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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube

Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

Wikipedia Page Suzannah B. Troy 6 yrs after Misogynist Cyber Vandalism, Censorship via Deletion on a page about Censorship, Bloomberg 3rd term, NYPD Rape Cops Joe Tacopina etc. Wikipedia Agrees to return PDF before Cyber Vandalism and Deletion


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Can Chad Seigel Be Disbarred for his Venus Fly Trap Comment which was in my opinion an in your face Hate CRIME against the rape victim and all women.

I would like to see Chad Seigel disbarred but first under oath facing perjury charges he would be forced to answer if Joe Tacopina scripted the venus fly trap comment and or had knowledge of it and approved the in your face hate crime.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Chad Seigel Venus Fly Trap Hatred of Women Tactic for NYPD Rape Cop’s assistant lawyer to Joe the Shark Tacopina

Venus Fly Trap
The vagina belonging to an anti-male woman.

Anyone who know the Venus Fly Trap dirty scummy comment by Seigel and plenty think Tacopina scripted it think they are monsters filled with hatred for women.   Making an analogy to a flesh eating plant to a bruised rape victim’s vagina is as sick and low as you can go...bordering on a hate crime.

NYPD Rape Cops Took Advantage Stalked An Excruciating Drunk Woman



Bloomberg's NYC NYPD Rape Victim Put on Trial + NYPD Ticket Fix Cover-up


Suzannah B. Troy Asks You to Join her for Protest in front of Pat Lynch and Joe Tacopina’s Offices after Rape Trial if Pat Lynch doesn’t condemn PBA paid rape cop lawyers Venus Fly Trap remark

Dear Allies: If Pat Lynch the head of the PBA doesn’t condemn Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel NYPD Rape Cop lawyers behavior after the trial join me to protest in front of Pat Lynch’s and Joe Tacopina’s offices. We will have large photos and Venus Fly Trap Seigel’s words for bruised rape victim’s vagina.

NYC has a rape epidemic.  Rapes are up 24 percent and under reported.

Is the PBA inviting an open season on women being raped by corrupt cops and protected by high priced ($750 an hour rate) lawyer who beats up the rape victim and puts her on trial?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Won NYC Misogynist Award but Mike Bloomberg came in 2nd place for sex discrimination testimony



Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Beat-Up NYPD Rape Victim Does that Make Them Hell Bound ? Yu Yau, the 23-year-old raped, beaten to death aspired to be a lawyer to help people is in Heaven

This is one Daughter a rape victim brutally murdered and her Mother that Joe Tacopina and his underling Chad Seigel will not be able to degrade, humiliate and rape again in court.   We don’t have to worry that an ignorant, prejudice jury will blame the victim and refuse to believe she was raped.

And the PBA are paying Tacopina and Seigel to do it!  Rapes are up 25% in NY and rapes are under reported.
Is Pat Lynch going to speak up and censure Tacopina and Seigel for their Venus Fly Trap comment?

Yu Yau, a 23-year-old  was brutally  raped  and than murdered here in NYC  .  Yu Yau is in a special place in Heaven where no one can hurt her anymore. No one should die the way she did.  She was walking and a creature posing as a human grabbed her by her hair, pulled her in to an alley and raped her.   He than grabbed a pipe and beat her to death.

If she had lived she might have had to testify in court and face a man or woman like Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel who probably had a good laugh about comparing a bruised rape victim’s vagina to a Venus Fly trap as they pound away at the rape victim day after day painting her as not credible for sundry reasons as if this must be some great joy or hobby of hers wanting to put her self through another form of rape courtesy of the NYPD PBA’s fund that got Joe Tacopina to take the case.   Tacopina brags on his website about charging $750 and hour.   

Tacopina came from humble beginnings so showing off a very expensive watch or car is very, very important to him as is winning even if it means doing something that feels highly criminal and illegal and that is putting an innocent victim on trial instead of the NYPD rape cops.

These rape cops from the 9th Precinct did not call an ambulance.  I have seen the NYPD from the 9th Precinct do this countless times for homeless men and women but they made up their mind they had a living breathing Barbie doll to toy with.    Is NYPD officer Moreno a sex addict?  He admits he is an alcoholic and he thinks kissing a young woman’s shoulder is a form of alcoholic counseling but he denies raping her although based on her bruised cervix the forensic nurse says the bruising supports her story she was raped from behind.   This  young woman is almost to be rape cop’s  daughter but he preyed on her and toyed with her as she vomited and vomited and the 2 cops on their final visit of several through out the night, even making a false 911 call to get sent over by her place and video footage from the bar next doors cameras make it pretty obvious these cops were rotten to the core.

