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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NYPD Rape Cop PBA How Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Two High Priced Attorneys Were Recruited and Why? Welcome to NYC Rape City From IMF Head to NYPD Rape Cops Message Rape Away The Women Predators Women Are To Blame

I continue to wait for an answer from Pat Lynch, President of the PBA or for someone with a press pass to ask Pat Lynch how Joe Tacopina who charges $750 and his partner Chad Seigel who charges $  ??? an hour got recruited to represent the Rape cop, one moron amoral cop gets 2 high priced attorneys when the PBA has their own in house boy’s club of  lawyers.

Tacopina is a PBA lawyer but not in house and you would think the PBA would use their own in house lawyer for the rape cop but they hire two high priced attorneys and it is common knowledge that Tacopina has lots and lots of connections including with the DA who he used to work for.    So why would the PBA do this?  Why pick high priced guns unless they were worried about covering for this rape cop and why oh why would that be....   Why high priced guns to protect this loser low life cop?

Remember NYPD Officer Moreno referring to his sex life said he doesn’t kiss and tell?  Does that apply to the his fellow police officers actions as well?  Is there a lot the PBA was concerned about protecting besides this amoral cop?

I held a protest outside Tacopina and Seigel and was approached by two staffer members.  At one point after filming Tacopina Seigel’s staff members going on and on like a awful broken record and seeming confident Tacopina Seigel would get a full acquittal even though in my opinion I think both cops are guilty as sin -- I  began to  wonder  if Tacopina is so connected he got to the jury some how (not referring to lawyering skills)  because his case is  weak with the video tape, 911 call, the tape recording, the rape victim’s  bruised cervix  but let us hope that is just not true but I thought it was so odd they two staff members I film while protesting outside his office are so confident and here in NYC corruption is rife and more common place than street lights.  Tacopina is a slim bucket but no he  even he wouldn’t stoop to jury tampering but it did cross my mind because of the arrogant and confident way his 2 staffers talked of the acquittal on the video footage and I waited three minutes before I started filming a 7 and half minute stalking of me by them outside the building where I was protesting where I had given advanced notice that I would be there to the NYPD and to anyone in the blog-o-sphere and YouTube so it was no secret I would be there...get my point?   http://youtu.be/jmIUhqraVwQ About 5 minutes in the creepy woman that I had to ask more than once to step away from me drops the word acquittal and than Brian King gets in to it as well.

My point is something stinks worse than a pile of dead rats and NYPD Officer bragged in court he does not kiss and tell.   Is that why the PBA got out high priced hired guns to protect Moreno because he has a lot he doesn’t kiss and tell about?

In the coming days the world audience will be watching NYC and the issue of rape.   We had two educated lawyers do an in your face hate crime questioning an anatomical reflex of women’s most intimated private parts  by comparing the rape victim’s vagina and all women’s vagina’s to a Venus Fly Trap and the real goal despite me being harassed by Tacopina Seigel staff while protesting who tried to justify the Venus Fly Trap the way the KKK justifies the “n” word and “k” word was to paint the woman as a predator that lured those poor (corrupt) cops to her pad to crush and destroy their lives and for money.  It was her fault as well because she was drunk, because she was a woman.  (Note:  If only one day Tacopina or Seigel were made to live it -- to be raped and to have their anus discussed like a Venus Fly Trap in court asked if their anus and men’s anuses shut close like a Venus Fly Trap but they arrogant men take a lot for granted and never being raped is on the list.)

Tacopina Seigel were as misogynist and hateful as the rap song about Tina Turner way back when and these are two white educated men.  Their goal was to demonize her and to dehumanize her along with all women.  A message to corrupt cops to continue to sexually exploit women and even more victims won’t come forward.  Tacopina Seigel 1800 rape away.  Watch Tacopina defend Natalee Holloway’s murderer on YouTube.  I believe van der sloot raped both of his victims before murdering them.  Thankfully he is in jail for at least one murder.

Tacopina Seigel’s medical expert hired to refute the forensic findings was Dr. Mitchell Essing who handed over baby Lisa with no paper work to Joel Steinberg who would eventually beat baby Lisa to death at age 6. 

The world is watching NYC and now we have a French man,  finance chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a white man who raped a Black woman and again he is blaming the victim, trashing her like a piece of garbage and why does he think he can get away with it?   Will these sex predators walk free because of their powerful connections?

Is the PBA sending a message to corrupt dirty cops we got you covered?  Is the PBA saying to dirty cops rape to your hearts contents because we got you covered.   Was the goal of the PBA and Tacopina Seigel to send a message to the women of NYC and the global audience rape victims do not come forward.

Rapes are up in NY and even more women girls and women and around the world babies too are raped and even more people will not come forward because of how the rape victim was treated in court in NYC including an in your face hate crime.  Judge Gregory Carro spoke up and said it was a terrible example but that isn’t enough.

Why are the women’s groups silent?  I guess because they are funded by wealthy men.

Both rape cops lawyers state the victim is doing it for the money.  How much are the rape cop lawyers going to make when this case is over.   Tacopina and Seigel in particular behaved like monsters and how much money will they walk away with?  It wasn’t like they offered to do this case pro bono but they are creepy men so it is a given that they are doing it for the money?  The woman was violated and sexually exploited and she is suing as do countless people in NYC every day but most people don’t have NYPD officers visiting their homes, taking their key and returning over and over through out the night only to leave her in her own vomit rather than get her an ambulance.

Will Pat Lynch speak up after the trial?  Will one person will a press pass ask Pat Lynch a tough question?

I do not think so and why.

I will send him this piece but so far I haven’t heard from him.

A global audience is watching and right now NYC looks awful.  Welcome to NYC, rape away.

Also note:  2 brand new sock puppet accounts where opened yesterday just to harass me about the 7 and 1/2 minute tape of the Tacopona Seigel staff  I posted.   I blocked both accounts and reminded the cyber stalker that aggravated harassment carries jail time.  Although I blocked the person, the stalker admitted  opening  up the 2nd account and continues rambling on to me.  Of course I blocked the stalker again.