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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Even Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Couldn’t Put These Rapists Back on the Street

Three  creatures posing as humans raped a mother and daughter in front of the 5 year old  but they didn’t rape the 5 year old girl.   They are going to jail for 150 years each which is too good for them.

This was a hard one to actually blame the victim.   The rapists heard the little girl say don’t hurt my Mommy and Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel were not available for this case to do their best to put these rapists out on the street although Joe seems to be drawn to men that actually finish off my murdering young women and throwing them away like trash.  Watch Joe Tacopina defend Van der Sloot on YouTube.

Don’t forget  Chad Seigel’s infamous misogynist “question” does it snap shut like a Venus Fly Trap?
Guess Chad isn’t familiar with “it” or did he want to paint women as flesh eating plants and the rape victim as predator not victim.  Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel did everything but accuse the NYPD rape victim of actually raping the NYPD cops.

Imette St. Guillen’s Mom ---  read this and ask yourself if your daughter enduring what she did until she was brutally murdered would want Joe Tacopina to represent her?


Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel put “I don’t kiss and tell” NYPD rape cop Moreno back out on the street --- well what doesn’t Moreno kiss and tell about?

Not just sex perhaps....what about the heroin and all the lies....oh yeah he forget some how to put evidence where it goes and stored heroin in his locker and Joe Tacopina gets that thrown out?

How does that happen?

Was Moreno using the heroin to barter for sex?