Note:  I ask if NYPD P.O. is a sex addict because an addict will destroy their lives, their families, a job in to get their fix and in this case his fix was some kind of sexual encounter with a beautiful young woman so drunk she repeatedly vomited over and over which was not deterrent for Moreno.  Reminder he admits kissing her shoulder.

Tacopina got the heroin in the rape cop’s locker thrown out.  How I don’t know.   He has friends and persuasive skills?

Yu Yau wanted to be a lawyer but not the kind that Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel are which has them getting prime real estate in a very hot place and they will have lots of company but all very lonely despite the crowds.

Yu Yau came here to help her family.    To send money back to her family...   Now her mother is here dying from grief and a broken heart that will not mend.

Yu Yau won’t be degraded again here in NYC in a NY Court.   Where are the Judges, the DA and the politicians as well as the well monied groups.   They are all silent.

Welcome to Misogynist NYC.

If Pat Lynch does not give Tacopina and Seigel Hell for their Venus Fly Trap comment and their hateful behavior putting a rape victim on trial than the PBA is sending a message --- attention all corrupt cops -- rape more innocent women because we got Tacopina and Seigel as a deterrent for rape victims to come forward.

Rest in Peace Yu Yau and I am sorry for all the suffering and pain your family is enduring here on Earth.   Yu Yau if you can work miracles from Heaven please stop the monsters here on earth and the lawyers like Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel that beat up the victims and rape them again, in a sense murder of a different kind.   

Rest in Peace Yu Yau.  Rest In PEACE.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Atlanta Cop Punches Woman in Face. -in NY Rape Cop Trial PBA lawyer attacks rape victim as drunk


The Atlanta cop if he gets fired can cone to NYC and rape women and the PBA will hire Joe Tacopina who charges 750 an hour according to his website.

Some people question rape victim even though there is video of the rape cos going to victim's home repeatedly.

Rape cop admits to kissing victim's shoulder but only as a form of counseling for her achololism. Her cervix is bruised and medical expert backed up victim's claim
of rape from behind.

Joe Tacopina too busy too defend monster rapist who beat young woman to death Quuens


You want to seem the most extreme pain and grief. Click on link. See Mom who flew in to from China to confront the rapist murderer who after raping young woman beat her to death with a pipe. Even the most ignorant prejudice jurors can't let this monster walk.

Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic PBA Lawyer Joe Tacopina Inviting Corrupt Cops to Rape unless Pat Lynch condemns Tacopina Segal viscous tactics

The newest YouTube is coming. NYC is having a rape epidemic which is no surprise because under Bloomberg the city has gone to hell. Rapes are under reported and are still up 24 percent.

Joe Tacopina continues to put the rape victim on trial. Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel

Two people have said to me why would a woman put her self through this kind of abuse and exposure unless she was raped?

NYC Rape Epidemic Thank Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Misogyny Rapes Under Reported Up 25 % by Suzannah B. Troy

Joe Tacopina NYPD Rape Cop Lawyer Velcro Maybe she heard 2nd cop's vest opening

Joe can't get the admission the sex predator rape cop kissed her shoulder tossed out, just the heroin stashed in his locker thrown out! The cop admits he kissed the beautiful woman that puked her guts out over and over but the reek of vomit was not a sexual or romantic deterrent for the NYPD cops that claim kissing is a form of alcohol counseling!!!!!!!!

Lucky there is video of the corrupt cops coming back over and over or Tacopina who has 5 children of his own that are closer in age to the woman he is beating up --- Tacopina tries to smear her and discredit her on any small pathetic detail when in fact she is not on trial!!!!!! She heard the Velcro rip. Maybe his partner was ripping open his vest and that was the 2nd rip.

The rape victim is not on trial but hateful Tacopina and Seigel are pounding away at her like she is the criminal.

How did Tacopina get the heroin in rape cops locker thrown out?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pat Lynch head of PBA Publicly Gave Joe Tacopina Hell Over Brancato but remains quiet over treatment of Rape Victim Venus Fly Trap Verbal Batterings

The president of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, Patrick J. Lynch, even publicly accused Joseph of bad behavior in the courtroom, saying, "a professional attorney laughing as if this was a joke in front of a dead man's family is the most insulting thing that ever happened in front of a bench in this state." A spokesman for the PBA tells Page Six Magazine Lynch does not wish to comment any further on the matter because he doesn't want to give Tacopina any more press coverage.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/pagesixmag/issues/20090201/Inside+Story+Joseph+Tacopina#ixzz1KflYuSoC

Pat Lynch YouTube Pat Say Something Now or After the Trial YOU HAVE to speak up!

