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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gerald Shargel Wrong Jurors Do not Mostly Get It Right, How Misogyny and Ignorance Often Plays A Role


Gerald Shargel is proven wrong by Suzannah B. Troy.   Shargel said the juries usually get it right.  Besides the OJ trial where OJ walked after murdering 2 people he practically decapitated, read this...
http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2011/06/serial-rapist-threatened-to-slice.html   It is too bad the NYDN had to refer a victim  as a prostitute to devalue the violence but the rapist is a registered sex offender and he is a serial rapist who threatened to slice his victim’s genitals with a razor.

What was this monster doing out on the street?   Perhaps the jury got it wrong like they do so often and most especially when it involves violence towards women because misogyny rules and fuels a global epidemic of violence, rapes and murders of females from babies to Grannies.

I am going to take a leap here.  Jurors let him walk. Misogyny and discrimination made it easy to do like Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel putting the rape victim on trial, raping her again in court and I heard Joe really, really enjoyed asking the victim deeply personal questions.  Too bad it is not a 2 way street where the lawyer has to be sworn under oath as well and made to answer questions as well.  That would radically change they way vile lawyers do their dirtiness.  They wouldn’t at all. 

Chad Seigel  can defend this monster, a serial rapist with a razor and use his misogynist Venus Fly trap scientific angle, maybe bring in a razor and a Venus Fly Trap so his future client can show us what he would do to a flesh eating plant, Seigel’s hateful imagery for women and our vagina's.

I don’t have  a law degree but I told you Shargel was wrong in his sugary sweet justice comment about the jurors mostly get it right!   For defense attorneys like Gerald Shargel and Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel getting off clients that belong behind bars may seem right for their monetary gains and their egos but it is not justice.

Click above to find the New York Times article quoting Shargel and read The New York Daily News article and I wrote this....
Gerald Shargel said the jury usually gets it right? Yeah, if you are a lawyer trying to get off a rapist but Shargel is wrong.  Justice is often not served and is left so karma, a higher power or the criminal’s breaking the law over and over.   I do have a question for Shargel.  It is a theoretical question.  If his client steals money and hands stolen money to him (too pay their bills) in cash is that money laundering?

FYI:  The New York Times refused to publish my comment.  I guess the money laundering question was too provocative and the newspapers tend to only do public relations for these ruthless lawyers.