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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bill Clinton How About A comment Prince Andrew Fired As Envoy Jeffrey Epstein’s Preying on Under Age Not Good For Andrew’s Career

Bill Clinton, Mike Bloomberg, Ace Greenberg, Mort Zuckerman can we have a comment please?

Oops Andrew got fired!   Hey Bill,  Mike and Mort is it okay if Epstein preyed on your daughters or grand kids?  Just wondering.

Jeffrey Epstein one time Bear Stearns star  mentored by Ace Greenberg....Bear Stearns not defunct...

Bill Clinton and Jeff spent quality time together....Mort Zuckerman did a magazine deal with Jeff which lost Mort MONEY!!!!!!!!  Better money than a daughter exploited.

Andrew Stein's ex Lynn Forrester now Lady de Rothschild  tight with Jeff or was, Mike Bloomberg any comment on Jeff's special services girl Friday Ghislaine Maxwell and her role in Jeff's sexcapades and Andrew's here in NYC?  Did the Rothschild Family say Lynn time to end your friendship with Jeffrey Esptien?

Ghislaine Maxwell. Jeff’s well paid special services girl friday went from being a renter in upper east side (did Jeff own the building via his brother?) to live in geisha gal arranging entertainment to suddenly having money for a house in Manhattan?   The British people that lost everything when her father raided their pensions might like to know how she accumulated all that wealth but the Feds certainly aren’t interested.

Why did the Feds really spring Jeff Epstein? 

Andrew and Bill are lucky they are not joining the billionaire sex predator on the various sex offender  free apps worth taking a look at. 

Epstein has cunningly robbed tax Payers by declaring Virgin Islands as his home base although NYC is his home, Coney Island bred.

Too bad the City allows the mega rich to get away with having massive real estate here and using every loop hole possible to rob Tax Payers.   

Jeff Epstein's mammoth house by the Frick Museum was once a school house so I heard. Glad no school kids in there now because Bill and Jeff like them young. The NYC address does show up on some Apps if you type in Frick Museum address. Visiting the Frick?  Holds your kids hands tight when you are on the Upper East Side.   Too bad Jeff couldn't teach himself to be a decent human being. He comes from Coney Island, refuses to pat steep taxes he would have to pay if he declared NYC his home like so many rich celebrities.

Rich Americans can fly to countries where there is poverty and get what they want. Same true for Paris, NYC, Etc. Jeff got busted in Florida not NYC!

How ironic Jeff’s dad worked for the Parks Dept. and as Jeff finds every way to avoid paying steep NYC taxes the parks dept. is rationing toilet paper for women in Coney Island.  Remember when Jeff’s mentor Ace Greenberg wanted men who were poor to have free Viagra. 

Is it against the law for sex predators, oops sex offenders to buy viagra?

By the way what is with Prince Andrew’s ex-wife and free gifts?  Oh yeah, standard fare for the rich folks above the law.