New today!

Joe Tacopina NYPD PBA Rape Cop Lawyer Mel Gibson Misogyny & the Law

Joe Tacopina PBA NYPD Rape Cop Lawyer Mel Gibson Misogyny and the Law


Joe Tacopina NYPD Rape cop paid by PBA pounds rape victim

Chad Seigel underling partner for Tacopina hatefully referred or should I say compared to the rape victims vagina as a fleshing plant - a Venus Fly Trap. Did Joe and Cjad laugh over it? I say yes until they saw my blogs.

The NY Post refused to report this misogynist hate crime and I heard a rumor because of Joe's connections.

Her cervix was bruised because an NYPD officer raped her from behind aggressively pounding her and now it is Joe Tacopina's wanting to focus on her words pound it when she drank.

Joe your clients admits he is an alcoholic and is he addicted to anything else like sex?   How did Joe get the heroin in rape cops lawyer thrown out?

Joe if the victim has a drinking problem she still did not deserved to be raped toyed and left in her own vomit to drown or to be dehumanized and violated yet again.

I just spoke with a rape victim. 25 years ago she was raped. The man put his hands around her neck and partially strangled her. To survive she sweet talked him and endured a second round but she wanted one thing to live.

She fingered him to the NYPD but was too fearful and timid to go to court. She is still deeply traumatized. She closed her eyes her face filled with anger and other emotions

Reminder we are seeing the NYPD's lawyers rape the victim again in my opinion and in a misogynist hateful way playing to a society often as secretly hateful blaming the victim!,,,

Rapes are up 24 percent and under reported. Tacopina and Seigel are sending a message courtesy of the PBA. Do not come forward women and girls. Some will kill themselves or turn to self destructive ways or some will just try to forget not that they can.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mexico Not Long Island Women Horrifically Murdered and Cut up in pieces


Fox Reports Rapes Up 24 Percent Rapes Under Reported Ask Chad Seigel and Joe Tacopina the NYPD’s Rape Cop Lawyer if they have any ideas why rapes are under reported


Rally to Protest Hate Crime Beating McDonalds of Transgender Baltimore (Thank goodness!) In NYC Chad Seigel Verbally Beats up Rape Victim defending NYPD Rape Cop

In New York City you don’t have to go to McDonalds, just go to court where supposedly educated white men show their hate, fear  and ignorance of women’s sexuality and think they can get away with verbal violence.

When we have NYC lawyers like Chad Seigel and underling for Joe Tacopina comparing a rape victim’s bruised vagina to a Venus Fly Trap flesh eating plant it is time for a lot more protests here in NYC and world wide.

This is yet another one of an African American man with his family and he punches a little girl and than walks out with kids from 2008.

Bronx: Young Girl seeking help in Psych Ward Sodomized by boy


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Alan asked me to call NY1 I did NY1 said they will stop describing victims as prostitutes

Alan Equality Bounville
CALL SWARM: Please call New York 1 and tell them to stop calling the victims of the Long Island serial killer 'prostitutes.' THEY ARE WOMEN! Their profession has nothing to do with the fact they are victims of MURDER! CALL NOW - 212-691-6397. The news desk are scared of us _ so your voice has POWER!

View Conversation on Facebook · Reply to this email to message Alan Equality Bounville.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Misogny Has Female Members, Two Women brutally beat a woman on the floor kicking her in the head on going until she finally has a seizure

A blogger sent me this and it shows 2 women viscously beating a woman on the floor, kicking her in the head beating her, dragging her by the hair until and elderly woman gets involved and even than they still are brutally beating this woman who is on the floor.

The blogger wrote me the press is not covering this story.

Violence in another Mc Donalds almost kills customer
Here is another fine example of the trend of violence in fast food restaurants. Two females beating the hell out of a patron, while several employees stand by and watch. One male manages to provide the facade of assistance to the victim in this brutal attack.

The two females exit, then re-enter the store to continue the beating, until a an older woman attempts to stop them from dragging the victi More..

Mel Gibson Is SUCH a LIAR!!!!


This from a guy that gets to beat up a woman who he happened to have a baby with, plead no contest which means I am rich and do not have to plead guilty and the fact he hurt is not admissible in court plus he gets to do community service for  his wife’s, oops ex-wife which means for himself.

This guy is above the law but there is a higher authority.   Mel is going to burn in Hell.

