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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ex-IMF Chief Rapist It Gets Down to How You Define Rape but DA to Drop Charges


There was blood at the scene of the crime and it was a crime in many ways....there was a struggle.

She has been called a liar with no credibility but one aspect of her life they cannot call a lie is the fact she was a victim of female mutilation. Don’t they hold down teenage girls and do a vicious mutilation they call a female circumcision but it is mutilation. That is like a gang rape of sorts with physical and mental scars.

I do not condone lies and there are people that go through terrible traumas and do not lie but that does not mean she was lying about being raped in that hotel room.

The DA is going to dismiss the case and this is another signal that Cy Vance won’t be re-elected next time around if he is still here but this Dominique Strauss Kahn is attempting to pull off a con job of his own because he has a reputation as a sex predator and one brave woman is finally coming forward.

These men use women like tissues and throw them in the garbage including Bill Clinton using an intern, leading her on as he used her and than painting her as a stalker. We have the NYPD rape cops who mysteriously have high priced lawyers that they are using like the ex-IMF chief to try and beat down women and attempt to silence them as the ex-IMF chief is now attempting to do with the young woman finally coming forward accusing him of rape from way back when.

By the way, isn’t interesting that no NYPD Rape Cop’s DNA was found, not one piece of hair although they were in her bed and her couch?  NYPD Rape Cop DNA fix?

You can see why most women will not come forward.

From economics to sexual violence there is a whole lot of raping going on.

FYI: I am not going to France ever again. Been to Paris and by the way when the Nazi’s occupied Paris they German’s gave their Paris liason a quota for how many Jewish children they wanted turned over. The french liason exceeded the quoted and ever visit to Paris I stand in front of the plaque honoring their memory.

So happy I won’t be visiting Paris, France ever again.