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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Judge Gregory Carro Global Audience Waiting June 28 Give The NYPD Rape Cops Jail Time!

Judge Gregory Carro:

These NYPD cops broke the law, actually several of them including in my opinion rape and it is obvious this woman was too drunk to consent to sex, cuddling or handing over the keys to her apt. so they were guilty of breaking and entering and the jury let them off even on that!

Many people feel the jury was fixed.    I am part of a growing number of people that think just like the NYPD fixed tickets (and to date names of NYC gov. staff and city council members have been covered up and protected)  so was the NYPD DNA fixed as in made to disappear.  The 2 NYPD rape cops were in her bed and on her couch and the NYPD forensic experts  found everyone’s DNA but the two NYPD rape cops?

The bottom line is people are saying the fix was in from the get go.  The NYPD Rape  Cops broke the law and they must go to jail so even though the jurors are failures in most New Yorkers’ eyes, Judge Gregory Carro must step up to the plate.

The jury failed the people of New York, girls and women around the world.   The jurors and along with the PBA who did not hire their in house lawyers but got two high priced sharks are sending the message rape away.   The PBA is not coming forward to make a statement  about the Venus Fly Trap misogyny but Chad Seigel part of Joe Tacopina’s strategy and Pat Lynch, pres. of the PBA is not volunteering  how and why no in house PBA but the high priced sharks.

The People of New York want Pat Lynch to explain and if he doesn’t speak up I promise I will stand outside his offices and protest.   I don’t expect any women’s group to join me but Judge Gregory Carro the world is watching you and we are waiting.

The IMF Chief and The NYPD Rape Cop hired high prices attorneys.  They blamed the victim.  They lied and said it was consensual.  The victim of the rape cop was too drunk to consent and in The State of NY being too drunk means it is rape!   The IMF Chief said it was consensual and if so why was there blood at the crime scene?

Around the world there is a Global Epidemic of Violence towards females from babies to grannies and NYC is Rape Central.  Even more women will not come forward.  The PBA, Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel along with the PBA and a rotten stupid jury who let these criminal cops off on everything when she was too drunk to consent to giving her keys or cuddles away let alone sex -- the message they are sending is RAPE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Put these NYPD Rape cops behind bars.

By the way, I heard through the grapevine  that an older Black woman who used to be a sex worker in Tompkins Square Park remembers NYPD Officer Moreno forced her to give favors for free.  I have no way of verifying this.   See my link below NYPD secret culture  of Sex-ploitation.

Please also explain how the heroin in NYPD Officer’s Moreno’s locker got thrown out?  My guess would be he used heroin to barter with for sex and there is one pretty blond waif who would be the first person I would have asked but of course no one bothered and the heroin was thrown out?

Community members believe that Moreno had history and he was not alone after all The 9th Precinct’s name is the Shit House and The 9th Precinct has it’s very own chapter in The Mollen Commission.  The 9th Precinct was where the Tompkins Square Riots some call the Police Riots occurred.  Buses of NYPD came in as well and there were suits for NYPD beating people and some police were fired.

The 9th Precinct old timers still call the precinct the Shit House and Moreno clearly is a poster boy.

Rapes are up and under reported and even more girls and women will not come forward now.

We are waiting Judge Carro...what are you going to do?  Let 2 corrupt cops walk?

Thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy

Judge Gregory Carro makes an appearance in this YouTube -- his words that is in response to what I call Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel’s in your face hate crime!  Watch

NYC is Rape Central -- YouTube outside IMF rapist lush penthouse http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvlwT0neA48
Suzannah B. Troy in Getty Images in front of ex-IMF Chief Rapist’s Penthouse protesting both him and the NYPD Rape Cops.  There are two photos and one my face is as expanded with rage as possible.

http://youtu.be/jCnDQkGadK0  YouTube I made today.