Joseph Tacopina Chad Seigel Venus Fly Trap BLOG new! Take Misogynist Hate From Defense Lawyers and Dedicate a blog to them


Maybe that is all we can do for now to attempt to stop the misogyny but you understand why women do not come forward and rapes are under reported.

"It's not like a Venus Flytrap and snaps?" attorney Chad Seigel asked.
"That is a terrible example," Judge Gregory Carro interjected.

Video Footage of Woman Screaming HELP ME over and over as she is mugged, A Good Neighbor runs out, mugger runs away

How many good neighbors are out there?

How many people would even bother to call 911 or run out?

Joseph Tacopina Chad Seigel Venus Fly Trap Verbal Rape Word Play How Much Were You Paid?

http://misogynistnyc.blogspot.com/    Look to the left hand corner where I created a banner award for Joseph Tacopina and Chad Siegel.

Joseph Tacopina and Chad Siegel treatment and “venus fly trap” remarkcould have been straight out of the rap songs that were filled with hatred and violence towards women...I remember the one about Tina Turner being one of the most offensive and like the rap singers a reminder that Joe Tacopina and Chad Siegel are being paid money to behave this way.

My first letter published in a newspaper happened to be in The Financial Times was about Lucien Freud’s painting of an older woman and her “flower power” and I related it to my art work and how globally from economics to basic human rights we still are lagging behind men.

Think of Chad Siegel’s Venus Fly Trap analogy.   Did Tacopina script it?   Did the two men chuckle about it?  Does it reflect their own terrible anxiety, anger and great fear of women’s sexuality?  What do you think?

I am an artist so you tell me.  Does the PBA pay Tacopina’s salary and if so what percentage of that money is tax payer money?  Do we have a right to know how much Tacopina and his “partner” really an underling based on Tacopina’s webpage where the front page is a love song to him alone?

Is the PBA going to rebuke their legal representatives for NYPD officer Moreno called the rape cop?
His lawyers are as awful as he is and I am glad the Judge said something but it is not enough.

As usual the highly bank rolled women’s groups all remain silent.

I pick this painting -- an old one as a visual response and the “S” in celebrate hate was a reference to hate sells...hate is sexy for people that hate themselves and are looking for a vacation from their own self hate.  It is a big business.

Chad Siegel at Joe Tacopino’s prompting is my guess did their venus fly trap verbal rape play and thought the judge would be sleeping.  They hoped the jurors would be apathetic and they were confident that women’s groups would be silent.    Ask Chad and Joe did they share a laugh together over the venus fly trap word play?  They are not laughing now.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Queens, NYC looking for man accused of 4 sexual assualts


If you have information about a crime please call 1-800-577-tips, or email a tip at www.nypdcrimestoppers.com. ...
www.nypdnewslog.blogspot.com/ - Cached

Joseph Tacopina Must Be Rebuked for Chad Seigel’s Misogynist Hateful Words - Is it Pat Lynch’s Job to do so?


Both Joseph Tacopina and his assistant and I say assistant because if you visit Tacopina’s Law Firm website it is all about Joe JOE JOE with photos and praise all on the entire front page so he clearly runs the show therefore he must be rebuked along with Chad Siegel.

Is it Pat Lynch’s job to do so?

Joseph Tacopina’s assistant lawyer Chad Seigel Wins Misogynist NYC Pig Award for Vile Comment describing Rape Victim


"It's not like a Venus Flytrap and snaps?" attorney Chad Seigel asked.
"That is a terrible example," Judge Gregory Carro interjected.

Sorry for insulting pigs because I think they are much more attractive  than Chad Siegel.

As usual the women’s group mainly funded with big bucks are dead silent.

Gee whiz do you think Joe wrote down those misogynist words or did Chad Siegel come up with it himself?

Read more: 

I had to post this on the NYDN and let us be clear -- the proof is in -- these guys are guilty as sin!
Yeah and the two police officers as well.
1) visit Joseph Tacopina’s website!  It is a must see.  I always wondered how he looks himself in the mirror?  He does with lots and lots of adoration!  2) Do you think he scripted the offensive comment or did Chad Siegel think that up all by himself.  Look at his staff including Joe’s very pretty young lawyer that probably looks like the Gap exec.  Shame on Joe Tacopina and Chad Siegel.  Maybe one day some men will treat you the very same way and make the same comment about you private most areas.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Wall Street Journal Mother and Daughter Murdered


Rape Cops Lawyer Joseph Tacopina Standard Dirty Play Attacking the Victim

To Joseph Tacopina 
Do you not believe in G-d?
How do you look in the mirror?

Anacodaman gets it right.

