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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Joe Tacopina NYPD Rape cop paid by PBA pounds rape victim

Chad Seigel underling partner for Tacopina hatefully referred or should I say compared to the rape victims vagina as a fleshing plant - a Venus Fly Trap. Did Joe and Cjad laugh over it? I say yes until they saw my blogs.

The NY Post refused to report this misogynist hate crime and I heard a rumor because of Joe's connections.

Her cervix was bruised because an NYPD officer raped her from behind aggressively pounding her and now it is Joe Tacopina's wanting to focus on her words pound it when she drank.

Joe your clients admits he is an alcoholic and is he addicted to anything else like sex?   How did Joe get the heroin in rape cops lawyer thrown out?

Joe if the victim has a drinking problem she still did not deserved to be raped toyed and left in her own vomit to drown or to be dehumanized and violated yet again.

I just spoke with a rape victim. 25 years ago she was raped. The man put his hands around her neck and partially strangled her. To survive she sweet talked him and endured a second round but she wanted one thing to live.

She fingered him to the NYPD but was too fearful and timid to go to court. She is still deeply traumatized. She closed her eyes her face filled with anger and other emotions

Reminder we are seeing the NYPD's lawyers rape the victim again in my opinion and in a misogynist hateful way playing to a society often as secretly hateful blaming the victim!,,,

Rapes are up 24 percent and under reported. Tacopina and Seigel are sending a message courtesy of the PBA. Do not come forward women and girls. Some will kill themselves or turn to self destructive ways or some will just try to forget not that they can.