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Monday, May 23, 2011

Naomi Wolf Comes Across as Barbie A lister on Rape NYPD Rape Cops And IMF Chief

Naomi is a girl who knows when to open her mouth and when to keep it shut. That makes her a member of the boys club.

She neglects to mention the NYPD Rape Cop’s lawyers Joe Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel put the rape victim on trial and in question form compared her and all our vaginas to a flesh eating plant wondering out loud  if our private parts snap shut reflectively like a Venus Fly Trap.

Oh Joseph Tacopina, Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel and Naomi Wolf.

Naomi aspires to A list functions so excuse her for NOT knowing the Rape cops as they are called having Joe protest to the name “rape cops” and he would also point out the rape cops had pubic hair painfully pulled out poor dears.    FYI - I think the cops are guilty as sin and Rape cop admits to cuddling,  just not penetration as he fought off the drunk rape victim's overtures but they would not call her a rape victim although she was too drunk to consent so that makes it rape!

My point is Tacopina objects to the tag “rape cop” which refutes Barbie Naomi’s conjecture in her Barbie Naomi world but most people think the cops are guilty of rape and like plenty of rapist will walk or get busted for a lesser charge.

Naomi was just a little to busy but that is what it is lime, oops  like, in her A list wannabe world of powerful men and the women that cater to them and cover for them.

Hey, I  understand. I spoke to leaders of women's groups all supportive of my rape protest but all too busy aka not in the best interests of their careers to show up since their groups are funded by rich men and women who have made the big bucks catering to them.

After all it is men give them money for their organizations and guys like Bloomberg like to have functions at the United Nations, I believe to celebrate women but it is all smoke and mirrors.

Ask any of them -- the women’s groups and Barbies like Naomi what they think of sex predator Bill Clinton. Oh if only I could post photos of Naomi talking with Bill the predator Clinton to underscore Naomi Wolf's unwillingness to know any tale of two cities but just her own.  Her city is A list world of rich and powerful men.

Naomi is a cute Barbie girl.

The two bored lonely NYPD cops had their very own  Barbie to play with;  toy with her, take naps if so disposed, cuddle,  enjoy Barbie in her bra,  Barbie repeatedly  projectile vomiting like Linda Blair was not a deal breaker for the amorous lonely  married Rape Cop who tried to comfort the shockingly drunk woman with thoughts of him dating him although of course he is married.

Commish Kelly to his credit condemned the two cops. They have been ordered to stay home but it is a union job so they collect their salaries and they are quite large amounts of money for guys are not doing any work.

Someone explain why the PBA did not hire one of their in house lawyers but two high priced lawyers for one moron rape cop? Joe Tacopina charges $750 an hour. What does Chad Seigel charge?

Even the NYPD rape cop Moreno called a moron by his lawyer Joe Tacopina  has the means to hire a top lawyer like Dominque Strauss-Kahn so their tales are not so different plus they both blamed the victim and said it is consensual.

What a nice Barbie girl Naomi is but the article she wrote is too Barbie for me as in missing grey matter and what truly matters both the rape cop and IMF Chief (now ex-chief) blaming the victim.   The Rape Cop and the IMF chief both found the means so hire powerful shark liars oops lawyers to cut, attack and shred the rape victims; not a world most women want to visit.  

The world of rape involves the physical attack and abuse of the victim and for the small percentage that come forward and brave court -- it could mean being raped again in court and it sounds like the victim of Dominuque Strauss-Kahn’s, than the IMF Chief,  his lawyers are gearing up to victimize the rape victim like NYPD Rape Cop lawyer did, exactly the same strategy.

You can understand why most victims of rape do not come forward.