5:33:09 PM
Apr 19, 2011
WHO CARES how many other men's sperm samples &/or public hair samples they find...? Those others were consensual, NOT rape. What the cops did is a crime, they both participated in rape & cover-up, not what they were paid & entrusted to do. Defense attys never fail to besmirch victims of rape... they get paid to do that! Does that make the cops' actions any less criminal?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bloomberg’s Discrimination Law Suit Kept Hush Hush by Press & he comes off UGLY before election he barely won + Bloomberg goes back on community college funding promise

Plans to Boost Two-Year Colleges Fall Victim to Budget Cuts

Two years ago, Mayor Bloomberg promised to boost community colleges as a door to the middle class.

 During his bid for a third term, Mayor Michael Bloomberg promised to make community colleges a top priority if he were re-elected. That campaign promise to help the City University of New York, which runs the two-year public schools, has now been abandoned in the face of proposed cuts of over $50 million in city funding for the next fiscal year. (Gotham Gazette)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Joanna Molloy NYDN Compelling tale of 2 cruel stupid officers (NYPD Rape Cops 9th Precinct)

"I couldn't believe two police officers that had been called to help me had instead raped me and left me in a pool of vomit in my bed to die," she said.

Dear Blogger Readers: NYDN published transcripts.
NYPD officer MORENO said to victim caught on wire "..."I'm a good friend to have."

Question: How many women living in the 9th Precinct did he say that too?

Why did he have heroin in his locker?
I heard that was thrown out. Why?

Misogynist NYC this the Granny Murder Stuffed in Closet than Grandson has 2 day sex romp


Remember I couldn't keep up with all the Grannies being murdered NYC? This is the one I was referring to.

Sent from New York Daily News

Sent from my iPad

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bloomberg Makes a Fool of himself testifying at the sex discrimination suit against his company


Crack Head Ex-Con Stabbed 70 yr. old Ethel Klein to death he says she attacked him

This is no surprise.  I have met these men first hand and they were not high on crack.  These cowards blame their victims always no murder required.

Blaming the victim is like covering a mirror so they don’t have to see themselves.

There are so many women murdered I can’t give them each a post but should start combining the postings.

Sarah Coit’s Family Begin Grieving Process, Violent Past Revealed - NY Violence Towards Women an Epidemic

I cried.   Just heart breaking.   I also immediately thought of Tina Negron who was brutualy murdered on the Lower East Side in the supermarket where she worked.  Her extremely brave friend, a young woman tried to fight her ex-boyfriend off as he stabbed and sliced them finally murdering Tina Negron.

The violent past of Sarah Coit’s murderer comes up.  Why was he out on the street.   I refuse to blame her like many “anonymous commentors” do.   

Why were such sweet beautiful young women with  violent men?  Here in NYC there are probably 4 or 5 men for each woman and there are a lot of gay men so there really aren’t many single, hetero GOOD men out there.  I think women are trained to be compassionate and just a little too kind.

I do question why she was with him but I do not blame her for her murder the way misogynist NYC club members do and they include women members.

When I watched the news the other night the first 4 segments were on women being murdered.  A granny by her grandson, a husband strangling his wife who was also a granny, a serial killer and Sarah Coit’s murder.    

Violence towards women is an epidemic and globally including female babies and honor killings where certain Arab cultures murder women and girls they think are not virgins females are dying more rapidly from violence and or living and enduring rapes mutilation than dieing from cancer is my guess.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dr. Drew Wants To Talk Why Women go in to Prostitution but Not Why Men are such users Sex Workers -- Dr. Drew is out of it on violence towards women period

Dr. Drew wants to talk about the serial killer in long island but for some reason he decided to examine if women are looking for danger -- how do women get involved in it -- how do you get out of it -- he talks about going on internet to find customers which is where the serial killer did but again Dr. Drew is not examining why men uses sex workers.

I have news for you Dr. Drew...there are men murdering there wives like a man did on Staten Island today -- his wife was a grandmother.  He strangled her.

Two days ago a beautiful young woman was murdered but first mutilated in the East Village Lower East Side so Dr. Drew I have news for you men are very violent towards females from babies to grannies and it is global...not just sex workers.

Oh Dr. Drew we also have a grandson that strangled his grandmother.  I believe this was the case where he stuffed her in a closet and than brought a woman home to have sex with dead grandmother in the closet.  Is that the guy?

And than there are the rape cops that consider kissing a woman so drunk she vomited all over herself in a taxi and the cops consider kissing her on her should alcohol counseling.  

  • Not a serial killers
Very disappointing coverage by Dr. Drew.