DEP and even Con Ed could not keep up.   

Our demands that Bloomberg put safety first was ignored.

New Yorkers Wake-Up!!! Biggest White Collar Crime Ever

Haggerty Trial

My  newest video asks what else has the Bloomberg administration failed to disclose from huge failure Hurricane Irene DOB with construction sites not securing materials and debris to John Haggerty Trial Sept. 12 and the fact Bloomberg broke campaign laws to CityTime SAIC, Spherion -- are we any closer to getting the 80 million Mike said we would get back and if not will mike compensate the tax payers and make up the difference? ECTP why no arrests and can we get money returned since we paid over 2 billion for the 911 tech system which appears flawed as well? All the board of ed tech scandals and Christine Quinn approving Sullivan and Cromwell for her staff white collar crime defense attorney and bill the tax payers so how much as christine quinn cost the tax payers with legal bills.  No wonder she wants to get her city job for as long as possible-other wise she has to pay her own legal bill and she was sued four times for not paying her rent.

Ex-Deputy Goldsmith Spousal Abuse Unlike Dave Paterson and Dave Johnson He was Forced to Resign>

 Unlike Dave Patetson's best friend Dave Johnson who Paterson  kept on the payroll and broke the law intimidating the victim in to silence and Dave gets WOR show and job at NYU for same reason he gets everything - his dad's connections. FYI,

 I asked Goldsmith if he believed in marriage equality. I could not get straight answer yes or no so guess what I thought?

Misogynist Dave Paterson WOR Radio Tips for silencing Victims Spousal Abuse

Great. He can give tips on how to commit perjury and intimidate victims of spousal abuse and not go to jail. He can share flirting and partying with NYU students as well as how to keep women beaters on Albany payroll courtesy of tax Payers!